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Writing Email (for University Students) PowerPoint Presentation
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Writing Email (for University Students)

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Writing Email (for University Students)
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Writing Email (for University Students)

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  1. Writing Email (for University Students)

  2. Identify Yourself • Use email with your name in it if possible. hong_eunhee@harvard orsojunights@yahoo • This is important in a large class. -This is Yong-Bum. I sit in the front row in your 3:00 class.

  3. Greetings Greetings: Hello Mr. Kim, Hello Dr. Lee, Dear Dr. Choi, • NO greeting could be perceived slightly negatively

  4. Clarity • Be short, professional, and clear. • Avoid emoticons, lol, etc.

  5. Tone • You should be formal. And, sometimes more formal than the teacher. • Your professor may sign off with Susan; doesn’t mean you should refer to her as Susan • Not a good idea to make excuses for missing class in an email.

  6. Polite Requests REQUESTS • Could you please… Would it be possible to … If possible, could you… I know you are busy, but if you have time … Sorry to bother you, but … I would be grateful if you could …

  7. Disagreement /Corrections Disagreement: If I may point out that … If I understand you correctly you said. Can I offer an alternative view of … That’s interesting. I have never heard it explained like that before. Corrections: Sorry if I didn’t express myself correctly. What I meant to say was..

  8. Thank you The last sentence of your email: Thank you Thank you for your time Thank you for your help Your advice would be greatly appreciated

  9. Spelling /Grammar • Use spellcheck and review grammar

  10. Signing Your Email Best regards, Alexander Alexander Smith Korean 101-008 MWF 3:00 Note: Don’t expect your teacher or professor to print any attachments. Provide hardcopies.

  11. Thank You • When you receive his or her reply, confirm by hitting reply and saying “thank you.”

  12. Fix the Email Dr. Kim, I need to know the assignment for Thursday. ASAP! Thanks. See you in class man, Bob PS: My friend’s grandma is really sick these days.  That’s why I have missed so much class. Sorry.

  13. A Proper Email Hello Dr. Kim, I hope you had a nice weekend. Sorry to bother you but could you please tell me what next weeks homework assignment is? Thank you for you time. Best regards, Kyeong-Ah Kang Kyeong-Ah English 4, Monday, Friday 1-2