spina bifida latin split spine n.
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Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”) PowerPoint Presentation
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Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”)

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Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”). A genetic disorder resulting in underdeveloped vertebrae. Forms of Spina bifida. Spina bifida is common in four main forms: Spina bifida occulta Spina bifida cystica Meningocele Myelomeningocele. Spina bifida occulta.

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spina bifida latin split spine
Spina bifida (Latin: “split spine”)

A genetic disorder resulting in underdeveloped vertebrae.

forms of spina bifida
Forms of Spina bifida

Spina bifida is common in four main forms:

  • Spina bifida occulta
  • Spina bifida cystica
  • Meningocele
  • Myelomeningocele
spina bifida occulta
Spina bifida occulta
  • Spina bifida occulta is the least harmful form of Spina bifida
  • Spina bifida occulta is an unclosed exterior of vertebrae
  • Occulta- Latin for “hidden”
symptoms signs of spina bifida occulta
Symptoms/Signs of Spina bifida occulta
  • Many people with Spina bifida occulta aren’t even aware that they have it
  • Can be visible in the form of a patch of hair, dark bruise, or birthmark on the back
  • Recent studies show that SPO can cause severe back pain
spina bifida cystica sbc
Spina bifida cystica (SBC)
  • Spina bifida cystica also is an an unclosed exterior of the vertebrae, however also causes a cyst to form in the unsealed area
  • Can be diagnosed in the uterus
  • Meningocele is the least common form of Spina bifida.
  • In Meningocele, the vertebrae themselves are normal, but between the gaps of them are the meninges.
symptoms of meningocele
Symptoms of Meningocele
  • Because Meningocele does not affect the vertebrae, it causes no direct damage to the nervous system and no long-term health issues
  • However, some patients with Meningocele have been also diagnosed with tethered cord syndrome
  • One of the more serious forms of Spina bifida, Myelomeningocele is also fairly common.
  • A sac forms around the vertebrae, enclosing it.
  • This makes children with Myelomeningocele highly prone to deadly infections


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