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Shooting an Elephant

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Shooting an Elephant. By: Jaylen Jenkins 11-1-13 1 st Period. George Orwell. George Orwell born June 25, 1903 and died January 21, 1950. His real name Eric Author Blair. . Theme. Don’t let peer pressure control you’re decisions. Plot.

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shooting an elephant

Shooting an Elephant

By: Jaylen Jenkins


1st Period

george orwell
George Orwell

George Orwell born June 25, 1903 and died January 21, 1950. His real name Eric Author Blair.

  • Don’t let peer pressure control you’re decisions

George Orwell, a police officer in Burma is harassed by fellow officers because he from a different country. While Burma an elephant in musk goes on a rampage and kills a man. George has to find and kill the elephant but when he finds him he notices the elephant is no longer violent so he hesitates on shooting him. The people of Burma are all looking for George to shoot the elephant because of what he did so George is peer pressured into shooting the elephant.

characters speakers
  • George Orwell- Main Character who is pressured into killing an elephant. (Speaker)
  • The Crowd- Pressures George into shooting an elephant
  • The Elephant- Kills a man and ends up being killed
  • The conflict is an elephant on a rampage and whether killing him is right or wrong
  • George kills the elephant and tries to out him out of his misery with multiple shots
memorable line
Memorable Line
  • “When a white man turns tyrant, it is his own freedom that destroys”
three questions
Three Questions
  • Why did he stay in Burma if he was harassed so much?
  • Why didn’t the elephant die after the first few shots?
  • Why did the escape?
  • The elephant didn’t die after the first seven shots which was very interesting to me.