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The VAN. Tools and Data Entry. Objectives for the Day. Utilize the Create a List Tool Setup and use a Virtual Phone Bank Cut turf for a block walk Basic Data Entry Scheduling Events in the VAN Adding Event Participants. Please hold questions until designated times.

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the van


Tools and Data Entry

objectives for the day
Objectives for the Day
  • Utilize the Create a List Tool
  • Setup and use a Virtual Phone Bank
  • Cut turf for a block walk
  • Basic Data Entry
  • Scheduling Events in the VAN
  • Adding Event Participants
what is the van and how do i get it
What is the VAN and how do I get it?
  • The state gives VAN to county chairs to help implement data driven voter contact operations in their counties.
  • County Chairs can create VAN accounts for staff, interns, and trusted activists who need it for creating call/walk lists or entering data from events
  • Candidates purchase the VAN from the state party. County Chairs cannot give VAN access to the candidates for use on individual campaigns
how can we use the van
How can we use the VAN?
  • create call lists for phonebanks
  • cut turf for blockwalks
  • Scheduling events
  • Target key voters
why use the van
Why use the VAN

The VAN is a centralized database specifically designed for capturing data and using that data in the most effective way possible.

Effective campaigns are people focused and data driven. Maintaining an accurate database is key to successful campaigns.

survey questions
Survey Questions

Survey Questions help us target voters. Survey Questions are built into the script and drive the conversation forward

cut turf
Cut Turf

When cutting turf for a blockwalk, use the script and target designated for blockwalks

what is the virtual phone bank
What is the Virtual Phone Bank?

The VPB is a way for folks to access a list of up to 20,000 folks to call. We can use the VPB to identify supporters, invite people to events, or any other activity for which a script can be used.

step 1
Step 1

Once you have a list, you can hit the calls button (shaped as a phone) to start setting up your VPB.

step 2 rename
Step 2: Rename
  • Rename your phone bank. Check any boxes you will want to see during the conversation.
  • Selecting Editable Display means you can update that information during the conversation with the voter.
  • Include all in household to have the names of all the voters in the house.
  • Click Next to continue
step 3 accessing vpb
Step 3: Accessing VPB
  • Add anyone to the ‘users with access’ column that will be helping you make calls.
  • write down VPB code up at the top
  • Save Results
how to access a vpb
How to access a VPB

You can either give folks the VPB code to enter into the VPB Code spot or give the name of the VPB to those with VPB access and they can access the VPB from the main menu

After clicking on the VPB icon, you will see a list. Either select your VPB, or type in a VPB code. Click the Next button.
make the calls
Make the Calls

The VPB provides a script and a voter for you. As you make your way through the script, be sure that you record the answers to your survey questions.

Once you have completed the call, check the answers for accuracy and hit the Save/Next button.

The VPB will end at the end of your list.

tips and tricks
Tips and Tricks
  • You cannot go back, so be sure to check your answers before you save
  • When you take a break, be sure to save you work. Be sure to hit save/next when you come back from break to make sure you are not logged out while you’re on a call.
data entry
Data Entry

Accurate data is important for our campaigns.

It is very important to enter data the day the conversations happened.

ways to enter data
Ways to enter data
  • Quick Look Up
  • Grid View
  • Quick Mark
quick look up
Quick Look Up

Quick look up is the easiest way to find someone in the database.

This tool will provide folks that meet ALL criteria, so if you add a name and a phone number, only the person who meets both criteria will populate

when to use quick look up
When to use Quick Look Up

You can use quick look up to tag someone quickly with an activist code. If you want to add or change information about a volunteer who attended an event, you will use Quick Look Up.

You can add survey questions under individuals as well by hitting the surveys tab and then ‘add new survey question’ and then input the appropriate data.

how to use quick look up
How to use Quick Look Up

Enter as much or as little information as you have into the fields.

If you enter too little information, you will receive a very large return of folks. Click on Search

Generally I search by last name, first name and address.

select the correct voter
Select the correct voter

From the list provided, select the appropriate voter by clicking on their name

add survey response
Add Survey Response

Find the Survey Response header in the VAN profile

fill in the appropriate data and save
Fill in the Appropriate Data and Save

Be sure to include how the voter was contacted and by whom, the question that was asked and their response to that question.

quick mark
Quick Mark
  • You can enter responses for multiple people with this tool.
  • This tool is best for sign up sheets gathered from folks without pulling a list
select type of data to enter
Select Type of Data to Enter

Select which type of data you would like to enter. You will be applying the same data to multiple people.

