presentation to tav istanbul 17 th march 2008 n.
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Presentation to TAV Istanbul – 17 th March 2008

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Presentation to TAV Istanbul – 17 th March 2008. Rajan Sara. Steve Mullins . John Borkowski. Leon Chasteauneuf . Leon Chasteauneuf (contd.). Mustaq Kasmani . Paul Morgan. Paul Pereira. GATS - Who we are. A Macquarie Capital sponsored company

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presentation to tav istanbul 17 th march 2008
Presentation to TAV

Istanbul – 17th March 2008

gats who we are
GATS - Who we are
  • A Macquarie Capital sponsored company
  • An international Leadership Team of Industry Experts with over 250 years of collective global experience
  • And having worked for companies across market sectors including Johnson Controls, Natwest, PWC, Rockwell, Securitas, Deloitte…..
gats what we do customer partnership 3d strategy
GATS – What we doCustomer Partnership - “3D Strategy”



Business Impact

Core & Non-Core

  • Profitability
  • Performance
  • Positioning










GATS in-house specialists

Best in Class service partners

Execute the solution

Achieve Operational Excellence

Design flexible solutions

Strategic Brainstorming

Establish Needs with customer

Gain Share

of Value Delivered

GATS Value Proposition: We are Service Integration Specialists

who will Operationally Execute

gats integrated service offerings
GATS - Integrated Service Offerings

Asset Transformation Services


Financial Sponsors’ Services


Service Integration Management

Business Performance Improvement

Asset Specific Services e.g. Aviation

Supply Chain Management

Corporate Real Estate Solutions

Infrastructure Asset Management

Structured Finance

Investment Trusts


  • Profitability
  • Performance
  • Positioning


GATS Value Proposition:

We are Service Integration Specialists who will

Operationally Execute



gats how we resource it
GATS – How we resource it

We are Service Integration Specialists, with a Team of Experts Around Us,

who Will Operationally Execute.

GATS capability includes:

  • Practitioners in the field of Infrastructure Management, Change Management, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma Analysis, and EH&S
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Utilities, Life Sciences, Automotive and other Public and Industrial Sectors.
  • An international network of skilled professionals that can be deployed rapidly in support of GATS initiatives globally
  • Global Subcontract Partners in key fields of expertise with whom we have worked together on previous Projects, to execute on customer assignments.
gats what we deliver
GATS - What we deliver

We provide our customers with:

The capability to impact core business performance through effective service integration management of non-core operations

A one stop shop for infrastructure, real estate and financing requirements across all geo-markets and industry sectors, through service partnerships

A single entity to finance assets & take PPP/PFI positions globally, through our financial partners.

gats our services

Impact on Customers

Business Performance

Attractiveness to Customers

Complexity of Operation

GATS – Our services

Asset Specific Services e.g. Aviation ,Industrial & Healthcare

Business Performance Improvement

Operational Due Diligence

CRE – Transaction Management

CRE – Portfolio Management

Service Integration Mgt. & Cons,

Design & Construction

Supply Chain Management

Technical & Soft Services

Logistics Management

Service Partners

GATS Operations

GATS Consultancy

CRE - Corporate Real Estate

gats value we deliver
GATS – Value we deliver
  • Multi service integration of non-core operations across TAV’s portfolio without disruption to the core business
  • Maximising supply chain opportunities to deliver incremental benefits
  • Managing the best service partners across geographies and market sectors
  • Single point of contact with your trusted business partner
  • Cost certainty (€) and operational improvement (€)
gats vision statement
GATS - Vision Statement

To be the trusted business partner for our customers

in securing competitive advantage through

resource optimisation and multi-service integration.

way forward emp gats a mutually beneficial partnership
Way Forward – EMP & GATSA Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Cost Reduction

  • Financial control to set bandwidths
  • Labour productivity improvements
  • Technology enablement
  • Business process optimisation
  • Re-specification of service levels / needs
  • Supply chain optimisation
    • Initiative for Purchasing and supply chain synergy - ‘TAV Group Purchasing’
    • ‘Local’ supply chain initiatives


  • Performance benchmarking studies
  • EH&S audits
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Not making similar mistakes of European operators
  • Aviation consultancy and support
gats mission statement
GATS – Mission Statement

Enabling organisations to accelerate achievement of their goals through asset transformation

and delivering a sustainable step change in performance

through service integration management

gats confidentiality chinese wall principles will apply
GATS Confidentiality – ‘Chinese Wall’ Principles Will Apply

GATS is a separate legal entity which is autonomous and independent of Macquarie:

  • Macquarie is represented on the Board as a shareholder – no asset manager for GATS
  • GATS positioned outside of Macquarie's core-organisational structure:
    • Not a subsidiary or division
    • Does not use Macquarie name or brand
    • No GATS resources and contracts are shared with Macquarie
    • GATS operations are physically independent with no shared back-office arrangements e.g. HR, offices, IT systems, etc.
  • GATS has own independent legal counsel – all corporate governance matters including confidentiality managed internally
  • GATS executives have extensive experience in operating ‘Chinese wall’ scenarios

e.g. CSC : EDS, IBM : Oracle, Shell : BP, Dell : Compaq, RBS : Barclays

  • GATS will execute confidentiality agreement as required by EMP
  • Macquarie directors on GATS Board will execute a confidentiality agreements to provide an additional tier of security in regard to specific EMP opportunities.
case study 1 global pharmaceutical leader
Case Study 1 - Global Pharmaceutical Leader

Total savings of approximately CHF 128.0 (€80.0) million over the 7 year period;

Committed Additional

case study 2 global it multinational
Case Study 2 – Global IT Multinational

Total additional capex savings of approximately US$ 430m (€305) million over 10 years

Cumulative savings

Reduction of housed head count space (HHC - m2) from 24.6 m2 in 1996 to 14.2 m2 in 2005

case study 2 global it multinational cont
Case Study 2 – Global IT Multinational (cont.)

