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Study and computing skills

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Study and computing skills - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Study and computing skills. Learning Outcome Three: Writing Skills Lesson Five. Recap from last session. Paraphrasing and writing a precis Paraphrasing is re-writing a paragraph into your own words. A precis is a summary of an article.

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study and computing skills

Study and computing skills

Learning Outcome Three:

Writing Skills

Lesson Five

recap from last session
Recap from last session
  • Paraphrasing and writing a precis
  • Paraphrasing is re-writing a paragraph into your own words.
  • A precis is a summary of an article.
  • In order to write a precis, or paraphrase an article, it needs to be fully understood.
essay writing
Essay writing
  • What is an essay?
what is an essay
What is an essay?
  • An essay:
    • Discusses
    • Argues
    • Proves
    • or relates to one main idea or topic.
  • Non fiction – not a piece of creative writing. The content must be factual.
  • Written in paragraph form.
  • Written in the 3rd person.
  • Uses sources/ references to back up argument and/or to persuade the reader.
what makes an essay good
What makes an essay good?
  • Logical and clearly structured.
  • Shows evidence of independent research.
  • Develops and sustains a position on a subject or issue.
  • Uses and integrates a wide range of detailed evidence.
  • Accurately references all sources of information (APA).
  • Well presented – academic format.
what makes an essay bad
What makes an essay bad?
  • Lack of understanding of the requirements of the topic and of the issues it raises
    • Often a result of copying chunks from the internet 
  • Lacks clear and logical structure of content.
  • Insufficient research.
  • An inability to use evidence appropriately.
  • An inability to communicate ideas in a clear and logical manner.
  • Untidy presentation.
steps to writing a good essay
Steps to writing a good essay
  • Establish your topic – make sure you understand what the essay topic is.
  • Plan where and how you will study.
  • Brainstorm your topic, use mind-maps and ask yourself questions to research.
  • Research and take notes. Keep reference information as you go.
      • Books
      • Journals
      • Newspapers
      • Internet.
steps to writing a good essay1
Steps to writing a good essay
  • Once you have collected your information, decide on the angle you will take.
  • Establish which information you will use, and put the rest to the side.
  • Start on your plan.
    • Decide on essay’s sub-topics and what you will say about them
    • Decide what order they will go in
    • Use that information to work out what the introduction needs to include.
    • The conclusion should reflect the introduction.
  • Write at least one draft essay first.
    • The order of the paragraphs can be moved around to ensure they are in logical sequence.
    • This may involve re-writing beginnings and ends of paragraphs so they make sense.
  • Get someone to read it over and ask for feedback –
    • They are more likely to see errors that you won’t
    • They can let you know if the order of paragraphs is easy to read and logical.
  • Check your work against the marking schedule – have you missed anything?
essay structure
Essay structure
  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion
  • Write your main body paragraphs first, then your introduction and conclusion.

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essay plan
Essay Plan
  • An essay plan is an outline of what your essay will look like.
  • It will state what will be covered in each paragraph, with the reference of where the information for that paragraph will come from.
  • It will state what will be mentioned in the introduction and also the conclusion.
  • It is brief.
  • Start writing an essay plan for your chosen essay topic.
    • Introduction
    • Main Body
      • Paragraph one
      • Paragraph two
      • Paragraph three
    • Conclusion
    • References
  • You need to say what you are going to discuss at each section.
  • An essay is a piece of writing made up of several paragraphs that discusses a specific topic.
  • To be good they must be planned out well, and have quality research.
  • All research must be correctly referenced.
  • They must be well presented, and written in a logical sequence.
  • They must have an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion.
next session
Next session
  • Will be going in-depth into:
    • Introduction
    • Main body
    • Conclusion.
  • Bring today’s essay plan plus all of your research notes to the next session.