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CSB / SJU Job Search Series PowerPoint Presentation
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CSB / SJU Job Search Series

CSB / SJU Job Search Series

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CSB / SJU Job Search Series

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  1. CSB / SJU Job Search Series LinkedIn & Twitter For Job Search Judy Zimmer ‘84 & Mark Richards ‘85 February 2, 2010 Thanks to our friends at Allianz

  2. Welcome Eric Thomes ’94, Allianz Senior VP Judy Zimmer ’84, certified effectiveness coach and CSB/SJU committee member Mark Richards ‘85, CFO Maximum Communications, Creator –

  3. Prayer for Job Seekers God, our creator, we turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as we look for suitable employment. We need your wisdom to guide our footsteps along the right path, and to lead us to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. We wish to use the gifts and talents you have given us, but we need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon us in this search, but rather please grant us this favor we seek so that we may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance. Grant this through Christ, our Lord.  Amen

  4. CSB/SJU Job Search Series Eric J. Thomes Senior Vice President of Sales SJU Class of 1994

  5. Allianz SEA world class company Largest P/C insurer worldwide Top 8 Reinsurer Largest single fund Largest provider of Assistance Service No. 7 Life business worldwide Worldwide leader in Credit Insurance No. 27 worldwide in terms of profit1 Best Global Primary Insurance Company 1) Forbes Global April 2008 (for 2007)

  6. Our American family of companies ... • Allianz Global Investorsnetwork of companies provides access to the expertise of it’s affiliated investment firms, including: • PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company LLC),One of the world’s leading fixed-income managers • Nicholas Applegate Capital Management LLC,a leader in the world of asset management in institutional, managed accounts, and sub-advisory markets • Oppenheimer Capital LLC,proven investment performance driven by proprietary research insights • Fireman’s Fund, which has been selling commercial, personal, and specialty insurance in the United States for more than 140 years

  7. Overview of Allianz Life 7

  8. Who is Allianz Life? Who are we? Company Profile Business Portfolio by Product • Manufacturer and distributor of retirement products: Annuities & Life Insurance • Significant VA issuer with $2.0B in sales and #13 position in a $92B market YTD Sep 091 • Major player in Fixed Indexed Annuities with $4.0B in sales and #2 position in a $23B market YTD Sep 092 ;#1 position in Q3 2009 • Key statistics as of YTD Sep ‘09 • GPW $6.8B • Total Assets at year end $87B • Total employees 2,019 Long History • Founded in 1896 in Minneapolis, MN as North American Life and Casualty • Acquired by Allianz AG in 1979 and renamed Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America in 1993 • In 1999, Allianz Life merged with Life USA to form the current company Based on IFRS reserves as of September 30, 2009 8 1- Source: VARDS 2Q09 report; 2- Source: Advantage 3Q09 report

  9. Thank you for joining us today at Allianz! 9

  10. Get LinkedIn

  11. What is LinkedIn? • Over 55 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. • The “LinkedIn Professional:” 41 years old; $109,703 household income; 64% male; 80% college grad / post grad.

  12. Why Use LinkedIn? • Reconnect with past and present colleagues, classmates and other contacts. • Connect with Bennies and Johnnies • Network to help generate business leads, prepare for business meetings and help others generate business. • Use LinkedIn to drive connections to Twitter and use Twitter to drive traffic to LinkedIn.

  13. Benefits of LinkedIn • Generate business by leveraging your contacts and the contacts of others. • Interactive approach to researching people and companies. • Get introduced to other professionals through the people you know. • Manage your personal and company brand. You can use the Questions/Answers section for this.

  14. Creating Your Profile • Create a user-friendly, content-rich profile. • Add Twitter address. • Give your profile personality while maintaining a high level of professionalism. • Add a professional picture.

  15. Creating Your Profile • Update the status bar often to stay in front of contacts. • Make it interesting so that people want to know more. • Personalize your LinkedIn URL. • Use it in your email signature and on business cards.

  16. Creating Your Profile Ensure Your Profile Is Complete: • Add substance to your Summary. Think of this as your “elevator pitch.” • Make sure that your Specialties are specific so that you are easily found in a “people search.” • Make sure that your Experience section is content-rich.

  17. Creating Your Profile • Add recommendations from peers, managers, a direct report, business partners / vendors, etc. • Reach out to your closest contacts for praise on your work, product, service, etc. • Add Board or Advisory positions, philanthropic involvement, professional memberships, etc. • Join Groups that match your professional goals or interests, alumni affiliations, etc. • Join the CSB/SJU Alum Group • Include all education and certifications.

  18. Building Contacts • Invite and accept contacts that you would be comfortable referring to others. • For better results, personalize your contact invitations. • When you make a request, be clear about your intentions.

  19. Building Contacts • If you ask something of your contacts, make sure to return the favor. • Connect with all vendors, clients and prospective clients. • Set a goal for the number of contacts you like to add in your 1st week. • 10 connects, 20, 100? • Stay with it. It will take about 25 connects to get the hang of it.

  20. Using LinkedIn • Look at other profiles to see what you like / don’t like and adjust accordingly. • You’ll become more familiar with the site by using it, trying out the tools, and reviewing profiles. • Click around and explore!

  21. Questions?

  22. Twitter for Job Search Mark Richards ‘85 CFO – Maximum Communications Creator – Blogger –

  23. Twitter - Microblogging • Dan Nash’s definition of Twitter • Social media (in particular Twitter) are massive networks of people • Interested in similar things • Helping each other • Sharing information • If you want to get anywhere in this world, you need to join that party

  24. Twitter – Your home page

  25. Interesting vs. Relevant Number of tweets and followers are interesting, what you inspire people to do on your behalf is relevant Ask yourself: “What actions do I want people to commit on my behalf?” Tell yourself: “What do I need to do to get people to take action for me?”

  26. Twitter for Job Seekers Rules of road & Expectations Promoting Yourself Connecting with people Good content for job search Getting started

  27. Rules of the Road • Good content rules the roost • Stay off the ‘high horse’ and be positive • Promote others along with yourself • Pick a lane: Business or Personal • Be yourself • Always watch who is following you

  28. Expectations for Twitter Unlikely people will read your tweets as you write them (more on this in a bit) You must follow to get followed (unless you are a celebrity) Don’t start unless you have time to maintain it

  29. Promoting Yourself • People review your past tweets • Focus on your area of expertise • Educating people/Sharing data • Highlight skills that come w/experience • Retweet to get Retweeted • Direct message new followers – ask if you can help

  30. Connecting with People • Start by following people • Use “Find People” in areas of interest • For people you follow – look at who they are following or their followers • Retweet someone’s content or reply to tweet to add to their conversation • Use direct message to move to off Twitter to connect more

  31. Good content for Job Search Use “Find People” - locate people in your profession, industry or target firm Use “#” in search feature - #jobseeker, #jobsearch, #job – Top 150 people follow on Twitter for job search

  32. Steps to Get Underway • Write 50 tweets before starting • Categorize by areas of your expertise • Make tweets < 80 characters for retweets • Follow at least 100 people • Great source of content/ideas/connections • Use TweetDeck or other tool – makes managing Twitter much easier