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DRIVER EDUCATION. DO NOWS. Day 1. In NJ, studded snow tires can be legally used when? If your wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder of the road and you want to return to the paved road, you should…. When parking downhill on a street with the curb on your right, your car wheels should be .

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Presentation Transcript

Day 1
Day 1

  • In NJ, studded snow tires can be legally used when?

  • If your wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder of the road and you want to return to the paved road, you should….

  • When parking downhill on a street with the curb on your right, your car wheels should be

Day 1 answers
Day 1 Answers

  • November 15th and April 1st

  • Slow down, turn back onto the pavement slowly

  • Turned toward the curb

Day 2
Day 2

  • If your brakes suddenly give out, the first thing you should try to do is….

  • High beam lights are used for….

  • When driving around a curve, your vehicle may tend to …

Day 2 answers
Day 2 Answers

  • Shift to lower gear and pump brakes

  • Open country driving

  • Keep going straight

Day 3
Day 3

  • A supervising driver for the holder of a validated GDL permit must meet which of the following requirements …..

  • A diamond shaped sign is a …..

  • The holder of a provisional License, who is under the age 21, may drive unsupervised when the following requirement is met…

Day 3 answers
Day 3 Answers

  • Must be 21 or older, must be a NJ licensed driver, must be licensed for minimum 3 years

  • Warning sign

  • Pass a road test after 6 months of supervised driving, excluding any suspensions or postponements

Day 4
Day 4

  • In city driving, a good habit is to ….

  • If under 21, NJ law states that you may be under the influence if your BAC level content is …..

  • If a vehicle is passing you, you should…

Day 4 answers
Day 4 Answers

  • Look 12 seconds ahead, watch for pedestrians and drive more slowly

  • More than .01%

  • Slow down to make it easier for the driver to complete the pass in time

Day 5
Day 5

  • When a school bus has stopped at a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than…

  • In the event of a crash or sudden stop, use of seat belts may …

  • Driving while under the influence of intoxicating beverages means…

Day 5 answers
Day 5 Answers

  • 10 mph

  • Keep you from being thrown from car, from hitting windshield and from sliding on the seat

  • Your senses and judgment are impaired by alcohol

Day 6
Day 6

  • Special driver examination permit may be issued at age 16 when…

  • If you go into a skid, you should..

  • Under GDL Law, a person is required to attend a remedial training class for the following ..

Day 6 answers
Day 6 Answers

  • The applicant is enrolled in behind the wheel course or enrolled in a commercial driving education course or purchased by an approved driving instructor

  • Take your foot off the gas pedal

  • Accumulation of 4 or more points and/or conviction of a DUI

Day 7
Day 7

  • After 2 to 4 drinks, alcohol begins to impair your …

  • The NJ speed limit in a business or residential area, unless otherwise posted, is ….

  • If you driver of a large truck or bus cannot see you in his rearview mirrors, you are ….

Day 7 answers
Day 7 Answers

  • Reaction time, coordination and balance, judgment

  • 25 mph

  • In the truck’s no-zone or blind spot

Day 8
Day 8

  • You may not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant….

  • Every vehicle registered in NJ must be insured for…

  • The holder of a validated GDL permit (21 years of age or older) is restricted to what driving hours …

Day 8 answers
Day 8 Answers

  • 10 feet

  • Liability

  • No restrictions apply

Day 9
Day 9

  • When you move into NJ from another state, you must have your vehicle inspected within..

  • How much is the fine for violation of any of the conditions of the GDL Permits or Provisional License…

  • When sharing the road with large trucks or buses, you should…

Day 9 answers
Day 9 Answers

  • 14 days after registering it

  • $100

  • Give more roadway for truck to make wide turn, leave more space when stopping, maintain a consistent speed when passing

Day 10
Day 10

  • If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries while your driving privileges are suspended, you are subject to…

  • Any change of address must be reported to the DMV within what time period…

  • To safely share the road with large trucks and buses, you must know…

Day 10 answers
Day 10 Answers

  • Fine, suspension of your driving privileges and mandatory jail sentence

  • 1 week

  • Limitations of these vehicles regarding visibility, stopping distances required and maneuverability

Day 11
Day 11

  • The driving hours of a GDL Examination permit or Provisional License (under 21 years old ) are restricted to …

  • The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm are straight out is …

  • The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm are upward is…

Day 11 answers
Day 11 Answers

  • 5:01 am to midnight

  • Left turn

  • Right turn

Day 12
Day 12

  • The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is to …

  • If a person has been drinking, which of the following can sober them up …

  • A provisional driver is provisional for how long…

Day 12 answers
Day 12 Answers

  • Not drive at all after driving

  • Time

  • 1 year

Day 13
Day 13

  • At the time of your Road Test, you must present …

  • If you drink and have reached a BAC of slightly above .05%, the risk of you causing a motor vehicle accident is …

  • If you lose your license for drunk driving or any other violation, you ….

