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OPAC & Federated Search

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OPAC & Federated Search. September 2007 Meeting Purpose: reach a final decision regarding the Aquabrowser product and/or define next steps for this topic. Why Change (from last meeting). Existing deficiencies of significant impact Unable to search multiple database resources

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OPAC & Federated Search

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opac federated search

OPAC & Federated Search

September 2007

Meeting Purpose: reach a final decision regarding the Aquabrowser product and/or define next steps for this topic

why change from last meeting
Why Change (from last meeting)
  • Existing deficiencies of significant impact
    • Unable to search multiple database resources
    • Unable to easily search and use the existing database resources and the catalog
    • Lack of basic customer friendly functionality
      • no spell check
      • no relevancy ranking
      • confusing and ineffective search mechanism (avoid the huh factor)


effort scope general comments
Effort Scope – general comments
  • RSS feeds will be available for the catalog
  • A search feature for the databases will available on MyLibrary
  • PACS At branch locations will display coolview
  • Decisions will be finalized for A-Z and Marc records
  • Google can be used to search the District catalog
  • Spell check will be functional (may need more detailed definition)
  • Faceted searching will be in place
  • Federated search of 50 district databases will be operational
  • Relevancy ranking will be applied for searches
  • Customer reviews???  (in this release)
  • Aquabrowser is the leader in alternative OPAC solutions
  • Did address our the top identified deficiencies
  • Group
    • saw value in Aquabrowser but struggled with how to present a return on investment and how to justify cost
    • wanted FORMAL written response from Aquabrowser to questions
    • Had some reservations about customer acceptance
what options are there again
What Options Are there Again?
  • Next OPAC upgrade with Horizon
    • When the upgrade will occur (vendor is saying end of this year)
  • Endecca (not really an option)
    • Resold by TLC
    • 3 installs
    • 3-5 times the cost of Aquabrowser and requiring 5 programmers for a year+ to implement
  • Primo
    • Has one installation (two months ago there were none)
questions for ab
Questions for AB
  • Are there completed installations for Horizon?
    • Yes
  • How many installations are in place?
    • 164 (of which 102 are live)
  • Are there customers with Webfeat express completely installed?
    • Yes
  • How many Webfeat express installations are completed?
    • King County is the is the first although there are about 6 in total for all AB/Webfeat versions.
  • Any Horizon and Webfeat installations completed
    • Not yet
vendor information
Vendor Information
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Number of installations in queue: 40 installs in process
  • When was the first AB version released: 2000
  • Releases are generally annual
  • Wouldn’t share company revenue information but aid annual library journal survey in April of each year includes this.
installation questions
Installation Questions
  • Can discover animation be hidden? Yes
  • Can discover be moved to the right? Yes
  • What training assistance is available?
    • 2 hours of web training for staff
    • Onsite training can be purchased for $1,200/day min two days+expenses (so say $4k total)
    • Top two ‘hitches’ to be aware of
      • Library be prepared to answer a number of profiling decisions
      • Library staff will need to output MARC records
  • Support is 24x7, 7 days a week at no additional charge
team comments from last meeting
Team Comments From Last Meeting
  • Everyone generally liked the interface but was concerned about patron reactions
    • Did discuss they can use the classic view
    • Should it be the default view (will additional click be an annoyance)
    • May require clean up in the catalog for a clean mind map
  • Have spell check but didn’t see it working as expected in any installations
  • Did see improved search results
  • Although it integrated the database search, patrons still would be required to log in in order to get them
  • Move forward with AB and Webfeat to have available for new libraries
  • Hold and revisit in summer 2008 to reassess options
    • Where’s PRIMO at
    • OPAC upgrade (symphony) from Sirsi
    • Status of Aquabrowser
    • Endecca and others that might be new
    • Encore (III) – no known installs at this time
  • Move forward with just the federated search implementation (Webfeat or serial solutions)
  • QUESTIONS??? – what is needed to make decision