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University High School of Science and Engineering Ms. Cabral and Ms. Benfield [email protected] [email protected] Adjective Review . What are Adjectives? . Adjectives are modifiers . They give information about nouns and pronouns they modify.

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University High School of Science and Engineering Ms. Cabral and Ms. Benfield [email protected]

Adjective Review

What are adjectives
What are Adjectives?

  • Adjectives are modifiers. They give information about nouns and pronouns they modify.

  • Think of adjectives as describers.

    What kind? yellow ribbon, dirty sidewalk

    How many?ten onions, fewvisits

    How much?ample food, more energy

    Which one? thisminute, nextsummer


  • Student Activity Handbook

  • Describe your fruit

  • Drawing paper

Special adjectives articles
Special Adjectives: Articles

  • A, an and the are called articles.

  • The is an adjective that points out a particular or definite noun and is called a definite article.

  • A and an are adjectives that point to any one- rather than just one specific-member of a group and are called indefinite articles.

    Indefinite: Julia made a fabulous catch.

    Definite: The ball nearly sailed over thefence.

Let s practice
Let’s practice

  • A woman walked through the overgrown garden.

  • The ominous sky warned us that a brutal storm was on the way.

  • The old yellow houses looked alike.

  • The anxious horses stopped suddenly at the edge of the vast field.

Worksheet 1
Worksheet 1:

  • Four turtles climbed on the log.

  • Mr. Henderson’s oldest son goes to college.

  • There is a squirrel on our front porch.

  • We sat beneath a shady umbrella.

  • Sally picked up sixteen rocks when she walked by the creek.

  • Have you seen my checkered shirt?

  • A sidewalk leads to the back door.

  • The jacket I bought has deep pockets.

Worksheet 1 cont
Worksheet 1 Cont.

9. Polly fixed the broken car.

10. How do my new glasses look?

11. Jay and Kay live in the biggest house on the block.

12. Huge trees grow along the street.

Worksheet 2
Worksheet 2

  • Joe cleaned his bedroom.


    2. Mother baked cookies.


    3. Do you see any birds?


    4. Tammy went to the store to buy eggs.


Worksheet 2 cont
Worksheet 2 Cont.

5. Mrs. James drove her car to church.


6. Sara looked for her dog.


Worksheet 3
Worksheet 3

  • The magical wizard cast a spell on the witch.

  • The dragon in the cave was scary .

  • The unicorn ran into the dark forest.

  • The ogre standing by the tree is angry.

  • The wicked witch was flying on a broomstick.

  • Two giants live in the countryside.

  • The monster under my bed is furry.

Electrifying or boring
Electrifying or Boring?

Write other words to use instead of these boring words!!

On your white board come up with an electrifying adjective that is a synonym to the boring one given! If you come up with a word nobody else has you win a prize!

Once you know these electrifying words, you cannot ever use the boring words again. If you use the electrifying words appropriately in your writing, you will earn extra points!!!!

Electrifying or boring round 1
Electrifying or Boring: Round 1












Electrifying or boring round 2



Electrifying or Boring: Round 2







Describe your fruit
Describe your Fruit

  • Please take out your “Describe your Fruit” activity.

  • You will have 10 minutes toindividually complete this activity.

  • Label your paper.

  • Draw a sketch of your fruit in the blank space underneath the heading.

Adjective quiz 100 points
Adjective Quiz (100 points)

1. I’m not going to keep these empty plastic bottles.2. Nancy was angry when Fred compared her cookies to old mud pies.3. Pretty yellow birds decorated the ancient walls.4. A simple explanation will prevent a terrible punishment.5. My best friend has an exciting new idea!

Adjective quiz answers
Adjective Quiz Answers

1. I’m not going to keep theseemptyplasticbottles.2. Nancy was angry when Fred compared her cookies to oldmudpies.3. Prettyyellowbirds decorated theancientwalls.4. Asimple explanation will prevent aterriblepunishment.5. My best friend has anexciting newidea!


  • You will receive one index card with an adjective written on it and one index card with a noun written on it. (Ex: Spotted and Lizard)

  • Write your noun and adjective on the top of your page. (Ex: Spotted Lizard)

  • On an 8.5x11 inch piece of paper make an illustration to demonstrate your noun and adjective.

  • Complete the remaining pages in your student handbook.