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Twitter Best Practices. Paul Gillin. Author: The New Influencers Secrets of Social Media Marketing Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Twitter is a. Microblog Service. It is the simplest form of blog. But in simplicity there is often great power. L ike Fishing a Stream.

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twitter best practices

Twitter Best Practices

Paul Gillin


The New Influencers

Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing to the Business Customer

twitter is a

Twitter is a


It is the simplest form of blog. But in simplicity there is often great power.

l ike fishing a stream
Like Fishing a Stream

It’s a constant flow of information that yields continual discovery

getting started
Getting Started
  • Sign up
    • Create personal and business accounts; keep names short!
    • If tweeting for business, choose username linked to business (i.e. “@MeganSport”)
  • Fill out that profile
    • 160 characters; choose ‘em wisely!
    • Use keywords
    • Link to an “About” page on your site
    • Include photo or logo, depending on intended use
  • Change the default background
    • Choose images and themes consistent with the intended persona
    • Pay attention to business marketing guidelines
getting started1
Getting Started
  • Choose a Reader
    • just doesn’t cut it for active users
    • Seesmicand Tweetdeck are popular choices
    • Choose a mobile client
    • Readers support filtering, lists, profiles, follow/unfollow, multimedia, cross-posting to other social networks, tweetshrink, URL shortening
  • Follow people
    • Start with a small list and grow
    • Follow your friends, then find people through Twitter suggestions, Listoriousand people others follow
  • Just Listen For a While


consider your persona
Consider Your Persona
  • Helpful?
  • Funny?
  • Offbeat?
  • Sympathetic?
  • Snarky?
  • Unpredictable?

Try following some popular people , then choose a style that makes sense for you

building your followers
Building Your Followers
  • Follow people you admire
  • Comment upon and retweet their messages
  • Include their Twitter name
  • If they follow you, thank them
  • Ask for advice, input
  • It’s occasionally OK to ask for a RT
  • Don’t abuse the relationship

RT @tshuttleworth: This is the golden age of engagement for book publishers. - Arianna Huffington #toccon

Tweeps: I'm in front of a college journalism class. What shld these students know abt social media.

Checking out "Facebook and Health Ads" on @WEGOHealth :

best practices
Best Practices
  • Tweet at least once daily
  • Be useful. Be helpful. Be an authority
  • Share links and knowledge
  • Look up and follow people in your field
  • Be focused, but deliver the occasional surprise
  • Add “Follow Me on Twitter” to your emails, web site, and other communications
  • Promote a couple of people every day

4 Reasons Why Nobody Reads Your Blog #BloggingTips by @binterest

Facebook Problems Today: Photo Uploads Broken and Other Issues

Romania seeks to tax fatty fast food

16 unusual facts about the human body

don t
  • Flame or use abusive language
  • Repeat personal or confidential information
  • Talk about your gambling, drinking or other after-hours exploits
  • Complain about clients or colleagues
  • Repeatedly send the same tweet

Twitter is public and searchable. People are listening!

and what s a hash tag
And What’s a Hash Tag?

To refresh your memory…

Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the symbol # that serve as a form of metadata. They’re used on Twitter to designate a theme or category for a tweet. Multiple words may be concatenated into a single tag. For example:

#IBM is a #computer and #ITServices company

why are hash tags important
Why are Hash Tags Important?
  • Because…
  • People follow hash tags as well as other people
  • Using hash tags gets your message in front of people who aren’t following you…
  • which means there’s a greater chance they will find and follow you
  • You can also follow hash tags to keep up on news or topics that interest you
the joy of hash tags
The Joy of Hash Tags
  • Find people with similar interests
  • Create conversations around a brand or event
  • Create structured online events
  • Monitor topics of interest
  • Discover new sources and information
  • Quickly assess sentiment
be part of the community
Be Part of the Community
  • Attend and organize events
  • Tweet from events you attend
  • Participate in topical Twitter chats
  • Respond to requests
  • Compliment people you follow

#brandchat (Weds. @ 10)

#smallbizchat (Weds. @ 7)

#solorpr (Weds. @ noon)

#journchat (Mon. @ 7)

#blogchat (Sun. @ 8)

A great list of scheduled Twitter chats is at

what s so special about a twitter chat
What’s so Special About a Twitter Chat?


  • It’s a guided discussion, usually with a moderator and one or more identified speakers
  • It’s held on a specified date and time, usually with a theme
  • Anyone can participate
  • The more discussion the better
  • Discussions may continue for days around topics introduced during a Twitter chat
  • It’s a way to meet people who share your interests







twitter chat success tips


Twitter Chat Success Tips
  • Keep a schedule – weekly, bi-weekly or whatever works
  • Use a consistent hash tag
  • Allow time for advance promotion
  • Enlist your people and participants to retweet
  • Keep the conversation going after the event has ended
  • Tie chats to real-world events
  • Archive and publish – Storify is a great tool

Big list of Twitter chats at

best practices1
Best Practices
  • Use appropriate hash tags
  • Tantalize your audience
  • Always be sharing
  • Remember the 6:3:1 rule: For every 10 tweets:
    • Six should be to someone else
    • Three should promote your helpful advice
    • One can be overtly promotional
  • Schedule tweets: Weekends are great!
  • Always say please & thank you!

Guy Kawasaki Does Twitter Right


Thank You!

Paul Gillin




Twitter: pgillin