good afternoon n.
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Good Afternoon!!!

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Good Afternoon!!!. NVC Wrap up Textile Factory Inquiry New Inventions Change Society Essential Question : Were textile factories bad for the health of child workers? Homework : Textile Factory Prompt due Monday. Historical Inquiry.

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Good Afternoon!!!

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good afternoon
Good Afternoon!!!
  • NVC
  • Wrap up Textile Factory Inquiry
  • New Inventions Change Society

Essential Question: Were textile factories bad for the health of child workers?

Homework: Textile Factory Prompt due Monday

historical inquiry
Historical Inquiry

Were textile factories bad for the health of child workers?

persuasive prompt textile factories
Persuasive Prompt: Textile Factories
  • YOU are a member of the House of Lords Committee investigating child labor. Based on these documents, do you think working in textile factories was harmful for child workers?
    • Use TWO pieces of historical evidence.
    • Please be sure to explain WHY you found this evidence convincing
working conditions overview
Working Conditions Overview
  • Factory workers are mostly small farmers that lost jobs, but also many children
  • Terrible Conditions
    • Long hours (14 hr days)
    • Low pay ($1 per day)
    • Frequent injuries
    • Break-up of traditional farm family
  • Why?
    • Labor easy to find
    • Owners want most profit
women in factories
Women in Factories
  • Opportunity for women
    • Higher wages and increased independence
    • “I think that the factory is the best place for me and if any girl wants employment, I advise them to come to Lowell”—Mary Paul, 1846
the triangle factory fire
The Triangle Factory Fire
  • “I was walking through Washington Square when a puff of smoke coming from the factory building caught my eye. I reached the building before the alarm was turned on. I saw every feature of the tragedy visible from outside the building. I learned a new sound--a more horrible sound than description can picture. It was the thud of a speeding, living body on a stone sidewalk. Thud-dead, thud-dead, thud-dead, thud-dead. Sixty-two thud-deads. I call them that, because the sound and the thought of death came to me each time, at the same instant. There was plenty of chance to watch them as they came down. The first ten thud-deads shocked me. I looked up and saw that there were scores of girls at the windows. The flames from the floor below were beating in their faces. Somehow I knew that they, too, must come down. I watched one girl fall. Waving her arms, trying to keep her body upright until the very instant she struck the sidewalk, she was trying to balance herself. Then came the thud--then a silent, unmoving pile of clothing and twisted, broken limbs.”— eye-witness William Shepherd, Milwaukee Wisconsin, March 25th 1898
new inventions of the industrial age
New Inventions of the Industrial Age
  • New inventions transform society
    • Entrepreneur: person that manages and takes on risks of starting a new business
    • “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – DonaldTrumpon Entrepreneurship
advertisement choose an invention
Advertisement: Choose an Invention!
  • Power Loom
  • Telegraph
  • Steam Engine
  • Steam Ship
  • Cotton Gin
  • Light bulb
  • Locomotive
  • You must explain what your invention is and what it does.
  • You must explain how your invention works.
  • You must explain how your invention will make life better for the person who buys it.
  • You must list AT LEAST 3 different reasons your invention is good.
  • You must include a picture or mention who invented your product.
  • You must mention some of the problems or some of the dangers of your product
the power loom
The Power Loom(!)
  • Automatically weaves huge amounts of cloth
    • Even faster than the Spinning Mule
    • Even more dangerous
the cotton gin
The Cotton Gin(!!)
  • Invented by Eli Whitney
  • Automatically cleans seeds from cotton
    • Faster than 50 men working by hand
    • Caused cotton to become main material used for textiles (cloth)
    • Increased slavery in U.S. because cotton so profitable
the telegraph
The Telegraph(!!!)
  • Allowed people to communicate quickly and easily over long distances
    • Messages went from taking months to minutes!
  • Used to communicate warnings, news, and business deals
the light bulb
The Light Bulb(!!!!)
  • Invented by Thomas Edison
  • Used electricity to create safe bright light
  • Used in factories so work can be done 24 hours a day
  • Used in streetlights to make streets safer
the steam engine
The Steam Engine(!!!!!)
  • Invented by James Watts
  • Used coal to create steam that powers machines
  • Factories can now move away from rivers (used to use water power)
  • Used to run locomotives, steamships, factory machines, etc
the locomotive aka train
The Locomotive ( aka Train!!!!!!)
  • Used steam power to transport goods, food, and people
    • Go long distances very fast and very cheap!
    • People can take vacations, eat fresh food, etc
    • Easy to travel across country = connects people together
the steamship
The Steamship(!!!!!!!)
  • Uses steam power to move a boat without wind
    • Can move faster, farther, and safer across oceans
    • Increases trade and travel!