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Financial Aid 2012 – 2013 Information Session

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Financial Aid 2012 – 2013 Information Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Aid 2012 – 2013 Information Session. What You Need to Know about Financial Aid Summer 2012/ Fall 2012 / Spring 2013. House Keeping. Shut off all cell phones Hold all questions to the end Financial Aid Staff will be available to answer questions and answers on a one-on-one basis

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financial aid 2012 2013 information session

Financial Aid2012 – 2013 Information Session

What You Need to Know about Financial Aid

Summer 2012/ Fall 2012 / Spring 2013

house keeping
House Keeping
  • Shut off all cell phones
  • Hold all questions to the end
  • Financial Aid Staff will be available to answer questions and answers on a one-on-one basis
  • Turn in your sign-in sheets before you leave
  • Review financial aid packet
office of financial aid located in the new student services building ss130
Office of Financial AidLocated in the New Student Services Building SS130
  • AccessRio Portal
  • Email:

  • Financial Aid Website:

financial aid staff
Financial Aid Staff
  • JoAnn Alva (A – F)
  • Elizabeth Viorato (G – L)
  • Juan Mejia (M – P) Cal Grants
  • Sandy Sierra (Q – T) FWS, Chaffee Grant
  • Liz Garcia (U – Z) Pell
  • Pat Malave – FAFSA Appointments
  • Everardo Galvez – General Assistance
  • Monika Acosta, Coordinator – Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Coria, Director - Loans
what is financial aid
What is Financial Aid
  • Financial aid is funding provided through enrollment fee waivers, grants, work study, scholarships, and loans to help assist with paying for college costs
  • Students are expected to budget for the cost of books and tuition until their financial aid eligibility is finalized
  • Financial aid is used for educational expenses only and is not a life style
financial aid programs
Financial Aid Programs
  • BOGW Fee Waivers – Waives enrollment fees only
    • BOGW A, B, C
  • Federal Grants – Awarded on the basis of need
    • PELL & FSEOG
  • State Grants
    • Cal Grant B, Cal Grant C
    • Chafee Grant – A Foster Youth who was in a foster kinship at least until the age of 16
financial aid programs1
Financial Aid Programs
  • Employment – Federal Work Study (FWS)
  • Scholarships – Awarded on the basis of merit or need
  • Federal Direct Student Loans
    • Money that is borrowed and REPAID with INTEREST
    • Only borrow what is needed
    • RHC only participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program – No Private loan certification
how to apply for all financial aid programs
How to Apply for ALL Financial Aid Programs
  • Complete the FAFSA online at

  • You need to apply once per academic year which covers Summer, Fall and Spring semesters

Make sure to complete your 2012 - 2013 FAFSA in order to qualify for a Summer 2012 BOGW

how to apply
How to Apply….
  • Complete the FAFSA by March 2 to be eligible for all aid
    • FWS and FSEOG is offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Funding is limited
  • Include Rio Hondo College Federal School Code 001269
  • Make sure your Name, Social Security Number and Birthdate on your FAFSA are correct and match with your Admissions Application to RHC –

**FAFSA application will not be received by the Financial Aid Office if information is inaccurate

  • Make sure you provide a signature
    • Signature Page or PIN is required from
      • Student
      • One Parent (Dependent Student Only)
eligibility criteria
Eligibility Criteria
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen;
  • Be a California resident for BOGW;
  • Have a valid Social Security Number;
  • If male 18 years of age or older must be registered with Selective Service;
  • Have a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) Certificate
  • Be enrolled as a regular student working toward a degree, certificate or transfer program;
  • Not be in default or owe a repayment on a federal educational loan or grant;
  • Not have had eligibility suspended or terminated due to a drug-related conviction;
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by Rio Hondo College Financial Aid Policy.
  • Students with a Bachelor Degree are not eligible for PELL Grant
frequent fafsa errors
Frequent FAFSA Errors
  • Incorrect Social Security Numbers
  • Must answer high school diploma question DO NOT LEAVE BLANK
  • Must answer whether you are female/male for selective service purpose
  • Divorced/remarried parental information
  • Income earned by parents/stepparents
  • Untaxed income
  • U.S. Income Taxes paid
  • Household Size
  • Number of household members in college
  • Not including a Federal School Code Number and PIN for student/parent signature

