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M&Z (Marketing) Limited Company Presentation

M&Z (Marketing) Limited Company Presentation. The Presentation. The Local Market The Local Retail Market Our Company Our Company Structure Marketing Activities. The Local Market. Malta has a population of 405,577 * (as at end December 2006) with circa 1.2m tourist arrivals every year.

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M&Z (Marketing) Limited Company Presentation

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  1. M&Z (Marketing) LimitedCompany Presentation

  2. The Presentation • The Local Market • The Local Retail Market • Our Company • Our Company Structure • Marketing Activities

  3. The Local Market • Malta has a population of 405,577* (as at end December 2006)with circa 1.2m tourist arrivals every year. • The local culture is a unique combination of British and Italian influence, requiring local know how especially in the field of communication. • Malta joined the EU on 1st May 2004 and the Euro zone on 1st January 2008. • Its purchasing power parity is around 70% of the EU15. • The main pillars of the economy are financial services, ICT, high end manufacturing and tourism. International ICT and FS clusters are already well established resulting in a growing expat community residing on the island . • Malta's banks are the 10th soundest in the world. Source: The Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009 - World Economic Forum

  4. The Local Retail Market • The local grocery retail market is estimated to be worth around €500m per annum. • The market is characterised by relatively low concentration however a number of independent supermarkets are now affiliated with one another and with foreign supermarket chains. • Lidl’s opening on the 24th April 2008 was another important milestone for the local retail scene. The multiple sources all products from their distribution centre in Southern Italy and have to date been relatively successful. Lidl’s stores currently total 4 outlets and more are expected to open within the next 12 months. The “Lidl effect” has initiated the trend towards sourcing more directly from Europe however it seems retailers still prefer sourcing locally when it comes to certain suppliers. • MZM brands and product ranges remain strongly positioned in the relevant product categories in the mainstream market as a result of decades of aggressive brand building.

  5. Our Company • MZM services the retail and more recently the foodservice sector with a reputable portfolio of brands of foodstuffs as well as home and personal care products. The foodstuffs portfolio can be divided into ambient, chilled and frozen, weighted and retail packs. • The Company services over 1,200 customers weekly offering a 48 hour delivery service and its customer distribution network is growing. • Based on revenues, MZM is placed as one of the top 3 leading food companies in Malta, employing over 50 people. • According to recent readings 30% of MZM sales go to 14 key accounts, some of which are affiliated to Auchan, GS (Carrefour) and Nisa International. • The company boasts strong teams in Brand Management, Marketing, Sales (retail & foodservice), Logistics, Warehouse Management and Distribution supported with sophisticated information systems.

  6. Our Company Structure

  7. Our Company Structure • Human Resources: The recent consolidation process of Unilever food brands under MZM has attracted extraordinary people to the company often joining the business from ailing competitors, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. This has given MZM the opportunity to build on an already strong team. • Financial Strength: MZM is a well capitalised company with ongoing prudent financial management. HSBC has made available to MZM unsecured credit lines of €3m. The company has a reputation for credit worthiness and sound finances. • Organisation Structure: Lean yet well organised with a focus on employing resource in the field rather than in administration. Our brand managers have clear areas of responsibility with all the support required from other teams such as sales, marketing, merchandisers, promoters, supply and distribution.

  8. Our Company Structure 4. Our Distribution Chain: MZM services some 1,200 accounts per week. Ours is a professional service and one which commands a certain loyalty especially from independent store owners. The robustness of the supply chain is an area of strength for MZM and one which is being given increasing importance in Malta today. 5. Our Portfolio of Brands: Our positioning in product categories is strong with dominant positions in the retail, confectionary and foodservice trades. These positions have taken decades of aggressive brand building to achieve, and include companies such as Unilever, Friendship, Arla, Tipiak, Discovery, 3Star and Zwan.

  9. Some brands we represent…


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