how honeywell air purifiers secure your home from n.
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Secure Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution PowerPoint Presentation
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Secure Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution

Secure Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution

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Secure Your Home From Indoor Air Pollution

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  1. How Honeywell Air Purifiers Secure Your Home from How Honeywell Air Purifiers Secure Your Home from Indoor Air Pollution Indoor Air Pollution Honeywell Filtration Technology The reason why air pollution is such a dangerous thing for our health and well-being is its odourless and colourless nature. Fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds are not visible to the naked eye, thus making us oblivious to the effects of air pollution. Did you know? Polluted air is not something that exists in remote industrial complexes. In fact, indoor air pollution in our homes can be 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution these days. As almost 90 percent of our time is spend indoors, this polluted can have drastic effects on our health. In today’s post we are sharing a list of common air pollutants, and also how an air purifier can clean indoor air.

  2. Here is why you need an air cleaner. Dust particles that can be as small as 0.3 microns, capable of entering the bloodstream through the respiratory system. Household chemiclas like insecticides, herbisides and pesticides which can release toxic fumes if not stored properly. These substances are often carcinogenic as well. Byproducts of chlorine like chloramines and trihelomethanes which are formed by reaction of chlorine with biological matter. If inhaled regularly these elements can cause damage to the lungs. Volatile organic compounds that are released by household cleaning agents, paints and other solvents. VOCs like formaldehyde are commonly used in adhesives and can manifest as fumes which are carcinogenic. Syenthetic fragrances from air fresheners, deodorants and perfumes can also contain highly or semi volatile chemical agents. Household linens can also contain a large amount of fine dust particles along with dry- cleaned clothes which may have traces of trichloroethlylene and perchloroethylene (both known carcinogens). Pet hair and dander are another major cause of indoor air pollution for homeowners with little furry friends. Pet hair, and fur are lightweight and can float about in the ambient air. Thus, frequently entering your repiratory system. Moreover, pet hair and dander can also trigger underlying conditions like asthma and repiratory allergies. Radon gas from kitchen activities is one of the leading causes of cancer in the world. It is released from certain types of kitchen counter tops and is also found in attics and basements. Second hand cigarette smoke is not only responsible for causing that pungent smell that hangs about for days but can also contains 43 known carcinogens. But don’t worry, there is a veritable way of getting rid of these air pollutants and improving the indoor air quality of your home – Honeywell Air Purifiers.

  3. Honeywell is a global, Fortune 100 organisation with over 80 years of presence in India across multiple industries. Honeywell air purifiers use patented filtration technologies to secure your home from indoor air pollution. Let’s take a look at their air filtration technology. An air purifier’s efficiency depends on the type and number of filters it uses. Honeywell air purifiers use a 3-stage air filtration process to remove almost all types of dust particles, dander and volatile organic compounds from the air. Here is how the process works. 1.A pre-filter removes PM10 and larger particles such as pet hair and dander from the air. It is washable & improves the life of the other filters as well. 2.The high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter removes PM2.5 particles, virus, bacteria and other microscopic allergens from the air. 3.Lastly, the patented HiSivTM filter by Honeywell, absorbs VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other harmful gaseous pollutants. The HiSivTM air filtration technology consists of Zeolites which absorb organic compounds and certain mineral molecules in gaseous state. Used successfully in hundreds of commercial systems for drying & purifying liquids & gases, Zeolite molecular sieves are universally applicable adsorbents in the process industries. Zeolite sieves are made from hydrated aluminosilicates which can absorb liquids and gases. Since these Zeolites are synthetically created, their pores can be adjusted for selective absorption of volatile organic compounds.

  4. Honeywell offers a range of air purifiers with CADR (Clean air delivery rate) of 210 to 700 cu m/ hr. that cover a room size anywhere between 250 sq. ft. to 1050 sq. ft. Courtsey a unique design, Honeywell air purifiers have a 3D Air Flow – which allows air to enter from the sides and bottom – releasing purified air from the top to ensure optimum air circulation. The HEPA and HiSivTM filters used in Honeywell Air Purifiers last up to 3000 and can be easily replaced at home, without any professional expertise or tools. Considering 8 hours of usage in a day, the filters need to be replaced every 12 months, but these figures are subject to the ambient air quality in your city or home. Honeywell air purifiers do not have any sharp edges and have an anti-fall design with zero exposure to filters that ensures there is no risk of injury to young children in home. The latches are also protected and cannot be opened by children. Moreover, there is a child-lock on the touch panel to minimise tampering by curious children. Ready to explore the full range of Honeywell air purifiers and protect your home from indoor air pollution? Visit us at Reference Link: pollution/