***These errors may cause delays in your FAFSA application

2012 2013 fafsa tips
2012 – 2013 FAFSA Tips

To avoid delays in the application process, following the tips below will help a smoother transaction:

  • File yours and/or your parents' 2011 Federal tax return early.
  • When completing the FAFSA Application, utilize the IRS data retrieval feature this will help the verification of income processes.
  • If you file your FAFSA before you file your Federal Tax Return, you can request an ISIR correction by visiting

to retrieve your FAFSA data before submitting your application to our campus. Update the income information by selecting "IRS Data Retrieval" to retrieve income information directly through IRS data into your FAFSA application.

  • Complete your correction before the March 2 priority and Cal Grant deadlines.
applying cal grant b c
Applying Cal Grant B & C
  • In addition to completing the FAFSA a GPA Verification Form must be submitted no later than March 2
  • GPA Verification Forms are available on-line at

  • Students who have completed 16 or more degree applicable units (classes w/grades) and have a GPA of at least 2.0; RHC will electronically submit a students’ GPA to CSAC
  • Community College students ONLY who miss March 2 can apply a second time by September 2 if funds are available
applying for direct loans
Applying for Direct Loans
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Financial Aid file must be completed and awarded
  • Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the RHC Office of Financial Aid Policy
  • Enrolled in 6 or more units
  • THEN request a loan packet from the Office of Financial Aid
  • Submit a Direct Loan Application to the Office of Financial Aid before the published deadline dates
  • Submit all official transcripts of all previous attended educational institutions including schools where student received financial aid or student loans
  • Complete an MPN, Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling (Before receiving 2nd disbursement)
applying for fws
Applying for FWS
  • Complete the FAFSA by March 2 for possible awarding. Answer question on FAFSA “You are interested in Federal Work Study”. Submitting your FAFSA by March 2 does not guarantee awarding
  • FWS is offered on a first-come first-serve basis and funds are limited
  • Once eligibility is determined, you will receive an Award Notification Email. If awards include FWS you will need to visit our website and follow the steps under Federal Work Study link
  • Students will have 20 days from the date their awards are posted to Accept award and find placement before awards are cancelled
new federal regulations impact 2012 2013 year
New Federal RegulationsImpact 2012-2013 Year
  • Copy of your Federal Tax return is no longer considered an acceptable documentation to verify your income. You may need to request an IRS Transcript through the IRS office for the income verification process.
  • Life time limit for the Pell Grant has been changed from 18 full time semesters to 12 full time semesters. The life time Pell Grant limit is applying to all continuing and new students.
  • A student who does not have a High School Diploma must either complete aGED, or passed the High School Proficient Exam in order to meet the High School requirement criteria. ATB equivalency is no longer acceptable
  • Students who receive subsidized stafford loans on and after July 1, 2012 and prior to July 1, 2014 must pay interest that accrues during the grace period
  • You may need to provide proof of receiving food stamps as part of the income verification process.
  • You may need to provide information regarding to the amount of child support you paid.
fafsa processing1
FAFSA Processing
  • Once you submit your FAFSA application it will take 7 – 10 days for Rio Hondo College Office of Financial Aid to receive your application if the federal school code was provided and your application was not REJECTED
  • If you do not receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid confirming that your application was received within 10-14 business days and your AccessRIO Portal doesn’t show any information there maybe a problem with your FAFSA application. Visit the Office of Financial Aid for assistance
fafsa processing2
FAFSA Processing
  • Federal Student Aid will notify students of their FAFSA processing results within 48 - 72 hours of submittal
    • If you provided an email address on your FAFSA application you will receive an email with a direct link to your Student Aid Report (SAR) to view comments whether your application was rejected, verified or non-verified, wrong, SSN, citizenship issues, etc.
    • Students will receive this notification before the Office of Financial Aid receives your FAFSA application
  • RHC Office of Financial Aid must process and complete your file before eligibility can be determined
fafsa processing results
FAFSA Processing Results
  • The Department of Education will take the following actions when you submit FAFSA application:
    • REJECT your FAFSA application due to missing information such as signature or dependency status issues
    • Select the file for VERIFICATION
    • NO verification required
    • Request additional documentation to resolve conflicting information
selected for verification
Selected for Verification
  • Mandatory process required by federal law and students must comply to receive financial aid
  • This is a process where the federal government selects students randomly for the Financial Aid Office to verify the information entered on the FAFSA
  • The Office of Financial Aid may request verification of income of both students and parents (if you are a dependent student)
  • The verification process will take approximately 8 – 12 weeks to complete from the time you submit ALL documentation
irs transcripts
IRS Transcripts
  • Please note, a copy of the Federal Tax Return is NO longer considered an acceptable document for the income verification process. You MUST request an IRS transcript and W2’s.
  • Please follow the IRS Tax Return Transcript Request direction to request an IRS transcript.
irs transcripts request
IRS Transcripts Request

