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Issue 1 Volume 1

90. 80. Bow Only. 70. Open. 60. 50. 40. 30. 20. 10. 0. BC. Alb. Sask. Man. Ont. NB. NS. Province. Email: UBBC@Telus.net. January 2005. Issue 1 Volume 1.

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Issue 1 Volume 1

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  1. 90 80 Bow Only 70 Open 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 BC Alb Sask Man Ont NB NS Province Email: UBBC@Telus.net January 2005 Issue 1 Volume 1 Welcome to the first issue of “The Bowhunter’s Voice”. The intention is simplicity, the objective is bowhunting opportunity. Opportunity through communication, through education, and consultation. The UBBC wants more bowhunting in BC. Bowhunters want more bowhunting opportunity in BC and working together will provide us the success we want. The Bowhunter’s Voice is intended to provide all bowhunters with an update on the issues and progress. For success to occur, everyone must participate. The objective is simple, change the bowhunting perspective of the graph at right. Ensure that bowhunters have a fair opportunity to hunt in BC. Increase bowhunting opportunity in BC. To date, the UBBC have met with WLAP Minister Bill Barisoff and Fish and Wildlife Director, Al Martin in an encouraging discussion around the needs of bowhunters as a unique and separate stakeholder in BC. This stakeholder status provides bowhunters an opportunity to participate in wildlife management and bowhunting opportunity discussion with government, separate of other stakeholders such as rifle hunters. While resident hunter numbers are dropping at alarming rates, bowhunter numbers are rising. Bowhunters may represent 12 – 18 % of the population of hunters at present.. We are growing in numbers, we are important and our needs are distinct. Let’s work together to bring a better bowhunting experience to us all in BC. Province by province bowhunters in every other jurisdiction enjoy more bowhunting opportunity than here in BC.

  2. UBBC Overview • The Founding Members of the UBBC came • away from the meeting with the Minister • encouraged that if enough effort was applied, • the result could be, greater bowhunting • opportunity here in BC. Taking the lead from • the Minister to “Unite” bowhunters as a pre • -requisite to being heard, the group decided • on the following course of action. To: • Establish a core group of individuals to act as “founding” members until a constitution and an executive could be formed, • Secure a name for the organization, including a logo, • Pursue an information drive and membership drive that would not negatively impact existing organizations and their agendas, • Enlist the services of bowhunters that are willing to be involved, • Identify existing infrastructure where relationships with government wildlife biologists and additional hunting stakeholder groups are well in place, • Identify lead individuals in regional geographic settings to continue ongoing regional objectives, and, • Set up a communication link to ensure that a bowhunter living elsewhere in the province is aware of objectives in any given area, and provide the bowhunter with an opportunity to have input. • Principle: With present regulation restrictions, bowhunters must willing to travel for their bowhunting experience and as such, Any actions or decision toward a bowhunting opportunity on a regional basis, has an impact on every BC bowhunter. Organizational and Structural Activity to Date The founding members of the UBBC have put together a consititution document and have provided bowhunters from around the province an opportunity to comment. The constitution has been submitted for registration. The chosen name is the United Bowhunters of BC (UBBC) and the logo is seen attached to this issue. Interested bowhunters are talking up the concept of the new organization, an information sheet has been created and is being circulated among the bowhunting community. (available by request at UBBC@telus.net) Key individuals are being identified in regional locations. If you are interested in participating please contact the UBBC at UBBC@telus.net Communication is critical to the success of the UBBC and a communication stra- tegy is under development. Get involved with the UBBC and secure hunting and bowhunting opportunity, not just for yourself, but for all hunters.

  3. UBBC Constitution Details • The Founding members of the UBBC have applied for Society status for the organization with its constitution. • Details: • The UBBC is not an umbrella organization. • There is no organization affiliation defined in the constitution. • A member must hold a valid hunting licence in BC, • Be of voting age • Be a hunter in good standing with the law. • The UBBC endorses all archery tackle as defined in the BC Hunting Regulation Synopsis. UBBC Founding Members Working for a BetterBowhunting Future Membership sign up is continuing with the UBBC. Founding members are interesting in talking to all bowhunters and bowhunting organizations to clarify the role of the UBBC and ease concerns that one more organization in BC will do more harm than good. The intention of the UBBC is to work harmoniously with all organizations to act as a vehicle to share information and provide input as a unique consolidated bowhunting voice in BC. The objective is simple, more bowhunting in BC. Founding members include Kirk Joyal, Courtney Ted Kennedy, Surrey Bruce Olson, Trail Ernie Marven, Keremeos Monty Evin, Cranbrook. Travis Cochran sits on the East Kootenay Hunting Opportunities Committee as a UBBC representative. UBBC has a positive impact on Elk Management Plan in East Kootenay Members of the UBBC in East Kootenay met with Government officials and consultants Ecologic Research to discuss the new fiver year Elk Management Plan for the East Kootenay. Among many of the topics, the issue of resident homestead elk on private ranch land was discussed. With safety an issue, bowhunting may be a solution. If you are interested in becoming involved, if you care about bowhunting opportunity in BC, the answer is, the UBBC.

  4. UBBC Working with Provincial Bowhunting Organizations A number of provincial, regional and local organizations have thrown their support behind the UBBC. Among those organizations are the: Traditional Bowhunters of BC (TBBC) British Columbia Archery Association (BCAA) ► British Columbia Bowhunting Records (BCBR) Other organizations expressing support are: Golden Bad Shot Archers Cranbrook Archery Club Port Alberni Bowmen Courtney Fish & Game Keremeos Sportsman The Face of Bowhunting in BC Many bowhunters have tried repeatedly to change the current attitudes and values towards bowhunting by other hunters and government personnel. Progress has been slow and is often met with resistance. Bowhunters in BC are increasing in number and would like to have the same opportunities and privileges that bowhunters in most other jurisdictions already enjoy. These include: 1) A better understanding and acceptance by government personnel of the limitations of harvesting big game with a bow. 2) In light of point number 1, a system for tracking bowhunter activity in the province. This system would include participation and harvest success data. It is important bowhunters work together and represent themselves with credibility, respect and confidence. Issue The UBBC is proposing the mandatory use of a Bowhunter License in BC. Much like “checking” off the archery box on your licence. This will allow to accurate determine the true number of bowhunters in BC. What do you think? We want your input.

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