Pre-K Parent Orientation Massey Ranch Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

pre k parent orientation massey ranch elementary mrs smith s wonderful pre k n.
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Pre-K Parent Orientation Massey Ranch Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-K Parent Orientation Massey Ranch Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K

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Pre-K Parent Orientation Massey Ranch Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K
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Pre-K Parent Orientation Massey Ranch Elementary Mrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K

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  1. Pre-K Parent OrientationMassey Ranch ElementaryMrs. Smith’s Wonderful Pre-K

  2. Daily Folders • If your student brings home a folder: • Clear out student’s work or art papers from previous days. • Sign and return, in folder pockets, any school papers, class work, etc. • Look for notes from teacher. Return these in BACKPACK, FOLDER, or MACK binders!! . 

  3. Dress code is enforced in PK! Dress Code Shirt must have a collar. • Solid colors • Sleeves any length • A single logo is allowed on shirts/blouses. The size of the logo is to be no larger than a U.S. quarter coin. • All pants, shorts, and shirts must be solid color tan, beige, brown, black, gray, or navy. • Length of shorts, skorts, skirts, dresses or jumpers must be no more than three [3] inches above the knee

  4. Food at School • Breakfast starts at 7:25 am in cafeteria. (Either have your child eat at school or make sure that your child has a good breakfast at home.) • We have no Snack Time! • Special Snacks only on Party Days. (You may send birthday snack, enough for each student.) • Please fill out food allergy form and return to school for Mrs. Smith’s records, if your child has any food or drink allergies.

  5. Rules • Be kind. • Keep hands and feet to self. 3. Be safe. 4. Be neat. 5. Be thoughtful. 6. Complete your work.

  6. Clips and Sticker Chart • In Mrs. Smith’s class, there is a clip system for discipline. A child starts on green and stays on green if all rules are followed. • If a child breaks the rules after warnings then her clip can be moved to yellow, or red. • When the clip is moved to yellow or red, the straight face for yellow or the sad face for red is posted on the behavior report sheet. Please check and sign this if you receive the MACK binder. 

  7. Arrival • 7:25 am – Students sit in the hallway. • 7:30 am – PreK and Kinder move to the PK/Kinder hallway and wait. • 7:45 am – PreK and Kinder walk into the classroom. • 7:55am – Pre-K put away backpacks, binders, homework folders. Wait for Boss to talk! School starts at 8:00am. Please make sure that your child is on time for school! 

  8. Schedule of Activities Preparing for the day – Backpack, Daily folder, jackets … Announcements Opening Songs Reading Lesson Table Work Math Lesson Small Group Instruction Science Lesson Social Studies Lesson Reflection of the Day Preparing for Home EMAIL is NOT CHECKED during the instruction time, so please do not expect a response until later in the day. District policy requires 24 hour response. Thanks!

  9. Computer Lab and Library, are one day per week. Computer Library

  10. Announcements • Principal or Asst. Principal announces important information about the day to the staff and students. • We have Music in the Morning, Pledges to US and Texas Flag, Moment of Silence, and Shout Outs.

  11. Helpers are chosen to help with our busy day. A Leader and a Caboose are chosen to help with materials management, duties, and responsibilities. EACH FRIEND will get a turn-”EVERYBODY gets a turn in our class!” is our motto.

  12. Calendar • Students learn about: • Days of the week • Months of the Year • Year • Counting to 100 • Review math skills

  13. Reading Lessons are daily with homework on Tuesdays. Lessons are integrated. However, our reading lesson supports our instruction of the Letter of the Week.

  14. Table Work specifically reinforces the lesson taught.

  15. Workstations Completion of Work Puzzles Matching Sorting Patterning Big Books Writing ABC’s, Numbers and words Sequencing and more…..

  16. Recess is only on Thursdays!

  17. Math Lesson is a daily lesson with homework on most Thursday nights.

  18. Work Stations Play-dough Listening/Lang. Puzzles Building Engineering Computers

  19. End of the Day • Preparing to leave: Backpacks, folders and etc. • Reflection Discussion: • What did we learn today? • Quiet dismissal, as we exit the building while other children are still receiving instruction.

  20. Dismissal Bus, Daycare , & Parent-Pick Up Meet at the 1128 Parking Lot. Busses load in first. Cars will make a line. Stay in your car. Keep the line moving. Mrs. Smith will load your child into your car.

  21. Any Changes to Dismissalsmust be made in writing to Mrs. Smith Examples Include: Needs to leave early for doctor’s appointment Aunt Linh is picking up my child today. My child Will not ride the bus home today. My child will picked up from school by Mrs. Khan. Mrs. Smith must be notified of any changes of how your child will go home by note. You may also call to the office at Massey Ranch before 10:30. Make sure that you update the Emergency Card with names of people you trust to pick up your child.

  22. In Pre-K We will learn to: Read Write Count, Sort, Graph, Add, Subtract Care for ourselves, others and our materials. Be a Friend