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  1. Buddhism By:Barbara, Marina,Victoria A

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  4. Videos Om mani padme hum http://youtu.be/bbgHZWwyhcQ http://www.chinesenewyears.info/chinese-new-year-calendar.php information video

  5. What they do in meditation ? In meditation, the buddhists try to reach nirvara . Nirvara is breacking out of the cycle of birth, life , death , and rebirth. They also believe that if someone gains Elightment when they die, they will be reborn . Meditation means training the mind to empty it of all thoughts . It also means to concentrate and relax .

  6. History of meditation Meditation is a sport of concentration. Masters of yoga can stay hours just setting there. There are many symbols of meditation, there are also hand mocions. The way that most people set in meditation is with your legs crossed and your hands on your knes.One of the way that you make the hands is to cross your middle finger with your thoumb. The one that envented meditation is the buddha. He could go to the depest corners of his mind!

  7. Chinese new year http://www.chinesenewyears.info/chinese-new-year-calendar.php If you were born in 2004 you were born in the monkey year!!!!!!!

  8. Monotheistic or Polytheistic Buddhism is a religion that doesent have any god but they believe in the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama ( Buddha ).

  9. How to meditate Get a pillow or soft cushion to sit on. Find a reasonably quiet room or outdoor space. Sit down on the mat or cushion Let your hands rest one in the other on your lap, palms facing upwards, or place your hands palm up on your knees with your thumb touching your second finger Close your eyes and start to count your breaths When thoughts come into your mind, try not to follow them. For a beginner, try to meditate for just a few minutes -- 10 minutes or so is a good start http://www.wikihow.com/Practice-Buddhist-Meditation

  10. Fun facts Followers : 360 million Locations : sri lanka , thailand , myamar , combodia , vietnam , bhutan , tibet , korea , mangolia , japan , china , taiwan , europe , and northamerica Major branches : thevarada , mahayana Founder : siddhartha gautama (buddha ) Scriptures : tripitaka , mahayana scriptures Places of workship : shrines , temples , and monasteries Religious leaders : monks and nuns , lamas Festivals : birth , death , and enlightenment of buddha

  11. The third eye The little dot in the midle of the indian eyes is called the 3 eye or eye of destiny.

  12. Victory benner The buddha parasol The conch shell 2. Daarmacakra 1 2 The endless not lotus The golden fish The trasure vace Buddhism symbols

  13. Different countries have different Buddhist celebrations. For example in Japan, Buddhists celebrate the flower festival, or Hana Matsuri, to honor Buddha's birthday. Temples are decorated with cherry blossoms and children pour scented tea over statues of the baby Buddha. In India, Buddhists celebrate the Festival of the Sacred Tooth in honor of Buddha's first teaching. One of Buddha's teeth is paraded around in the streets as an expression of this celebration. festivals

  14. Wesak This is the celebration of Buddha's birth. For Theravada Buddhists, it is also the celebration of Buddha's enlightenment and death. During this celebration, statues of Buddha are decorated. Offerings are taken to monasteries, and sometimes there are fireworks.

  15. Vassa This is a time to meditate and study. In Buddha's time, it was during the rainy season which meant it was hard to travel and teach so it was a good time for meditation and study. During Vassa, a meditation retreat, all Buddhists are supposed to set aside some time for study and meditation. At the end of Vassa, people bring new robes to monks.d.

  16. Travels of Buddha For 6 years Buddha traveled Indea. But the ansers he fond were not enough. One day wail setting under a fig tree and he fond his anser. This is the way to end suffering. That was the day he got his new name, the Buddha, which means The Awakened One.

  17. This are some hand symboles of buddhism you do these symboles by 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

  18. Daarmacakra is the symbole of buddhism many people draw it in different ways. It could be purple it could be any color but it needs to show the wheel. Daarmacakra Symbol of Buddhism

  19. Buddhists don’t believe in any type of gods.they believe in 4 noble truths: That suffering is universal    the cause of suffering is the desire to have and control things. Suffering ends when we rid ourselves that desire end that the path to nirvana or spiritual enlightehment, involves practiceing the proper thoughts,speech, and actions   . Buddhists believe in raincarrnation , and that life cycles over and over. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha Do you know siddhartha is the moises of the buddhists.

  20. Buddha and his family Buddhas family lived in India. When buddha was born his mom died, so his dad stayed with him. He was born at a tree. He liked to go to the beach and meditate. His name was SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA. Hebecame BUDDHA when he found the four nolbole truths. And got his new name!

  21. The religion of the buddhists don’t believe in any gods. When many folks think of Buddhists, images of orange togas and flowers come to mind. Buddhism is a modern religion with modern practitioners, and so more than often they are wearing Westernized modern dress. Why orange ?

  22. Dalai lama Dalai lama it alredy existed 14 dalai lamas. The current dalai lama was born in india in1935 . He proved he was dalai lama as a child by recognising objects that were from the previous dalai lama .

  23. Buddhism started in India. Siddhatra didnt really know that suffering existed then he went on a voyage through india and saw lots of diying . Maps

  24. After life Buddhists believe in reincarnation . They never dye and their life always continues

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