Roadway development improvement project
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ROADWAY DEVELOPMENT IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. CM2010 Update Greg Pawley, Xstrata Coal Bob Gordon, BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal Guy Mitchell, BMA Coal August/September 2010. CM2010 Update. CM2010 R&D Strategic Review Current Projects New Projects Under Consideration.


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CM2010 Update

Greg Pawley, Xstrata Coal

Bob Gordon, BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal

Guy Mitchell, BMA Coal

August/September 2010

Cm2010 update l.jpg
CM2010 Update

  • CM2010 R&D Strategic Review

  • Current Projects

  • New Projects Under Consideration

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Cm2010 r d strategic review l.jpg
CM2010 R&D Strategic Review

  • Strategic review conducted in July 2010 with objective of reconfirming and/or amending the CM2010 Vision, Goals, Measures and Strategies in the context of developments to date, and potential R&D achievements over the next 3 years

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Review inputs l.jpg
Review Inputs

  • Existing CM2010 Vision, Goals, Measures and Strategies

  • Review of current research initiatives including both ACARP funded projects and direct industry funded initiatives (mines and OEMs)

  • Fundamental Analysis of Roadway Development System – Richard Porteous’ excellent analysis of contributing factors to roadway development performance

  • Roadway Development Technology Audit – report of the Audit completed earlier this year across mines, OEMs and suppliers

  • CM2010 Technology Gap Analysis – as completed by RDTG

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Fundamental analysis of roadway development l.jpg
Fundamental Analysis of Roadway Development

  • Richard Porteous’ 2008 study across Xstrata’s 11 mines illustrated that adoption of current and emerging technologies has the potential to achieve significantly improved development rates

  • Study based on standard bolting cycle of 6 roof and 4 rib bolts per metre, with base case of a miner-bolter and 1 SC (bolting constrained system)

  • Study examines effect of various refinements to the system:

    • Adoption of a bolter-miner with concurrent cutting and bolting

    • Employment of a second shuttle car throughout pillar cycle

    • Adoption of self drilling bolts

    • Utilisation of a continuous haulage system

  • Projected that a rate of 8.5MPOH could be achieved with these measures

  • Fully details of report available at

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

2010 technology audit l.jpg
2010 Technology Audit

  • Recommended that the RDTG maintains general thrust of CM2010 and review R&D priorities in regards to:

    • The development of remote bolting technologies including:

      • Self drilling bolts

      • Bolt, washer and mesh storage/handling

      • Remotely controlled/automated bolting rigs and manipulators

      • Associated sensing and monitoring systems

    • The development of CM self steering technologies including:

      • Remote sensing, seam profiling, and video monitoring

      • Machine navigation and steering

      • Communication protocols

      • Machine supervisory/auto-reporting systems (including development of “black box” data logging system)

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

2010 technology audit7 l.jpg
2010 Technology Audit

  • Recommendations regarding general thrust of CM2010 (cont):

    • Addressing issues associated with on-board ventilation systems

    • Development of SC guidance (automation) systems

    • Addressing issues associated with management of face services, by either continuous haulage or monorail systems, including development of self advancing system in later instance

    • Developing strategies to address equipment certification and regulatory issues, including adoption of EMERST design philosophies

  • Also recommended that mines continue to undertake operational research to optimise face cycle times and engage change management expertise when introducing new development technologies and processes

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Cm2010 technology gaps l.jpg
CM2010 Technology Gaps

  • Technology gaps identified in CM2010 R&D strategy include:

    • CM roof/floor horizon control

    • Long tendon installation

    • Monorail advancement systems (or alternatively, ventilation installation and extension systems)

    • Higher capacity ventilation systems

    • Remotely steered (automated) shuttle cars

    • Collision avoidance systems – people and machinery

    • Supply/logistics systems

    • Conveyor advancement systems

    • Services advancement systems

    • Technology/systems integration

    • Communications – both verbal and data

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Cm2010 phase ii r d strategy l.jpg
CM2010 Phase II R&D Strategy

  • Vision

    • An integrated, remotely supervised high capacity roadway development mining system that enables 15 Mtpa longwall mines to be established and sustained with a single gateroad mining unit

    • The system will also enable mining to be safely undertaken under adverse or extreme mining conditions, thus opening up access to reserves previously considered un-mineable

  • Measures

    • A sustained performance rate of 10 metres per operating hour (MPOH) for 20 hours per day, based on installing primary support of 6 roof and 2 rib bolts per metre advance together with roof and rib confinement measures (mesh)

    • Improved health and safety through reduced exposure to hazards in the immediate face area

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Cm2010 phase ii r d strategy10 l.jpg
CM2010 Phase II R&D Strategy

  • Goals

    • By end 2010, demonstrate key enabling component technologies that will form the basis of an integrated high capacity mining system, eg; remote operation of the continuous miner, automated self drilling bolts and mesh installation, continuous haulage, integrated panel services

    • By end 2015, demonstrate all the elements of an integrated, remotely supervised high capacity roadway development system

    • Progressively reduce the physical demands on personnel engaged in the development process and reduce their exposure to workplace hazards

    • Encourage and support mines to develop the key organisational and technical competencies required to support a high capacity mining system eg; improved engineering availability, people behaviour and skills, and planning, organisation and process control

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Current projects l.jpg
Current Projects

  • C16022 –

    • Recently gone live and can be accessed via web-site

    • Continuing to develop site with industry support

  • C17004 – ToughSkin

    • Consolidating polymer chemistry research following departure of lead researcher March 2010

    • Recently identified an industry partner to continue development of polymer and coating formulation, including registration, certification and licensing of product

    • Evaluating challenge posed by NSW Chief Inspector’s notification specifying that application or injection of polymeric materials for strata support is a licensable activity

    • Stage III of the project to commence January 2011, subject to ACARP funding

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Current projects12 l.jpg
Current Projects

  • C17017 – Automated Bolting and Meshing System

    • Successfully demonstrated all components of system except rib bolt manipulation (now due October 2010)

    • Stage II of the project has commenced and includes an underground trial and demonstration of system, and concept design of an integrated logistics system

    • Initial focus is to fully animate proposed system and examine issues associated with full automation of system in underground environment

    • RDTG member companies identifying suitable site and continuous miner to conduct underground trial

  • C18023 – Continuous Miner Automation

    • Successfully demonstrated components of navigation system

    • Stage II recently commenced and includes an underground trial of navigation system on Phoenix

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

Current projects13 l.jpg
Current Projects

  • C17010 - CM2010 Project Support

    • Development of Roadway Development Handbook temporarily suspended to allow focus on providing project management support toToughSkin

    • Continuing project support role proposed across all CM2010 related projects, including continuation of Roadway Development Operators’ Workshops to end 2012

CM2010 Update August/September 2010

New projects under consideration l.jpg
New Projects Under Consideration

  • Rapid Advance Conveyor

    • Oregate Pty Ltd

  • Automated Monorail Extension System

    • Macquarie Manufacturing and UOW Automation and Robotics Group

  • Development of FRAS Rated Polymeric conveyor Idler for Underground Coal Mines

    • Ellton Longwall/Dotmar Engineering Plastics/Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (UOW)

CM2010 Update August/September 2010