Let’s add a ‘not home’ canvass result code

Click next

choose result code
Choose result code

Specify how the voter was contacted, when they were contacted, by whom they were contacted, and what the result of the canvass was.

In our case, the voter was not home.

Click Finish.

tips and tricks1
Tips and Tricks
  • Only entering data you know for a fact is correct saves time
  • For common names, enter an address, or city to help narrow results
  • If the ‘Use SmartName Technology’ box is checked, then similar names will be returned

‘Smith, Mary’ will return ‘Smith, Maria’ etc.

grid view
Grid View

Grid View enables you to enter in lots of data at once. It provides you with a table like interface in which you can easily enter data.

Grid View is used when you’re entering data from a list created in VAN

enter your list number
Enter your list number

The list number is written at the bottom of your printed page, next to the page number

choose your script and reporting format
Choose your Script and Reporting Format

Choosing the right script ensures that the same survey questions asked are the same survey questions in the table.

Choosing the right reporting format will enable you to enter your data according to what was being collected.

Click Next.

enter your data into the table
Enter your data into the table

Search for voters using their VAN ID, to the left of the name. Make sure to save often.

this floppy disc is the save icon. click on this icon to save the work you have been doing.

tips and tricks2
Tips and Tricks

You can enter all contacts, and use the “mark remaining not home” button to mark the remaining folks on the page ‘not home’ since that is a common response.

Use Save/Next to move pages as you enter data, use Save if you are stopping in the middle of a page.

always save your data

Be sure to save your data. In the top right corner, you will see a floppy disc. Make sure you click that icon in order to save the data you’ve entered.

If it didn’t SAVE, it didn’t happen.

my campaign
  • My Campaign is a separate database that enables users to store and track volunteers.
  • Tools available in my campaign
    • Events Scheduler
    • Volunteer Profiler
    • Organizations Tool
    • Staging Locations
  • My Campaign is a good tool for folks building for an event.
calendar of events
Calendar of Events

The Calendar of events allows you to schedule folks for shifts for events.

It allows you to see what other events are happening in the county and who will be attending what events.

The Calendar exists in my campaign

schedule an event
Schedule an Event

Click on a day on the calendar.

Then click on the “add new event” icon in the top right corner.

add event type
Add event type

Here you can specify what kind of event you are creating for the Committee, be it a door knocking event or a phone calling event.

Click Continue

enter in your event details
Enter in your event details

Name your event, give it a short name, define the times, how many shifts will be going out, whether the event is repeating, where it will be, what kind of volunteers you need, and keep editing privileges open so anyone can add folks to any events that happen to be nearby the voter.

scheduling shifts in the van
Scheduling shifts in the VAN

Choose what role you need to schedule, who did the recruiting, when the recruiting happened, and how that recruiting happened.

Click Finish

finding your volunteers
Finding your Volunteers

Search for your volunteers as you would in Quick Lookup.

scheduling your volunteer
Scheduling your Volunteer

Click on the box for the shift option, then press Save/Next

When scheduled, you will see a grayed out box next to the name of the volunteer. Continue until you have scheduled everyone.
tips and tricks3
Tips and Tricks
  • If you can’t find folks in my campaign, search in the voter file. This is called “Pulling/copying into mycampaign”
  • My Campaign is a completely different database than My Voters, so the voter history will not be available in this database.
  • You can switch databases by selecting the tabs at the top right of your screen
viewing participants
Viewing Participants

When you get to your event, click on it.

You will see an icon of three blue people. Click on that, and you will get to your Participant list.

This is where you will go if you need to change a person’s attendance “status”.

marking shifts after the event
Marking shifts after the event

Here you will find all of your participants. From the drop down menu, you can determine whether the shift was completed by the volunteer, whether they called and cancelled, or whether they just didn’t get to the event. Be sure to save and close when you are finished.

this concludes the tdp van presentation please email cervella@txdemocrats org with questons
This concludes the TDP VAN presentation. Please email cervella@txdemocrats.orgwith questons.