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Get Ready to Read PowerPoint Presentation
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Get Ready to Read

Get Ready to Read

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Get Ready to Read

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  1. Get Ready to Read 10 minutes (2 of 3)

  2. Get Ready to Read • Week 1Day 1 • How can we help protect those we love? • What does it mean to protect someone or something? • When have you protected a person or an animal?  How did it make you feel? 10 minutes (1 of 3)

  3. Get Ready to Read How is the woman protecting the little girl? What is the guide dog’s role in this photo? What are the people in the large photo doing? How can we help protect those we love? 10 minutes (3 of 3)

  4. Getting Ready to Read AmazingWords Rescue: In “Munchkin”, we learn that rescue is something that even the peskiest dogs do. Does the author include an context clues that help you determine the meaning of this word? What did Munchkin do to rescue the narrator? How did the narrator respond to Munchkin’s rescue? Saved: rescued or protected from harm or danger The girl saved her cat when she distracted the growling dog. What are some ways someone’s actions have saved someone or something? Hero: a person admired for bravery, great deeds or noble qualities The firefighter was called a hero for carrying people out of the burning building. What situation can produce a hero? 10 minutes

  5. Getting Ready to Read 10 minutes

  6. Read and Comprehend Setting Time and Place in which a story occurs How can the setting influence a character’s behavior and determine what kinds of events happen? 5 minutes

  7. Read and Comprehend Plot Pattern of events in a story Conflict, rising action, climax, resolution 5 minutes

  8. Read and Comprehend 10 minutes

  9. Read and Comprehend Spotted, dotted, freckled Sliced, sliver, bit Frolicking, running, cavorting Walking, inching, leaping Hurled, flung tossed Calm, loud, polite speckled nub romping lunging slung rowdy 10 minutes

  10. Read and Comprehend Analogies What is the relationship between the words below? Rescued is to saved as spotted is to speckled Heroic is to timid as quiet is to rowdy Bowling ball is to rolled as softball is to slung

  11. Language Arts How can we help protect those we love? How do animals help people? How do animals that protect people behave? What kinds of training do they receive? What can animals do to protect people from danger? 10 minutes

  12. Language Arts Spelling Pre-test answered magnifying answering patrolled traveled patrolling traveling skied chopped skiing chopping qualified qualifying panicked panicking interfered interfering omitted omitting magnified mimicked mimicking dignified dignifying staggered staggering 20 minutes

  13. Language Arts Grammar Transparency 1 15 minutes

  14. Language Arts Personal Narrative In Old Yeller, Travis tells a story about his younger brother, Arliss. Think about something important, funny or exciting that happened to you when you were younger. Now write a personal narrative about that experience. Personal Narrative launch Key Features Focuses on a real event from the writer’s life Written in the first person, or the writer’s point of view Uses sensory details, showing, rather than telling about the writer’s experience 15 minutes

  15. Language Arts