How do MP3's Work?
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How do MP3's Work?. By: T’quoia Boyd Science 2005. Glossary. Encoder- a part in MP3 that turns messages into codes Polyphase filter bank-a part used in MP3 to separate sound signals MDCT-a part used with Polyphase filter bank for song compression. Glossary,continued.

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How do MP3's Work?

By: T’quoia Boyd

Science 2005


  • Encoder- a part in MP3 that turns messages into codes

  • Polyphase filter bank-a part used in MP3 to separate sound signals

  • MDCT-a part used with Polyphase filter bank for song compression

Glossary continued

  • Implementation- another word for placement

  • Bit rate-number of bits moved per unit of time

  • Iteration-repeating a process to improve accuracy of a result

  • Hybrid Filter bank- simply the MDCT and Polyphase filter bank together

Glossary continued1

  • Quantization- sampling analog waves and changing them into digital data

  • Analog wave-continuous electrical [sound] waves that represent a number of values (carry sound through speakers)


  • 1987-Institute worked on perceptual coding

  • 1992-MPEG-1

  • 1997-student created AMP MP3 playback engine

  • 1998-WinAmp is free MP3 music player


  • Filter bank

  • Perceptual model

  • Joint stereo

  • Quantization & coding

  • Iteration loops

  • Surround extension

1 filter bank
1. Filter Bank

  • Filter bank in Layer-3 is called a hybrid filter bank

  • Chose for compatibility with Layer-1 and Layer-2

  • Filter bank consist of a polyphase filter ban and a Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT)

2 perceptual model
2.Perceptual Model

  • Perceptual model determines quality of given encoder implementation

  • Uses either a separate filter bank or provided calculations

3 joint stereo
3. Joint Stereo

  • used where low bitrates are available but stereo signals are desired

4 quantization and coding
4. Quantization and Coding

  • 2 nested iteration loops- common solution in Layer-3

  • Quantified values coded by Huffman coding

  • Noiseless coding-no noise added to audio signal

5 iteration loops
5. Iteration Loops

  • Outer iteration loop-noise control/distortion loop

  • Inner iteration loop-rate loop

  • Rate loop is nested within noise control loop

6 surround extension
6.Surround Extension

  • Introduced in 2004

  • based on cue coding approach

Example of compression
Example of Compression

  • “Ask not what your country can do for you-- ask what you can do for your country”

  • 1.ask 2.what. 3.your 5.can 7.for

  • 1 not 2345678--12856734


  • MP3 compresses file so it takes shorter time to download

  • computer software expands file to regular size

  • sends file to sound card

  • turns into analog wave for speakers

About the author
About the Author

  • My name is T’quoia Boyd. My birthday is on July 20, 1992. I like babysitting, drawing, Pepsi,cocoa, and Tigger.

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The iPod

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