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Today’s FFA. Organizational Structure. You FFA Members Local Chapter Chapter Officers Chapter Advisor Chapter Advisory Committee School Administration. Organizational Structure. State Association Chapter Delegates State Officers State Advisor State Department of Education.

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organizational structure
Organizational Structure
  • You
    • FFA Members
  • Local Chapter
    • Chapter Officers
    • Chapter Advisor
    • Chapter Advisory Committee
    • School Administration
organizational structure1
Organizational Structure
  • State Association
    • Chapter Delegates
      • State Officers
      • State Advisor
      • State Department of Education
organizational structure2
Organizational Structure
  • National FFA Organization
    • State Delegates
    • National Officers
    • National Advisor
    • National Board of Directors
    • U.S. Department of Education
the ffa degree ladder
The FFA Degree Ladder
  • American FFA Degree
  • State FFA Degree
  • Chapter FFA Degree
  • Greenhand FFA Degree
greenhand degree requirements
Greenhand Degree Requirements
  • Be enrolled in ag course
  • Have satisfactory SAE program
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of:
    • FFA History
    • FFA Creed
    • FFA Motto
    • FFA Salute
    • Other general FFA information
chapter ffa degree
Chapter FFA Degree
  • Completed Two Semesters of Ag.
  • Hold Greenhand Degree
  • SAE program in operation
  • Earn & productively invest $150 or 45 hrs. outside class time
  • Demonstrate 5 procedures in parliamentary law
  • Lead 15 min. group discussion
  • Show progress in FFA award program
  • Satisfactory Scholastic record
state ffa degree
State FFA Degree
  • Awarded By State Association
  • Hold Chapter FFA Degree
  • Active FFA Member for at least 24 months
  • Earn & productively invest $1000 or 300 hrs. outside class
  • Demonstrate Leadership abilities
  • Satisfactory Scholastic record
  • Help plan chapter Program of Activities
  • Participate in 5 FFA activities above chapter level
american ffa degree
American FFA Degree
  • Highest degree awarded by National FFA Organization
  • Hold State FFA Degree
  • Active FFA member for at least 36 months
  • Completed 3 yrs. Ag classes
  • Graduated at least 1 year from high school
american ffa degree1
American FFA Degree
  • Have in operation and records to substantiate an outstanding SAE program
  • Earned & productively invest at least $7500 OR: Earn or productively invest at least $1500 and work at least 2,250 hours out of Ag. class
  • Have a record of outstanding Leadership abilities
  • Have a high school scholastic record of “C” or better
types of membership
Types of Membership
  • Active members - enrolled in an agricultural course & paid dues.
  • Collegiate members - at college level & enrolled in agricultural courses.
  • Alumni membership - open to former members, collegiate & honorary members.
  • Honorary membership - supporters of FFA
ffa emblem
FFA Emblem
  • Cross-section of an Ear of Corn
  • The Rising Sun
  • The Plow
  • The Owl
  • The Eagle
meaning of each symbol
Meaning of Each Symbol
    • Corn serves as the emblem’s foundation
    • Corn served as foundation corn in American agriculture
    • Corn is native to America and is grown in every state
    • Appears in the center of the emblem
    • Symbolizes progress in Agriculture
    • The confidence FFA members have in the future
meaning of each symbol1
Meaning of Each Symbol
    • Perched on top of the emblem
    • Serves as a reminder of our freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture
    • Symbol of labor and tillage of the soil
    • Represents knowledge and wisdom
ffa colors
FFA Colors
  • National Blue
  • Golden Corn Yellow
  • Chosen at 1929 National FFA Convention
ffa motto
FFA Motto
  • Learning to Do
  • Doing to Learn
  • Earning to Live
  • Living to Serve
official salute
Official Salute
  • “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
official dress
Official Dress
  • White shirt or blouse
  • Black slacks or skirt
  • Official tie or scarf
  • Black footwear
  • Official FFA jacket - zipped to the top
proper use of the ffa jacket
Proper Use of the FFA Jacket
  • Worn only by members
  • Should be kept clean and neat
  • Should have only a large emblem on back and small emblem on front
  • It should carry State Association & Chapter name on back
  • It should have individual name & office or honor on the front
proper use of the ffa jacket1
Proper Use of the FFA Jacket
  • Worn on official occasions with zipper fastened to the top.
  • May be worn to school.
  • Only be worn to places that are appropriate for members to visit.
  • School letters & insignia of other organizations should not be attached.
proper use of the ffa jacket2
Proper Use of the FFA Jacket
  • When jacket becomes faded & worn, it should be discarded or the emblems & letters removed.
  • Emblems & lettering should be removed if the jacket is given or sold to a non-member.
  • A member always acts like a lady or gentleman when wearing the jacket.
proper use of the ffa jacket3
Proper Use of the FFA Jacket
  • Members should refrain from use of tobacco & alcohol while wearing the FFA jacket.
  • Three medals should be worn :
    • Highest degree
    • Highest office
    • Highest award
the ffa code of ethics
The FFA Code of Ethics
  • Adopted in 1952 at the National FFA Convention and outlines general guidelines for all occasions and functions, not just FFA activities.
the ffa code of ethics1
The FFA Code of Ethics
  • Dress neatly & appropriately for the occasion.
  • Show respect for the rights of others and be courteous at all times
  • Be honest & not take unfair advantage of others
  • Respect the property of others
  • Refrain from loud, boisterous talk, swearing & other unbecoming conduct
the ffa code of ethics2
The FFA Code of Ethics
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship in the show ring, at career development events & meetings
  • Attend meetings promptly & respect the opinion of others in discussion
  • Take pride in our organization, activities, supervised experience programs, exhibits & the occupations of agriculture
  • Share with others experiences & knowledge gained in the FFA