typical mn dot design build process l.
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Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process

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Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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K-2. Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process. Request for Proposal (RFP) Process Begins. Determination to use Design-Build. Mn/DOT develops Proposal evaluation procedures. Commissioner Appoints a Technical Committee. Mn/DOT Issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

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Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process

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    1. K-2 Typical Mn/DOT Design-Build Process Request for Proposal (RFP)Process Begins Determination to use Design-Build Mn/DOT develops Proposal evaluation procedures Commissioner Appoints a Technical Committee Mn/DOT Issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Mn/DOT Issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Short-Listed Teams Short-Listed Teams Prepare Response to RFP Mn/DOT Develops a process to evaluate responses to the RFQ Contractors and Design Firms Form Design-Build “Teams” Short-Listed Teams Submit a Technical Proposal and a Price Proposal Price Proposal Remains Sealed Teams respond to the RFQ with a (SOQ) Statement of Qualifications Technical Committee and Technical Advisors Review Technical Proposals Technical Committee reviews the SOQs Technical Committee interviews Short-Listed Teams Technical Committee members individually score technical Proposals Technical Committee members individually score the SOQs Technical Scores tallied For the Short-Listed Teams (0 to 100 points max) Technical Committee compiles a list of the most Highly Qualified Teams (2 to 5 Teams) Letting Date Short-Listed Teams Announced (2 to 5 Teams) Mn/DOT publicly posts Technical Scores For each team Mn/DOT publicly opens and reads the Price Proposals Mn/DOT divides each Short-Listed Team’s Price by their Technical Score Project is Awarded to the “Best-Value” (Lowest Price/Technical Score) Mn/DOT Executes the Contract Best-Value Team begins design and construction Notes: 1. Mn/DOT typically prepares 30% plans for the Contractor to bid on. 2. The RFP contains the technical requirements of the project. 3. Municipal Consent can occur at any time during the process. 4. The Technical Committee consists of at least 5 individuals. One member is appointed by the AGC of Minnesota (State Statute 161.3420)