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Position Request/Justification Process

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Position Request/Justification Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Position Request/Justification Process. Position Justification Timeline. August 8 th – CSA notified of Position Control Process. August 9 th – Supervisors and hiring managers notified of Position Control Process.

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position justification timeline
Position Justification Timeline

August 8th – CSA notified of Position Control Process

August 9th – Supervisors and hiring managers notified of Position Control Process

August 13th – Last day to submit new offers before open positions are removed from view

August 16th – All open positions removed from internal and external view.

Aug. 9 – Positions can be approved with the justification documentation by Final Approvers, to be re-posted as the Chart of Accounts update is completed on 8/20

faq s
  • If I turn in my justification before 8/16, can my position be re-opened immediately or do I have to wait until 9/4?
    • Positions approved by the Final Approver can be re-posted as early as 8/20, when the system is update for Chart of Accounts is complete.
  • What happens to new hires that are scheduled to start between 8/16 and 9/4?
    • Candidates that have offers extended or offers accepted will continue through the new hire process without interruption.
  • Will I be able to extend offers between 8/9 and 8/15?
    • Yes. In order to process offers before the positions are removed from view, offers must be submitted to your Recruiter no later than close of business on 8/13.
  • Will there still be new hire orientation on 8/20, 8/27 and 9/4?
    • Yes. New hire orientation will continue as planned.
  • What happens if I am unable to complete my justification prior to 9/4?
    • Your positions will remain unposted until the Final Approver receives the justification or cancels the position. As long as the position is unposted candidates will not be able to see the position and all recruitment activity will cease until the position is either approved or declined.
  • Will all the candidates who have already applied to my position be “not selected” when it is taken down from there career site?
    • No. A candidate’s will not change unless the position is cancelled.
  • How will I know if my position has been approved, declined, or needs additional information?
    • The Final Approver will notify you if a position has been declined or needs additional information. Once a position has been approved, the recruiter will notify the Final Approver and the Hiring Manager once the position has been re-opened on the career site.
  • I have already given justification information to my supervisor, do I still have to complete a justification process and submit to my supervisor?
    • This is at the Final Approver’s discretion. However, re-submitting justification information could reduce the time your position remains unposted.
  • I have an internal employee who is scheduled to transfer to my department between 8/16 and 9/4, will they still be able to transfer during that time?
    • Yes. Any internal transfers approved prior to close of business on 8/13 will not be held for reasons pertaining to this position justification exercise.
faq s continued
FAQ’s Continued
  • How do I submit the justification form?
    • For the re-approval of open positions, submit your justification information to your supervisor. For new/replacement positions in FY’13, justification can be entered into the notes section of the PRF in Manager’s Portal, or you may complete a justification form and attach to the PRF at the time you request a position (Sample Justification forms are attached)
  • Do I have to utilize the justification form?
    • No. The form is a tool to assist you in providing thorough justification. It is the Final Approver’s decision as to what information they prefer.
  • Where can I locate the justification form?
    • The justification form can be found on Insiteat: http://insite.sw.org/web/iwcontent/private/ContinuousLearning/pdf/Filling_Out_A3.pdf
    • You can also request either an A3 form or a Position Justification Form from your Recruiter. Examples of both are attached.
  • When is the last day in which I can make an offer before the positions are removed from view?
    • The last day to make an offer prior to the positions being removed from the website is 5 PM on 8/13.
  • Will I be notified when my position is approved and re-posted?
    • Yes. You will receive an e-mail notification from your recruiter that your position has been approvedand re-posted.
  • How long before positions are re-posted once approved?
    • Approved positions will be re-posted within 24 hours of receiving notification from the Final Approver.
  • What happens to the positions in which I have already offered a candidate or they have accepted?
    • Those positions will not require justification unless, the candidate declines the offer or is disqualified through the pre-employment process. At which time justification will need to be provided in order to re-open the position and hire another candidate.
  • Going forward, will I always have to submit justification or only for those already posted?
    • Justification for new and replacement positions will be required on a go forward basis and through FY’13.
  • Will candidates receive an email or notification when the positions are removed from the career site?
    • No. Candidates will not receive an e-mail notification when the positions are removed from view. Remember, the positions are not cancelled, only removed from view. Candidates who log into their application will see that their status has not changed.

Any questions not addressed, please reach out to your recruiter for clarification

recruiter workflow current position justification process
Recruiter WorkflowCurrent Position Justification Process
  • Position on S&W Career Site and any external recruiting mediums