greening government ict epeat an overview l.
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Greening Government ICT EPEAT – an overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Greening Government ICT EPEAT – an overview

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Greening Government ICT EPEAT – an overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Greening Government ICT EPEAT – an overview. Simon Redding Environment Agency. We all know why, but what?. Whitehall alone has half a million computers Turning them off overnight provides the same carbon emissions reduction as taking 40,000 cars off the road.

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greening government ict epeat an overview

Greening Government ICTEPEAT – an overview

Simon Redding

Environment Agency

we all know why but what
We all know why, but what?

Whitehall alone has half a million computers

Turning them off overnight provides the same carbon emissions reduction as taking 40,000 cars off the road

Environmental impact costs money

greening government ict overview
Greening Government ICT:Overview
  • Cross-government initiative sponsored by Cabinet Office
  • Green ICT working group to advise and monitor
  • Chaired by Chris Chant (CIO of Government Olympic Executive)

First stage: tackle the environmental footprint of ICT

Second stage: use ICT to reduce environmental footprints

high level commitments
High level commitments
  • Make environmental impact a key factor in ICT strategy
  • Build into procurement/finance decisions
  • Public sector should meet or exceed global best practice
  • Government ICT will be carbon neutral in use by 2012
  • It will be carbon neutral in practice by 2020
  • Off-setting is a last resort
reducing the impact of ict
Reducing the impact of ICT
  • Adopt Quick Wins specifications
  • 18 “top tips” to reduce the impact of ICT
  • Five key areas:
    • Extend lifecycles and sweat embodied carbon
    • Single device per employee (or less)
    • Active power management
    • Reduce printing
    • Make servers/storage more efficient & increase utilisation(as part of compliance with EU code of conduct on Data Centres)
  • Extended list of 77 potential “areas for reduction”
greening government ict next steps
Greening Government ICT:Next steps
  • Review progress of central government against strategy
  • Provide recognition for public sector exemplars
  • Share best practice and knowledge across public sector
  • Review recommendations for action / top tips
  • Extend to cover positive ICT initiatives:
    • Helping to reduce travel
    • Helping to reduce energy use
    • Helping to reduce use of natural resources
greening government ict
Greening Government ICT


Please read the strategy & other information at:


Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool

  • Initiators:
    • US EPA
    • Zero Waste Alliance
    • Green Electronics Council
  • Initially scoped for desktops, laptops & monitors
  • Intention to build upon EnergyStar specifications to consider all environmental impacts
  • Transparent approach involves all stakeholder groups
epeat objectives
EPEAT: Objectives
  • A tool to inform purchasers about environmental impact
  • Whole life cycle of of equipment from design to disposal
  • Providing a market advantage to compliant companies
  • Easy and quick to comply with
  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance
  • Produce credible, verifiable outcomes
  • Self-sustaining
epeat some common myths
EPEAT: Some common myths
  • EPEAT is an American initiative
  • EPEAT is an industry eco-label
  • EPEAT is created by government
  • EPEAT is a complex long-winded certification scheme
  • EPEAT isn’t relevant to the UK/EU
epeat how it works
EPEAT: How it works
  • Global standard for global products
  • Based on standards with mandatory & optional criteria
  • Standards are developed with wide participation
  • EPEAT ratings relate to number of criteria met:
    • Bronze = just meets mandatory criteria
    • Silver = meets 50% of optional criteria
    • Gold = meets 75% of optional criteria
epeat registration verification
EPEAT: Registration & Verification

Needs to be simple and not delay the market!

  • Suppliers self-certify their products
  • Periodic controlled verification
  • Random and market-influenced auditing

There are currently 1,256 product lines on the market that meet the desktops/laptops/monitors criteria

epeat what s planned
EPEAT: What’s planned?

Was just one standard, but now…

  • IEEE 1680: “Umbrella” standard
  • IEEE 1680.1: Desktops, laptops, monitors
  • IEEE 1680.2: Imaging (copiers, printers, scanners)
  • IEEE 1680.3: Televisions
  • IEEE 1680.4: Handhelds
  • IEEE 1680.5: Servers
epeat government procurement
EPEAT: Government procurement
  • 95% of US federal ICT purchasing must meet EPEAT
  • Challenges with EU public procurement regulations
  • No issues with using Quick Wins or individual criteria from EPEAT
  • Work ongoing to align with EU EuP Directive
  • Work ongoing with EPEAT to remove issues surrounding procurement regulations


EPEAT is on the Internet at

Contact me at