Tax filers can request a transcript, free of charge, of their 2011 tax return from the IRS in one of three ways.

  • Online Request on the IRS Web site at
  • Available from the IRS by calling 1-800-908-9946
  • Download at
    • Mail or fax the completed IRS Form 4506T-EZ to the appropriate address (or FAX number) provided on page 2 of Form 4506T-EZ.
verification process
Verification Process
  • Students will receive an email notification to their assigned RHC email address available through their portal under “All Users Tab”
    • The email will refer you to log into your AccessRIOportal to view pending requirements that will need to be submitted
    • All required forms are PDF enabled and can be printed
    • Refer to your Self Service Guide for instructions on how to log into your AccessRIO Portal
    • All required documents must be completed and submitted together.
not selected for verification process
Not Selected for Verification Process
  • You will not be required to submit any documentation
  • You will have 1 requirement on your AccessRIO portal
  • You will need to read and Accept the Terms and Conditions of your awards. Failure to satisfy this requirement will cause delay in disbursement
  • Awards will be posted if you are eligible and you will receive an Award Notification Email
  • The processing time to complete a non-verified file is 3-4 weeks
  • Students can access their financial aid information via their AccessRIO portal to:
    • View Required Documents
    • View Status
    • View Awards
    • Accept / Decline Awards
    • Accept Terms and Conditions
    • View SAP eligibility

Refer to self service guide for further instructions

  • Before visiting the Office of Financial Aid and wait in long lines check your AccessRIO portal first
  • Status Codes
    • R = Required
    • N= Received and in Process (Can take 8 – 12 weeks)
    • D = Discrepancies with Information
    • I = Incomplete – Missing Information
    • L = Ineligible
    • M = Missing Signature
    • S = Satisfied – Completed

*These codes will be updated by financial aid staff as your file is reviewed

accessrio email notifications
AccessRIOEmail Notifications
  • All RHC students are assigned a RHC email address (RIOMAIL)
  • All communications regarding your financial aid processing are sent to this email address
  • Once you log into the portal under ALL USERS TAB
  • Click on the email envelope
completed file
Completed File
  • Once your financial aid file is complete all required items will show SATISFIED
  • If you are eligible to receive funds your awards will be posted on your AccessRIO portal under Awards and you will receive an award email notification
  • BOGW eligibility is determined within 7-10 business days from the day your FAFSA is received
  • BOGW will be awarded first before any other aid
  • All awards are offered at full-time status (12 or more units per semester)
  • If you are eligible for less than half time your awards will be adjusted accordingly at the time of disbursement
  • If you are eligible for any type of financial aid you will receive an Award Notification Email
  • Once you receive your Award Notification do not make any changes to your FAFSA application before speaking with the Financial Aid Office
  • Disbursement dates for the semester are listed on the Financial Aid website
  • All funds such as PELL, Cal Grants and Loans have different dates throughout the semester
  • Students receiving a Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, and loans will be paid in TWOdisbursements per term based on their current enrollment status
  • Cal Grant will be paid in two disbursements per year. Half of the award during Fall and the remaining half during Spring
  • Students who have a completed file with a status showing Satisfied-Completed on all required documents, enrolled in classes and actively participating, meeting SAP, awards posted on portal will receive a Disbursement Notification Email when funds are ready to be received
  • Your overall enrollment status will determine eligibility for payment. Disbursement payments will be made based on the number of units currently attending
  • All disbursements will be credited to your student account to cover any outstanding tuition charges
  • Any remaining credit balances will be refunded to your myRHCcard
  • Students who receive a first disbursement and drop units which may change your enrollment status may not be eligible to receive a second disbursementduring a term

