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Book review

Book review

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Book review

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  1. Book review By Shea Tranter With some help of my Mum

  2. Danny the Champion of the worldBy Roald Dahl • Review • Danny loves his dad and their cozy life in the gypsy caravan behind the filling station where his father works. They tell stories, build hot air balloons, and work on cars together. • The boy was brought up by his father with lots of care and love. Because, He lost his mum when he was 4 months old.. Danny thought himself to be lucky to have a father like he had. Danny was so attached to his father and trusted him so much, • He woke up one night to find that he was the only one at home. He found that his father had gone out. That night, Danny discovers his father's exciting secret. His father is a pheasant poacher! that the idea of his father hiding something from him did not even cross his mind. Because he loved his dad so much. He poached pheasents for himself and other poor people to share. • He also found his father's biggest enemy, Victor Hazell. Victor Hazell was a famous, rich landowner, who was known for his pheasants. A season for pheasant hunting occurred every year on his land. It was very popular. Danny found out that his father wanted to make Mr Hazle’s event a failure. But his father's plans weren't working. Suddenly, Danny came up with an excellent plan. The twosome had only two days, to kill a lot of pheasants. So, they got to work. Danny and his father filled raisens with sleeping powder. They knew that the pheasants liked to eat raisens, and planned to put all the pheasants to sleep and take them away. So, they got a lot of raisens ready, and then set them for the pheasants. And the plan WORKED" . Mr Hazel found out that Danny’s Father was the one who distroyed the event and stole all of his pheasents. Then a police man came down from the road too see what is going on. Danny’s Dad got away with it beacuse Danny’s father said to the police Man “I did not steel them. They must of flew over to my land because they know that the event is going to happen.” Mr Hazel was so angry. He said “ how could such a stupid and dumb brained bird possably think that you nut head” Danny’s Dad said “well they are smater than you think” • As they were arguing , the pheasents started to wake up. Some of them,flew up onto Mr Hazel’s car and they scratched all the paint work and were able to get into the car. Mr Hazel then got sooooooooooooooooooooooooo angry that he commanded them to get the pheasents out of his car.when the police man flapped his arms to shoosh away the pheasents,Most of pheasents flew away to opposite direction from Mr Hazel’s land. With some pheasents inside with him, Mr. Hazell drives off in disgrace, his fancy car and shooting party ruined. • Danny and father slowly walked away back to their home holding hands together and talks about buying a oven to make roast pheasent for dinner. • And Danny and his Dad lived really happy for the rest of their lives with thire strong bond and love..

  3. What my thoughts about this book I loved that the father and son were so attached to each other. I thought that this book was very exiting and entertaning for me. Wenever I was bored and I read this book it it made me feel happier and made me wish that I was him. It amazed me how a 5 year old boy could help his Father work by fixing cars. Usally a 5 year old would just want to play all day and do what they wanted to do. They live in a little caravan and it reminded me when I used to live in a caravan. That caravan (old gypisy wagon) was at least 150 years old . Now that amazed me. and they loved that caravan even though it was 150 years old raged and small. And the Father told his Son lots of storys every night about the best friend giant/BFG for short. I wish my Dad told me the story of the BFG every night. When Danny found out that his father was a poacher ohhh boy if I found out that my Dad was a poacher I would scream and try too hold in my tears. I would be so shocked. I didn’t like how Mr Victor Hazel was so slobby and rude to Danny and his Father and other poor people. I was actully quite happy that they stole his pheasents even though it wasn’t right thing to do. You should oneday read this book. I think you will like it. It’s very entertaining. Questions I have about this book • Why dose Mr Victor Hazel have to be so mean to Danny and his Father? • Why dose the story have to be about poaching pheasents then sheep or chickens or pigs? • Why the father let his son to joined in poaching that is not right thing to do?

  4. Roald Dahl • 1. The Gremlins filmed by Walt Disney2.James and the Giant Peach 3.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 4.The Magic Finger 5.Fantastic Mr. Fox 6.Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator 7.Danny, the Champion of the World 8.The Enormous Crocodile 9.The Twits 10.George's Marvelous Medicine 11.The BFG 12.The Witches 13.The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me 14.Matilda 15.Esio Trot 16.The Minpins 17.The Vicar of Nibbleswicke • 18. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang • And more… Roald Dahl was born in Whales 13th of September 1916 and died 23rdof November 1990 age 74. His nationality was British and his parents were norwegian. He was married and had kids. • • Roald Dahl, best known for his children's stories Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach, wrote 5 autobiographies, 21 children's stories, 2 novels, 3 poems, and 27 short stories.