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Book Review. Title of the book: Robinson Crusoe Author: Daniel Defoe Publisher: BLACK CAT PUBLISHING Student: Cheng Wing Yu 6A (2).

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book review
Book Review

Title of the book:

Robinson Crusoe


Daniel Defoe




Cheng Wing Yu 6A (2)

Robinson Crusoe is an adventure novel written by Daniel Defoe. This story was set in the 17th century, starting in England, then onward to North Africa, Brazil, an island near the coast of Venezuela and back to Europe.

The story of Robinson Crusoe can be divided into three parts:

  • - Robinson’s youth up to his shipwreck

v    - his twenty-eight years on an uninhabited island

v    - his life and adventures after being rescued from the island.

In the first part of the novel, against the advice of his father, Robinson wishes to pursue his livelihood by sailing. He does so and after a false start he has some success but his third voyage ends up in slavery. He eventually escapes and flees to Brazil where he becomes a successful plantation owner. He embarks on a slave gathering expedition to West Africa but his ship wrecks off the coast of Venezuela in a terrible storm.

The bulk of the novel focuses on Robinson’s life on the island —how he struggles for his survival and even establishes his "kingdom"; how he moves from a frantic state of discontent to one of resignation and contentment; how he meets Friday and, finally how he leaves the island.

The third part of the novel traces Robinson’s securing of wealth through the honesty and loyalty of friends, his return to England, travels through the continent and a last trip to his island to see how those he left there look like.

I recommend you to read this book at once as the vocabulary in this book is simple, with some exercise provided at the end of each chapter. Also, the book provides more details about the story, e.g. the history of slave trade, the real island that Robinson has stayed for 28 years, etc. Don’t miss it!