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Phillips Elementary Hampton, VA October 2008 Volume 1, Issue 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Phillips Elementary Hampton, VA October 2008 Volume 1, Issue 2

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Phillips Elementary Hampton, VA October 2008 Volume 1, Issue 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAFETY CORNER. Each month the school Safety Chairperson, Alice Johnston , will be writing safety tips and concerns. If you have any to share, please send e-mail to or submit it to the Office. Students riding bicycles to and from school MUST wear a helmet.

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Each month the school Safety

Chairperson, Alice Johnston, will

be writing safety tips and concerns.

If you have any to share, please send e-mail to or submit it to the Office.

  • Students riding bicycles to and from school MUST wear a helmet.
  • Students should wear tennis shoes or shoes appropriate for playground activities. Weather permitting, we are outside daily!
  • Students are NOT allowed to wear flip-flops to school.
  • Label all coats, sweaters, jackets and hats. The Lost & Found is piling up in the cafeteria.


Phillips Elementary

Hampton, VA

October 2008

Volume 1, Issue 2


Anita Owens, Principal Elizabeth Franks, Assistant Principal




Can you believe we have completed the first month of school? I’d like to take this time to THANK YOU for your support and cooperation. As I stated during Back to School Night, we must have the support of all team members to ensure academic

success for our

(Most Valuable Students). Please remember to check K12 Planet every two weeks for grades if you have a student(s) in grades 2-5. Also, call or e-mail teachers with any concerns you may have. Let’s march down the field of success together!

- Ms. Owens

Did you know that our school’s Nurse,

Mariann Sedlak, has been caring for our students and staff for 8 years now?

She maintains their health records, making sure all state mandated requirements aremet (immunizations, physicals, screenings, medication management). She even maintains a

clothes closet thanks to the support of our parents who donate gently used clothes and to the PTA for their financial help for new socks and underwear. You’d be amazed at the number of spills and other accidents that occur.

HEALTH TIP – Allergies & Asthma

Medications for these conditions usually need to be given daily. Don’t be surprised if you stop giving the medication and symptoms begin again. Keep a record on your calendar of when symptoms start and stop. It will help you prepare in the future. Many times Fall Seasonal Allergies will get better when we have our first frost. Besides being Fall, it’s hurricane season! Should we get hit with a tropical storm, be aware that fungus and molds thrive after these events. Anyone with allergies or asthma may start to show symptoms and need medication.

Should you have any questions, please contact Nurse Sedlak at 850-5080.

4th Grade

Fourth grade has had a busy month so far and we are all working hard! In Math we have been memorizing our math facts, learning about graphs, place value, and comparing numbers. In October we will be taking it up a notch by learning how to multiply double digits. Please encourage your child to memorize those facts! Our scientists have been conducting experiments in Science and we are moving into an exciting new unit on weather. In Social Studies our students have brushed up on our map skills and will be focusing on VA Regions, rivers, and cities. In Language Arts we continue to read AR books to rack up on those points to win cool prizes from Mr. Livingston. In addition, we are focusing on learning new reading skills in sequencing, cause and effect, and answering comprehension questions. Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ! Books can take them on some of the most exciting adventures!

5th Grade

LANGUAGE ARTS - We have begun the year strong, working on reading skills such as sequencing and character. Coming up we'll be focusing on asking and answering question while reading and author's purpose.

In writing, we're working on building interesting paragraphs. Students will work on descriptive paragraphs about the strangest imaginary animal that they can create. This should be interesting!

MATH - So far we’ve focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Next we’ll learn graphs and decimals.

SCIENCE - Our little scientists are about to use everything they've learned so far about the scientific method. We’ve moved on to learning about matter, so expect some home experiments. We will be making a “States of Matter” collage, so start saving those magazines!

SOCIAL STUDIES - We know VA geography and Native American life, and soon… Jamestown. Get ready for an adventure as students will be going on an interactive website that will force them to fill the settlers' shoes and make important decisions for survival. Be prepared parents, they are definitely going to want to show you what they learned!



3rd Grade

We are off to a great start in 3rd grade here at Phillips! We have reviewed important 2nd grade skills, like geography, scientific investigation, and graphing, and we are looking forward to reviewing explorers, learning all about soil and reading, writing and comparing really big numbers (six digits)! In reading, of course, we are reading, reading and reading. We are drawing conclusions and putting things in order. in writing, we are working on organizing our thoughts. We have put our computer lab to good use, creating “All About Me” posters using Kidspiration. Expectations are high for our new 3rd graders, and so far, they have exceeded them! Keep up the good work at home and thanks for your support!









Each month, Holly Davis, School Counselor, visits with all grade levels to discuss character education, bullying, self esteem, conflict resolution, careers, and study skills. She also conducts individual and group appointments for students, parents, and teachers. This year her focus is on career awareness…Be on the lookout for an upcoming Career Day!

If you have any guidance concerns, please contact Mrs. Davis at 850-5081.



Thank You to those who participated in the Classic Cookie fundraiser. Orders can be picked up on Oct. 7th from 2:30-6p in the Cafeteria.



What is the plan for spending the PTA fundraiser money?

We surveyed the Teacher’s and our goal is to raise enough $$ to purchase:




Cafeteria Round Tables &


Plus, we host different PTA-sponsored events throughout the year!

T-Shirt Sales begin

October 16th


Pre-order yours now. PTA Members $15, Non-members $20.


Cookie Delivery, Tues., Oct. 7, 2:30p-6p

Fall Festival, Sat., Oct. 18, 10a-2p

Father/Son Banquet, Thurs., Nov. 13, 6-8p

Don’t Get Left in the Dust…


Reflections Program


Our membership goal is 100%.

It’s only $3.50 per student to join.

Pizza parties will be hosted for

the first class in each grade

level to reach 100%.

This year’s Reflections Program theme is “Wow”.

What makes you say, “wow”? Is it Art, Literature, Music, Dance, Video, or Photography?

Consider submitting an entry in one or all categories. Interested students should see their teacher for additional information.

Fall Festival


October 18



We’re launching off to a great start for the first 8-week Box Tops collection contest! Our LEADING classes are:

K – Mrs. Sanzo’s Class (78)

1 – Mrs. Berry’s Class (77)

2 – Mrs. Washington’s Class (85)

3 – Mrs. Kleinhenz’ Class (30)

4 – Ms. Crawley’s Class (267)

5 – Mrs. Hautz’ Class (237)

Our first school deadline is Oct. 30th! Send in collection sheets or Ziploc baggies full. Be sure to include your name and classroom for credit. Each winning grade level will receive a special prize from the PTA.

It’s a great help if you trim your Box Tops and check the expiration date!!


Only $10 booth charge. Contact Heather Grubb if interested at

846-1636 or send e-mail to

2008-09 PTA Board

Brandy Erazo, President

Heather Grubb, 1st Vice, Historian & RIF

Pam Stacy, 2nd Vice

Amanda Littlefield, 3rd Vice

Vicki Crosby, Treasurer

Becky Walker, Secretary

Bridget Breden, Hospitality

Jackie Stephan, Volunteer Coord.

Carrie Langille, Membership & Citizen of the Month

Fawn Miller, Membership & Citizen of the Month

Kathy Formy Duval, Gift Shop/T-Shirt Sales

Christine Morales, RIF

Angel Hester, Reflections Program

VACANT, Webpage

Betty Hatfield, Farm Fresh Receipts

Anita Owens, Principal

Elizabeth Franks, Asst. Principal

Deborah Reddy, Teacher Rep.

Jennifer Howell, Teacher Rep

Please sign up and get involved in school/PTA


(last updated 9/13/08)