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Book review presentation. Benjamín Valdés Bastián Rámila. Biography.

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Book review presentation


Benjamín Valdés

Bastián Rámila


  • Sir Arthur ConanDoyle (1859-1930), has born in Edinburgh, Scotland,isthebestknown as thecreator o SherlockHolmes.Hestartedwrittingafterworking as a doctor and soonbecameone of theworld`sbest-knownauthors.Sometitles are thesign of four^, thebluediamond,theemeraldcrown and theNorwoodmystery.Ocupation: Novelist, writter, poet and physican.

Review of the plot chapter one
Review of theplotchapterone:

  • Miss Mary Morstangoestosee Holmes becauseshehad a misteryforhim, shetelsallthestory of hisfather. Shealwaystellstohimthatshereceivedonepearl per yearafterfouryearsafterhisfather`sdeath. Shesaysthatshereceived a letterthatsaid:

  • Thatsheneedtogotothelyceum

Chapter two

  • Miss Morstangives Holmes a paperwiththeletters “thesign of four” onit, alwayssaid:

  • Jonathan Small

  • Mahomet Singh

  • AbdullahKhan

  • DostAkbar.

Chapter three

  • Thadeussholtotellsto Miss Morstan, dr Watson and Holmes whereisthetreasure and howwasthedead of Morstan, theygotopondicherryLodgesearchingthetresaure, theyfindbartholomewdead.

Chapter four

  • In thischapter Holmes and Watson searchedforthereason of themurdered of Bartholomew.

  • They examine theroom and also examine thefootprintthatis in thewindow.

Chapter five

  • LestradearrestsThadeusbecause he think`sthat he murdererhisbrother.

  • Watson searchforToby and then Watson, Holmes and Tobysearchedforthemurderer in thestreetswith Holmes and Watson.

Chapter six

  • HereSherlock Holmes and Watson searchedfor Jonathan Small.

  • Thewife of MordecaiSmith, Mrs Smith saidto Holmes thatMordecaileavedwith a woodenlegmanin the aurora.

Chapter seven

  • Wiggins and thebakerstreetboyssearchedforthe aurora, Jonathan Small and hisasociated.

  • Theycouldn´tfindthe Aurora.

  • Watson gotoCamberwelltosaid Miss Morstanthenews.

Chapter eight

  • In thischapterLestrade, Holmes, watson and twoofficersgotosearchedthe aurora in theriverbecause Holmes knowwerethe aurora is.

Chapter nine

  • Holmes seethe aurora in theriver and start a chasebetweenthe aurora and theshipwere Holmes is.

  • TheytrappedMordecai Smith and theboy, killed Tonga and and Jonathan Small escaped.

  • Finallytheyhadthetreasure.

  • Watson and MrsMorstanknewthatis a chestwith no treasure.

Chapter ten
Chapter ten

  • Jonathan Small tellshisstory.

  • And he saidthatThesign of fourwas:

  • A group of menthat try tostealthetreasure.

  • Jonathan Small

  • Mahomet Singh

  • DostAkbar

  • AbdullahKhan


  • Sherlock Holmes: is a very intelligent man and the most known and clever detective of all England. He is dressed up like a Victorian detective and in company of his faithful assistant and best friend DR.Watson.

  • DR.Watson: he is the best friend and assistant of Sherlock Holmes, and he is very loved with Miss Mary Morstan. He is always with Sherlock Holmes.

  • Miss Morstan: she lost his father captain Morstan 10 years ago and came for help with Sherlock Holmes and DR.Watson. She is a refined young lady, and she is very loved with DR.Watson.


  • Captain Morstan: He died 10 years ago in India trying to recuperate a treasure that steals the sign of four. He is the father of Miss Morstan.

  • Thaddeus Sholto: Is a rich and nervous bald man. He tells Holmes and Watson all the story of the sign of four and how captain Morstan died. He was the one that send the letters and the pearls in the mail to Miss Morstan.


  • Mordecai Smith: Is a serious white man and helper of Jonathan Small stealing the treasure.

  • Jonathan Small: He is stealer of the treasure. He have a wooden leg and he is dressed like an ordinary person.

Second characters

  • Toby

  • Lestrade

  • Wiggins

  • Boys of bakerstreet

  • Mrssmith

  • Mrs Hudson

  • Judd

  • And more….