astronomy 101 planetarium lab l.
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Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab PowerPoint Presentation
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Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab

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Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab. Instructor: Brian Pohl ConOps: Craig Zdanowicz Administrative Stuff. This lab is due Wednesday, April 22 nd This is the make-up lab Final office hours on Monday and Tuesday April 20 th and 21 st Final grades

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Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab

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astronomy 101 planetarium lab

Astronomy 101 Planetarium Lab

Instructor: Brian Pohl

ConOps: Craig Zdanowicz

administrative stuff
Administrative Stuff
  • This lab is due Wednesday, April 22nd
  • This is the make-up lab
    • Final office hours on Monday and Tuesday April 20th and 21st
  • Final grades
  • Night lab evaluations

Hubble Tuning Fork

Is this a trend in evolution?

expansion of universe
Expansion of Universe
  • So all objects are moving away from us
  • Are we at the center of the universe?
  • Raisin bread model
  • Hubble constant - rate of recession/distance
  • The further away galaxies are, the faster they are receding
    • This means the universe is expanding exponentially!
How Fast is the Universe Expanding?

(What is the Hubble Constant?)

To figure this out, you need:

  • Distance
    • You find distance by comparing apparent magnitude (or luminosity) with absolute magnitude
    • Standard candle gives you absolute
  • Velocity
    • You find velocity by measuring redshift
  • Hubble Constant – Units of: (km/s) / (Mpc)
lab procedure
Lab Procedure
  • Pg. 185, data sheet pg. 191
  • Measure magnitude through ‘telescope’
    • (column 1)
  • Enter galaxy type into (column 4)
  • Correct the magnitude for telescope
  • We want to find out:
    • Are more distant galaxies moving faster AWAY from us??
what to do with all this data
What to do with all this data??
  • We measured:
    • Brightness (Mag) in simulated telescope
  • We calculate:
    • “Actual” brightness (Mag) in ‘real’ telescope
  • We know:
    • Absolute brightness (Mag) of galaxies
    • Recession velocity of galaxies
  • We can then determine:
    • The distance to the galaxies
  • What then?
    • Graph Distance vs. Recession Velocity
    • Slope of this graph is related to expansion of Universe
      • Hubble Constant!!
lab write up
2 graphs (Do not connect dots, use best fit)

Magnitude (col 2) vs. velocity (col 7)

Distance (col 8) vs. velocity (col 7)

Find Distance from luminosity

Use absolute magnitude (col 5) and apparent (col 3) to find distance modulus

Use Figure 1 to find distance

Note: x-axis is “Apparent MINUS Absolute Magnitude”

Which graph is Hubble’s Law?

Read pages 103-104 of lab manual

Determine Hubble’s constant (also from page 103)

Use slope (Do not connect the dots, use best fit)

And percent error

can look up value online [cite source]!

Put calculations on clean sheet

Include all equations, calculations, explanations (also for finding slope)

As for error, we have been doing this all semester, here is your time to show me what you have learned!!

Lab Write Up

All Power Points are on my website: office hours or email me if you have questions!

Morehead room 403

East entrance facing the arboretum.

Take elevator on the right to the fourth floor.

Monday 4/20: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Tuesday 4/21: 5:00pm-7:00pm