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The elephant who turned into an elephant shrew PowerPoint Presentation
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The elephant who turned into an elephant shrew

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The elephant who turned into an elephant shrew
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The elephant who turned into an elephant shrew

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  1. The elephant who turned into an elephant shrew

  2. PAGE 1 One day three elephants amamma a papa and a kid named Elie were at a pond. They were drinking out of their pond. All of a sudden messenger elephant came barging through the pond holding a letter for them.

  3. PAGE 2 Then they opened the letter. The letter read,” Dear Elie and parents, I do not know how to say this but I am afraid your home is going to become a visitor sight.

  4. PAGE 3 They read on, I over heard some people talking. They said that where you live would bring a lot of tourists and that the could build a national park!! You need to trust me. With good luck, your friend.

  5. PAGE 4 Then Elie went off to try to fix the problem before her home got destroyed!! So she started her journey. A week later she was starting to get tired. I’m starting to run out of food! And, thought Elie, how

  6. PAGE 5 could I get back home .I am lost!! Then Elie saw a house and she decided to stay the night. When she walked in she saw blue prints all along the wall. And it was of her home!! “I believe I found the one who is going to destroy my home! Just as Elie was

  7. Page 6 about to run someone caught her from behind. Elie ran harder and harder. Finally, the lady said, “Please don’t run!” Then Elie started to slow down, and turned around. And she saw one…UGLY witch! She almost tried to run when the

  8. PAGE 7 When the witch said “I knew I would scare you off! “Then the witch started to weep. Elie slowly turned around. On second thoughts added Elie, I will stay .REALLY? Said the witch.

  9. PAGE 8 Please come in said the witch. So Elie did. Then the witch invited her to dinner. They had spaghetti and apples. Finally when Elie took a bite of the apple she started to shrink.

  10. PAGE 9 She was an elephant shrew!! She ran and all of a sudden another elephant shrew ran into her. Hi my name is Olie, I am the one who wrote the letter. I can help. So here’s the plan…

  11. Page 10 …So they went into the witches house. First, they took down all the blue prints of the wall and out of the drawers. Then they hid in her house and waited until she went to sleep (They even waited 45 minutes to make sure.)

  12. PAGE 11 Then they slowly and quietly crept from under the drawer. Then they searched for something that could turn them back. Then the herd a creek. It wasn’t them! They tried to hide but it was to late. She already came out of her room so they froze.

  13. PAGE 12 They were worried but as Elie looked closer she noticed the witch didn’t have her eyes open. So she looked closer and now she realized that she was just sleep walking . So she mouthed it to her friend Olie. So they waited until she walked back into her room.

  14. PAGE 13 By the time the witch went back to bed it was early in the morning and the witch would wake up any moment. So they had to hurry. They have been looking for almost 30 minutes now and finally found two potion bottles.

  15. PAGE 14 How will we know which bottle it is asked Elie? They both look the same. Wait what color was your apple, asked Olie. What do you mean? Just answer me ,repeated Olie. At first Elie was about to say red but the more she thought it wasn’t .

  16. PAGE 15 It was more of a purple color Eliethought. Then she said it was kind of purple. Yes!! That means that she must of used the purple potion so it must be the yellow/ green one!! So they drank it.

  17. PAGE 16 So the elephants went back home. And for Olie he ran as fast as he could when he saw his family because he’s been gone for three years.

  18. THE END (happily ever after)