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Get Ready to Read

Get Ready to Read

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Get Ready to Read

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  1. Get Ready to Read • How have ancient cultures influenced modern ones? • Picture in your mind the columns of the Parthenon in Athens. Where else have you seen columns? • Some ancient Greek villas had a pavilion for large gatherings of people. Where might you see a pavilion today?

  2. Get Ready to Read • Amazing Words • Prestigious – Alexander the Great was a prestigious Greek leader. What words does the author use that let you know that Alexander was prestigious? • Who was a prestigious Greek physician? Who were prestigious Greek philosophers? • Olympians – contestants in the Olympic games • Olympians from the United States often win many medals. • Who are some famous Olympians?

  3. Get Ready to Read Expository Text What are some examples of graphic sources? Why do authors include graphic sources? What would be a good title for this chart? How is the information in this chart organized? Why might an author include a chart like this?

  4. Read and Comprehend Look at Relighting the Flame on pages 380-383 Why does the author include the image of the Olympic rings and caption at the bottom of page 381? Preview the section heading on page 382. Make a prediction about what you will be reading. Read the selection. What do you learn about ancient Olympians from the photograph of the artifact on page 380 that you don’t learn from the text?

  5. Read and Comprehend • Why does the author include the chart on page 383 as a graphic source? • What can you infer about personality traits of SpyridonLouis, the winner of the 1896 marathon, based on this article? • What is historically important about the 1900 Olympic games in Paris, France?

  6. Read and Comprehend Fluency Practice

  7. Read and Comprehend Vocabulary Unfamiliar Words Frescoes Logic Oath Find these words in the selection, then use context clues to figure out their meanings.

  8. Language Arts Conjunctions Do the practice worksheet

  9. Language Arts Let’s play Sparkle!

  10. Language Arts • Revising and Editing • Make sure you have included the important ideas • Be sure that you haven’t included unnecessary information • Make sure you have paraphrased, or written in your own words