the atlantic world 1492 1800 n.
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The Atlantic World 1492-1800

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The Atlantic World 1492-1800 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Atlantic World 1492-1800 . Mr. Green. Topics to be Covered in this Unit:. Early Explorations Spain Builds an American Empire North America is Settled Atlantic Slave Trade Columbian Exchange . Christianity Spreads . As a direct result of exploration, Christianity spread

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topics to be covered in this unit
Topics to be Covered in this Unit:
  • Early Explorations
  • Spain Builds an American Empire
  • North America is Settled
  • Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Columbian Exchange
christianity spreads
Christianity Spreads
  • As a direct result of exploration, Christianity spread
  • Felt that it was their duty to spread the gospel
prince henry
Prince Henry
  • Because he financed more that 14 voyages, Prince Henry earned the nickname as the Navigator
  • Allowed Portugal to gain an early lead in exploring the unknown depths of the World
new technology
New Technology
  • Because the open seas were dreadful, better ships were needed to continue exploration efforts
  • New vessel was created- The Caravel
  • Large cargo areas, triangular and square sails, adopted the compass from China
nations that took exploration to the extreme
Nations That Took Exploration to the Extreme
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • England
  • France
  • Netherlands (The Dutch)
dutch east india company
Dutch East India Company
  • Founded in early 17th Century to establish direct trade with Asia
  • By 1700, the Dutch were the World’s leader in trading
early explorers
Early Explorers
  • BartolomeuDias- Explored from Portugal to the Cape of Good Hope
  • Vasco da Gama- Gave Portugal a direct sea route to India by sailing around the tip of Africa to southwest coast of India; Brought back silks and spices
competition for wealth
Competition for Wealth
  • There was a fierce competition for wealth amongst European nations
  • Was a question of- “Who would make a discovery that would make trade and travel easier to India and Asia? What would be the quickest route?”
spain builds an american empire
Spain Builds An American Empire
  • Instead of sailing all the way around the Southern Tip of Africa, Christopher Columbus decided to sail West across the Atlantic
christopher columbus
Christopher Columbus

In search of an Alternate route to Asia, Columbus comes face to face with a New World

Lands on an island he names San Salvador in 1492 in the Caribbean

the idea comes to light
The Idea Comes to Light
  • While spending time in Greenland and Iceland on previous voyages, he overhears stories of Norsemen (Vikings) who sailed west and found new land
  • This is proof that he was not the first to discover ‘The New World’
getting the mission
Getting the Mission
  • After 20 years of delegation across Europe, Columbus is finally financed by Spain
  • Was denied so many times before because leaders said he was ‘crazy’ and ‘foolish’ to want to go into the open sea
first encounter
First Encounter
  • Thinking he reached the East Indies, he names the natives that he met ‘Indians’
  • His first Journey was strictly for EXPLORATION that was funded by Spain
  • Since he promised Spain something and return and found nothing, he convinced the Spanish to fund TWO MORE voyages
1493 and 1502
1493 and 1502
  • His next two voyages were strictly business
  • Bringing a cavalry of ships, he helped plunder the surrounding areas
  • This in return created Colonies- Lands controlled by another nation
why is he remembered
Why Is He Remembered?
  • Being ONE of the first discoverers of the New World, he did it in a time of news coverage
  • Because of him, this New World TRULY became a reality and would change the World forever