**Refer to When Will You Receive Your Financial Aid Refund? Flyer for details

  • All financial aid disbursements will be electronic and issued through myRHC debit card
  • Your current permanent address must be provided to Admissions & Records in order to receive your card. Your address can be updated on your AccessRIO portal
  • Students who submitted a FAFSA and show enrollment at RHC will automatically receive a myRHCcard in the mail
  • The card does NOT mean you are eligible for financial aid nor will funds automatically be made available
  • Activate the card as soon as you receive it. To avoid fees SWIPE and SIGN, use the CREDIT feature not DEBIT
  • Refer to the myRHCcard brochure for details
  • To activate your card or to check on the status of your card go to
  • View demo for activation and refund preference assistance
dependent or independent
Dependent or Independent
  • The Federal government considers a student independent at the age of 24
  • A dependent student must provide both student and parental information on the FAFSA
  • An independent student will only need to complete and provide student information
  • A student reaching the age of 18 or 21or living apart from his/her parents are still considered dependent
satisfactory academic progress sap
Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP
  • The Department of Education requires that all colleges monitor academic progress of all aid recipients
  • RHC Office of Financial Aid reviews SAP at the end of every semester once grades are posted
  • Students who meet or exceed standards are making SAP
  • Student who DO not meet the minimum standards are not meeting SAP
satisfactory academic progress sap1
Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP

There are 3 standards for this policy:

  • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA at all times
  • Must successfully complete 67% of all attempted units (Receiving W, F, I, NC, IP are not considered completed units)
  • Must not exceed the allowable degree applicable units within which to complete an A.A. degree, an A.S. degree, a certificate, or transfer program (90 units is standard) or 150% of their program
satisfactory academic progress sap2
Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP

Students who do NOT meet the standards on the first occurrence will be considered:

  • On Financial Aid Warning for one semester and will maintain eligibility during this time
  • On the second consecutive occurrence while on warning the student will be suspended. Meaning you will be ineligible to receive any federal or state student financial aid based on failure to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress
  • SAP does not apply to BOGW. If your financial aid is suspended your BOGW will not be affected
satisfactory academic progress sap3
Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP
  • Once a student is suspended from financial aid you will not be eligible to receive financial aid until you meet the SAP standards for 2 consecutive semesters to regain eligibility
    • Enrolled in a minimum of 6.0 units
    • Cumulative GPA 2.0
    • Successfully complete 67% of attempted units
  • Once these standards are met students can submit a SAP Appeal
satisfactory academic progress sap4
Satisfactory Academic Progress SAP
  • Students that can demonstrate extenuating circumstances that was a result of their suspension can submit a SAP appeal without showing 2 consecutive successful semesters.
  • Extenuating circumstance documentation must be provided in your SAP Appeal
  • Refer to Rio Hondo College Office of Financial Aid SAP Policy
  • Students who withdraw from all classes prior to completing more than 60% of the semester will have their financial aid eligibility recalculated based on the percentage of the semester completed, and will be required to repay any unearned financial aid they received
attending multiple schools
Attending Multiple Schools
  • Students attending multiple institutions can only receive financial aid funds at one school for the same term
    • One exceptions to the rule: BOGW fee waiver is the only eligible aid for concurrent enrollment
  • Students who receive financial aid from more than one school will be required to re-pay any and all funds received to either RHC or the other school. Future aid will not be released until all funds have been returned
  • The BOGW must be secured before the end of the term in which you were awarded to be eligible for a refund
  • Students who have paid enrollment fees and who have been awarded a valid BOGW will automatically receive a refund via a check in the mail. The check will be mailed to your address on record
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their correct address is on file with the Admissions & Records Office I order to receive your check
  • IF your BOGW is secured AFTER the last day of the semester, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued after the end of the semester


  • We expect to begin processing the FAFSA applications for the 2012-2013 in April 2012
  • Turn in your Sign-In Sheets
  • If you have any questions please make your way down to the nearest Financial Aid Representative
  • Thank you for coming and see you next year!