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NAA Girls Softball

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NAA Girls Softball

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  1. NAA Girls Softball Division 2 Rules April 2011

  2. Code of Behavior • The league provides a foundation for girls to build their athletic abilities and play in a team environment. We emphasize “learning,” “teamwork,” having fun,” and “competing.” • We believe that winning is a result of these four factors. • At registration, every player and parent signs the code of conduct. The code will be followed by all participants in the league. No exceptions. • Violations will result in suspensions or dismissal from the league. • Verbal and/or physical abuse by any participant (player, coach, family member, fan, umpire) towards any other participant is not tolerated. • Violations will result in suspensions or dismissal from the league. • Managers/coaches are responsible for maintaining acceptable behavior at all times. • Managers/coaches are responsible for maintaining and enforcing acceptable behavior regarding their players, families, and fans.

  3. Division 2 Rules • General • A regulation game is 6 innings. A 10-run rule is in effect once the game becomes official. • A game shortened by weather or darkness must go at least 3½ innings (home team in the lead). • All weeknight games are to start no earlier than 6pm and no later than 6:15. • No new inning can start after two hours of play. • The home team keeps the official time and the official scorebook. • In order to get games played, a team is allowed to play with as few as 7 available players. • If a player has to leave during the course of the game, her spot in the batting order is skipped over (no “automatic out”). • A player’s departure must be reported to the opposing team. • Each team is required to provide one new ball for play per game. • All scorebooks are league property and must be returned by the end of the season to the NAA. • Each team is required to clean-up after themselves.

  4. Division 2 Rules • At Bat (Rules above/beyond the obvious) • The batting line-up includes every player attending the game. • Regardless of whether players were in the field or not in a particular inning, the entire line-up bats. • Bunting is allowed and strongly encouraged. • A batter hit by a pitched ball, who has made an effort to avoid the pitch, is awarded first base. • The “10-batter” rule is in effect: • No more than 10 girls can bat in one-half inning. • When the 10th batter steps to the plate, the coaches must notify the umpire. • The inning doesn’t end until the 10th batter is “put out” at first base or another base-runner is “put out” or voluntarily stops advancing to the next base. Play will also cease when a ball batted safely (i.e., base hit) is returned to the pitcher. A bases loaded walk on the 10th batter moves all runners up one base only. • This rule is waived for both teams in the sixth inning in order to not limit a team’s ability to “catch up.” (or if it is determined the last inning is earlier) • Batters can’t advance on a drop third strike – but base-runners can.

  5. Division 2 Rules • Base-running (Rules above/beyond the obvious) • Helmets with face masks are mandatory. • Stealing is allowed, including double or triple steals. • Runners can only leave the base after the pitched ball has crossed the plate. A runner leaving early will be sent back to the base and given a warning. A second violation by the same runner results in an out. • A base-stealer can only advance one base on a steal attempt, regardless of where the throw goes. • Players are able to steal immediately upon receiving a walk, provided that they do not stop at first base. • A runner can only steal on the pitch but not the throwback to the pitcher. There is no delayed steal against the catcher. • There is no stealing of home, including on a wild pitch. • Avoid collisions! • If a fielder possesses a ball or is in the act of fielding, the runner can’t collide into the fielder. If she does, she’s automatically out. She must slide or avoid the fielder. • Any player throwing a bat or helmet, whether in frustration or accidentally during the course of play, is warned once by the umpire. • A second violation in the game by the same player is an automatic out. • A runner at third can only score on a batted ball or a bases loaded walk.

  6. Division 2 Rules • In the field(Rules above/beyond the obvious) • In a regulation 6-inning game, no player should “sit” for more than 2 innings during the game (exceptions are made for disciplinary or injury reasons). • 10 fielders are in the field of play. • However, games can be played with as few as 7 players available for one team. • You should provide each player with the opportunity to play the infield at least one inning in each game. • Avoid collisions! If a fielder is not in the act of fielding, she can’t impede the runner. If she does, the runner is awarded the base she’s going to. • Instruct your fielders to clear the base when there is no play! • A play has come to conclusion when the ball is returned to the pitcher, is under her control, and within the pitcher’s circle. • Until that moment, runners can advance.

  7. Division 2 Rules • Pitching (Rules above/beyond the obvious) • Pitchers are to start their pitching motion from the rubber. No exceptions • All pitches are thrown with an underhand motion in a windmill, slingshot, or similar fashion. • Slow pitch, high arc pitching is not allowed. • There are no pitching limitations as to number of walks per inning, hit batters, etc. • Coaches use their judgment when to remove a pitcher. • A pitcher removed from the mound is eligible to return to pitching in the game. • Please attempt to encourage and develop as many pitchers as possible!