Session a look at ucc s financial aid solution
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SESSION: A LOOK AT UCC’s FINANCIAL AID SOLUTION. Presenters: Jacob Geluk, Data Management Coordinator UCC Registrar’s Office Dennis Mayberry, Registrar. Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment – The Challenge. Students are waiting in line Processing is labour intensive Processing is slow

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Session a look at ucc s financial aid solution


  • Jacob Geluk, Data Management Coordinator UCC Registrar’s Office

  • Dennis Mayberry, Registrar

Electronic confirmation of enrollment the challenge
Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment – The Challenge

  • Students are waiting in line

  • Processing is labour intensive

  • Processing is slow

  • We do not have an automatic audit trail of who we approved

Ece design considerations
ECE Design Considerations:

  • It must handle 90% of the workload without human intervention

  • It must be accurate

  • It must be simple to maintain

  • There must be a manual override for the inevitable exceptions

  • There must be a good audit trail

Ece platform choice ms access
ECE Platform Choice: MS Access

  • We used the tool I was most familiar with

  • The staff were familiar with MS Access

  • Access is good for creating reports

  • Lack of training in Colleague case tool – If I were to do it again I would use Envision.

Ece information flow in
ECE: Information Flow (IN)

  • Ministry ECE requests

  • Student Enrollment information

  • Student Program Information

  • Financial Aid Institutional Appendix information

1 ministry ece requests
(1) Ministry ECE Requests

  • Lists of students who have approved loans

  • The ministry needs to verify that they are enrolled as full time students

  • Available at their FTP site as a text file, CON_008.TXT, which is updated daily

2 student enrollment
(2) Student Enrollment

  • Student enrollment is stored in colleague

  • Can be extracted from colleague using Cedarville download into a text file

  • Since we only need snapshots of enrollment text file extracts are a simple solution

3 student program information
(3) Student Program Information

  • As with enrollment, student program information is stored in colleague

  • Text files are simple to use

  • Snapshot information actually more desirable than live information here as it will remain consistent while staff verify how the automated portion of the system has flagged students

4 finaid institutional appendix
(4) Finaid Institutional Appendix

  • This information is maintained in the access database

  • Details of what is full time for a given program

  • This is the biggest weakness of using MS access - having to maintain information outside of colleague


  • ECE replies to ministry

  • Reports for Finaid

  • Activity logs

Replies to ministry
Replies to Ministry

  • Ministry looks for a file CONR_008.TXT on their FTP site nightly

  • File must meet ministry specifications and have a correct header and footer

Reports for financial aid
Reports for Financial Aid

  • Printed reports of the details of how the applications were processed

  • ECE decision information is also archive in an access table

3 activity logs
(3) Activity Logs

  • ECE information is archived in a history table in access before the CONR_008.TXT file is created

  • Before a new CONR_008.TXT export file is created the previous one is archived

  • All errors are logged in an error log

  • Import details are logged in an import table

Processing ece
Processing ECE

  • Preparation of appendix

  • Importing data

  • Merging data

  • Performing manual overrides

  • Exporting the confirmation file

Two ways to calculate full time
Two Ways to Calculate Full Time

  • By current semester:

    Winter – 9 credits

    Summer – 12 credits

    Fall – 9 credits

  • By terms attended E.G.

    Term 1 – 12 credits

    Term 2 – 14 credits

Importing data
Importing Data

  • All data is imported as text files

  • Tables are cleared before every import

  • Ministry file is checked for completeness

  • Header exists

  • Footer exists

  • Record count (ministry file has blank lines divide by two and subtract one)

Merging data
Merging Data

  • Student numbers are sanitized – spaces and dashes are stripped

  • Program information is applied to students

  • Full time requirements are calculated for each student based on program info

  • Credits are totalled for each student based on a query against imported enrollment data

Full time status is determined
Full Time Status Is Determined

  • For each student their full time status requirement is compared to their eligible registered credits

  • Students are flagged as to whether they meet their requirement for full time status

Students are flagged for manual intervention if
Students Are Flagged For Manual Intervention If:

  • They have more than one academic program

  • Their birth date or name does not match between the colleague and ministry extracts

  • They were flagged as a disabled student

  • Their program was flagged for manual intervention

  • They do not meet the requirements for full time enrollment (only a staff member can say no)

Ece manual intervention
ECE Manual Intervention

  • Before an extract for upload to the ministry can be produced all students flagged for manual processing must be checked as either:

    • Approved

    • Not approved

    • Deferred

Manual processing options
Manual Processing Options

  • If the “send doc” flag is checked then the loan application will be sent to UCC rather than to the student

  • If an amount is entered in the “pay to school” field then a cheque for that amount will be made out to UCC directly

Export file to ministry
Export File To Ministry

  • The previous export file (CONR_008.Txt) is archived

  • A new export file (CONR_008.Txt) is created

  • The CONR_008.Txt file will automatically be transferred to the ministry FTP server that evening


  • No line-ups at the financial aid office

  • Staff are freed up to do other work

  • Good audit trail

  • Very few calls for maintenance assistance