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marie curie initial training networks 2012 2016 n.
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Marie Curie Initial Training Networks 2012-2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Marie Curie Initial Training Networks 2012-2016

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Marie Curie Initial Training Networks 2012-2016
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Marie Curie Initial Training Networks 2012-2016

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  1. SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME THE PEOPLE PROGRAMME Marie Curie Initial Training Networks 2012-2016

  2. ReUseWaste in brief Project title: ReUseWaste - Recovery and Use of Nutrients, Energy and Organic Matter from Animal Waste Funding: € 3.24 million over the period 2012-2015 Source: EU FP7 Marie Curie Action programme, under the Initial Training Network call. Training: 13 young researchers (PhD students and post-docs) will be trained in the project. Project website: Partners: Universities, research institutes, private companies and public authorities from 6 European countries. Primary partners University of Copenhagen University of Southern Denmark, Denmark Wageningen University, the Netherlands Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal Univ. Tras-os-Montes & Alto Douro, Portugal Consejo Superior de InvestigacionesCientíficas, Spain University of Torino, Italy University of Limerick, Ireland Associate partners University Miguel Hernández, Spain Energy Research Centre, Holland PTM s.r.l, Italy Alfa Laval Nakskov A/S, Denmark Pieralisi Group, Italy Biomass Heating Solutions Ltd., Ireland Granja Pedro Guevara, Spain Bio Systems Europe, UK Verification Agency for Environmental Technologies in Agricultural Production, Denmark RegionePiemonte, Italy

  3. ReUseWaste objectives ReUseWaste is a multi-site and multidisciplinary training network, bringing together major EU research groups from leading universities and research institutes, key agri-environmental technology companies and public authorities, from the countries and regions of most intensive livestock production in Europe Regions of Europe with intensive livestock farming and with N and P surpluses • The ReUseWaste network will: • provide new ideas, methods and principles that lead to a major rethink in the current, established animal waste management systems • train a group of young researchers in developing new technologies for improved and sustainable utilisation of valuable organic matter and plant nutrient resources in animal waste • provide companies with improved and new technologies to produce both bioenergy and ”green” bio-fertilisers, leading to improved soil, water and air quality

  4. Research concept • Treatment • Liquid-solids separation • Acidification/inhibitors • AD / Biogasification for energy • Incineration/Gasification/Pyrolysis • Composting • Waste upgrading/Nutrient recovery • Bio-fertilizer production • Characterisation • Fractionation • Thermogravimetry • Spectroscopy • Pyrolysis-GC/MS • ICP/IRMS • NIR/MIR • XANES Animal waste = Environmental problems …but also valuable manure resources: - Nutrients - Organic Matter • Function • Energy source • Crop fertiliser value • Soil quality amelioration • Carbon sequestration • Utilisation • Crop field application • Horticultural growth media • Landscaping • Soil remediation • Assessment • System analyses • Stakeholder analyses • Life cycle assessment • Integrated sustainability • Need for research training and competence building in all of these

  5. Animal waste Students other projects Organic fertilizers Bioenergy Better environment SE Asia partners Farmers org. & advisory Environmental technology companies BHS* ECN Public and regulatoryauthorities PTM* GSR* TI* AL* Improved energy and nutrient recovery systems New meas. & monitoring products Novel bio-fertilizer products BSE* PG* Innovative manure treatment solutions KOM* Technology & Innovation VERA** 13 scientiststrained to developsustainable animal manure solutions Career oppor-tunities WP5 Energy recovery RP-DA** WP4Technology & management WP3OM & nutrients characterisation WP7 Synthesis & assessment Public-private R&D and extension network for manure recycling technology WP6 Land recycling 14 young researchers WP1 Scientific training WP2 Generic training International conference UCPH RAMIRAN Training + R&D networks SDU Joint, mutually recognised doctoral training-program Lasting research collaboration WU ISA-UTL Dissemination networks Universities CSIC/UMH UTAD ULI UTO