Day 13 answers
Day 13 Answers

  • Valid registration, insurance and examination permit

  • Double

  • Cannot drive for any reason until the period of suspension ends and your license is restored

Day 14
Day 14

  • Signals should be used…

  • When parking uphill on a street with a curb to the right, your car wheels should be…

  • In adverse weather conditions, a truck takes longer to stop. This can be as much as…

Day 14 answers
Day 14 Answers

  • When changing lanes, when turning, when slowing down

  • Turned away from the curb

  • 25 % more

Day 15
Day 15

  • If you come to a 4-way stop at the same time as another driver you must …

  • The shape of a stop sign is….

  • The holder of a Provisional Driver License is permitted to have how many non-household members in the car….

Day 15 answers
Day 15 Answers

  • Yield to driver on right

  • Eight-sided

  • 1

Day 16
Day 16

  • You can reduce your chances of being involved in an accident by knowing and using standard accident prevention formula…

  • If not prohibited by a “no turn on red sign”, NJ law permits you to turn on red after…

  • Altering a driver’s license, or showing an altered driver’s license, may result in …

Day 16 answers
Day 16 Answers

  • Be alert, be prepared, act in time

  • Making a full stop and checking traffic

  • A fine up to $1,000, up to 6 months imprisonment and loss of driving privileges

Day 17
Day 17

  • How many passengers may accompany the holder of a validated GDL Special Learners Permit in the vehicle …

  • The holder of a validated GDL special Learner’s permit must not drive between the hours of …

  • An acceleration lane is….

Day 17 answers
Day 17 Answers

  • Any passengers from their shared residence plus 1 additional person

  • 11:01pm and 5:00am

  • An extra lane at a highway entrance

Day 18
Day 18

  • The holder of a Provisional Driver License is not permitted use of which of the following while driving …

  • If you have a tire blowout …

  • After driving through a deep puddle, you should immediately …

Day 18 answers
Day 18 Answers

  • Hand held electronic devices, cell phones, and hand held video games

  • Slow down gradually, let car coast to a stop, grip wheel firmly

  • Test your brakes

Day 19
Day 19

  • Whenever possible, child car safety seats should be placed…

  • If you miss your exit on an expressway you should…

  • To regain control while in a skid, you should …

Day 19 answers
Day 19 Answers

  • In the rear seat

  • Go on to the next exit

  • Turn in the same direction the back of the car is skidding

Day 20
Day 20

  • It is good practice to keep a space cushion to …

  • One and one half ounces of 86 proof whiskey contains the same amount of alcohol as …

  • You may not park within how many feet of a stop sign…

Day 20 answers
Day 20 Answers

  • Give you time to react

  • 12 ounces of beer

  • 50 feet

Day 21
Day 21

  • A provisional driver, during daylight hours when raining, must have ….

  • Whether your blood alcohol content rises above legal limits depends on ….

  • The “2 second rule” can be used at any speed to help you ….

Day 21 answers
Day 21 Answers

  • Wipers on and headlights

  • The amount you drink, your weight, and the time you take to drink it

  • Keep a safe following distance

Day 22
Day 22

  • The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm are downward is …

  • At what age is the holder of a GDL Special learner’s Permit eligible to obtain a basic driver license …

  • Effective July1, 2004, motorist in NJ may not use a hand-held wireless telephone while driving except for the following instances…

Day 22 answers
Day 22 Answers

  • Slow or stop

  • 18, with completion of Provisional requirements

  • Fire, traffic accidents and medical emergencies

Day 23
Day 23

  • When your license is returned to you after suspension for points you will be on probation for …

  • A holder of a student permit must have the following with them while driving …

  • Getting a driver’s license illegally may result in …

Day 23 answers
Day 23 Answers

  • 1 year

  • Adult supervising driver in front seat, their student permit, registration and insurance card

  • A fine of $200 to $500 and/or imprisonment of 30-90 days

Day 24
Day 24

  • The speed limit in a school zone, unless otherwise posted, is ….

  • If you approach an intersection and a large truck is stopped for the traffic light, you should….

  • When passing a large truck or bus, it is important to remember ….

Day 24 answers
Day 24 Answers

  • 25 mph

  • Stop with enough distance so you will not be in a blind spot and you can see the driver in his mirror

  • There are several no zones (blind spots) in which the driver cannot see you

Day 25
Day 25

  • A deceleration lane is …

  • The holder of a validated GDL Student Learner’s Permit must meet which of the following requirements to obtain a Provisional License …

  • A railroad crossing sign is …

Day 25 answers
Day 25 Answers

  • An extra lane at a highway exit

  • Pass road test, attain 17 years of age , 6 month minimum of supervised driving

  • Black and yellow (circle)

Day 26
Day 26

  • To back your car in a straight line you should…

  • A triangular sign is a …

  • You should always yield to …

Day 26 answers
Day 26 Answers

  • Turn your head and body to the right (looking over right shoulder) until you can see clearly through the back window, and back up slowly

  • Yield sign

  • Emergency vehicles, pedestrians, other vehicles in the intersection

Day 27
Day 27

  • Headlights must be used …

  • You may pass on the right when …

  • The best way to take a curve is…

Day 27 answers
Day 27 Answers

  • Between ½ hour after sunset to 1.2 hour before sunrise and anytime in bad weather when visibility is less than 500 feet

  • The driver ahead is turning left and there is a proper lane on the right

  • Slow down before entering the curve

Day 28
Day 28

  • When approaching or nearing an uncontrolled intersection you should ….

  • The order of colors on a traffic light, hung to bottom is …

  • Drugs that may affect basic driving skills are …

Day 28 answers
Day 28 Answers

  • Reduce speed and be ready to stop

  • Red, yellow, green

  • Cold pills, tranquilizers, some prescription drugs

Day 29
Day 29

  • If your driver license is lost or stolen, you should immediately notify ….

  • When driving at night, be sure that you can stop …

  • To maintain a proper following distance when driving, you should stay at least…

Day 29 answers
Day 29 Answers

  • Your local police station

  • Within the distance you can see ahead

  • 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you

Day 30
Day 30

  • To avoid highway hypnosis when driving on the expressway, it is a good practice to …

  • On a two-lane road, not near a school, when a school bus is stopped and its red lights are flashing ….

  • Which of the following convictions will result in an Insurance Surcharge …

Day 30 answers
Day 30 Answers

  • Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds

  • You must stop

  • Operating under the influence, refusal of breathalyzer and operating under the influence and refusing breathalyzer

Day 31
Day 31

  • A person may drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal …

  • The best way to “talk” to other drivers on the road is to ….

  • If you sell your car(and do not buy another) what should you do with the license plates…

Day 31 answers
Day 31 Answers

  • When directed to do so by a police officer

  • Use your horn and lights

  • Turn them into DMV facility

Day 32
Day 32

  • Who is required by the GDL law to wear a seat belt in the vehicle…

  • A person may operate a moped with …

  • Implied Consent Law means …

Day 32 answers
Day 32 Answers

  • The driver and all passengers

  • Valid basic license, motorcycle license, valid moped license

  • When you drive a vehicle you automatically agree to take a breathe test following an arrest for a suspected DUI

Day 33
Day 33

  • Any change of address must be reported to the DMV within what time period…

  • When 2 roads intersect and there are no signs or signals, it is good practice to …

  • When you see or hear emergency vehicles using their lights and sirens, you should….

Day 33 answers
Day 33 Answers

  • 1 week

  • Be ready to stop if necessary

  • Pull over to the extreme right of roadway and stop, letting them pass you

Day 34
Day 34

  • Road surfaces are most slippery ….

  • If a person gets drunk in your home and has a motor vehicle accident after leaving your house, you could…

  • When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights, you must …

  • Before turning, you must signal at least …

Day 34 answers
Day 34 Answers

  • During first few minutes of a rainfall

  • Become involved in a lawsuit

  • Stop at the crossing

  • 100 feet in advance