Total capital cost savings of approximately US$ 430m (€305) million over 10 years

Cumulative savings

Reduction of housed head count space (HHC - m2) from 24.6 m2 in 1996 to 14.2 m2 in 2005

case study 3 global petrochemical customer
Case Study 3 - Global Petrochemical Customer

Total savings of approximately US$ 300m (€200) million over the 12 year period;



Centralised Financial Control

Exception Management (trending)

Work Planning

Self Perform

Multi-tasking of support staff

Skill review & training



Supply Chain


Preferred Supplier Partnerships (PSPs)

Aggregation / Strategic Resource Management

Scope Definition to need

Materials Mgt



Standard Procurement Processes

Work Management Process

Six Sigma Projects

Installation of Work Management System

Installation of Resource Booking System

Alarm Centre / Remote Operations Centre

Use of





Hard Savings - US$, millions

Customer Board - GATS members on Customer Board - Rajan Sara, Harald Wings, Paul Morgan

aviation project case study 1
Aviation Project Case Study - 1

Astana Airport

  • Initial verification exercise of airport capacity
  • Route analysis study
  • Interim management exercise – new president of airport
  • Setting up operations
  • Developing operational team
  • Introducing best practice
  • Developing new traffic opportunities working with airline community
  • Assessed and implemented new airport design to convert to hub terminal
aviation project case study 2
Aviation Project Case Study - 2

BAA Gatwick

  • Developed IT based stand management system to improve process and thus maximise use of apron and staff resources
  • System provided links to handling agents and air traffic services
  • Scope incorporated new staff rostering system with significant implications for staff productivity
aviation project case study 3
Aviation Project Case Study - 3

Ground Handling

  • Assessing opportunities for a Portuguese ground handler to provide new ground service operations at a number of UK airports
  • This exercise expanded on opportunities by new EU legislation covering number of ground handles with more than 3m passengers p.a.
  • Associated major review of EU and UK labour employment legislation
aviation project case study 4
Aviation Project Case Study - 4

MALEV – Hungarian Airlines

  • Review of current operations and assessment of opportunities to provide improved fleet utilisation and thus revenue
  • Outcome – routes rationalised and fleet disposals implemented
  • Change management initiatives launched regarding cabin crew teams and admin support
  • Work ongoing regarding strategic advice to shareholders
aviation project case study 5
Aviation Project Case Study - 5

Air BP

  • Assessed fuel demand for aircraft at a number of UK airports
  • Identified future forecasts which Air BP use to plan future capacity developments at those locations
aviation project case study 6
Aviation Project Case Study - 6

Air Astana (Assignment over 3 years)

  • Review network aiming to support plan for rational growth
  • Support for acquisition of additional aircraft capacity – B757 & F50
  • Assisted in negotiations with government regarding air service agreements
  • Developed long term strategic plan – now on website
  • Assessed hubbing operations at Astana, Almaty & Atyrau
  • Supported both shareholders separately –Govt and BAE Systems
  • Coached management and staff in workshops
way forward tav gats
Way Forward – TAV & GATS

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership .........

Understanding TAV’s top priorities?

way forward tav gats1
Way Forward – TAV & GATS

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Understanding TAV’s top priorities?

  • Three broad strands of focus:
    • Major focus on cost improvements
    • Support TAV to win new business overseas

Supply Chain & BPO



Facilities &


gats capability
GATS Capability
  • Practitioners
  • Operational Management
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Change management
  • Supply Chain
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • EH&S
  • FM Services
  • Utilities
  • Professional Services
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Recruitment
  • Property
  • Insurance
  • Service Execution
  • FM – Technical Service
  • FM – Soft Services
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • CRE services
  • Transactions
  • Portfolio advice
  • D&C
gats aviation capability professional partnering programme ppp
GATS Aviation Capability Professional Partnering Programme (PPP)

Specialists with high-level airport management expertise in:

  • General Management - MD
  • Operations Management - Senior Manager
  • Major Projects - Engineering Director
  • Policy and Planning - Senior Manager
  • Supply Chain - Supply Chain Director + 4 senior SCM managers
  • Baggage Handling Systems - Senior Manager
  • Passenger Handling - Senior Manager
  • Retail Management - Senior Manager
  • Security - Senior Manager
  • Passenger Terminal Building - Senior Manager
  • Management
  • Airport HR -Senior Manager
  • Air Traffic Control - Senior Manager
  • Airport IT - Senior Systems Development Manager
gats aviation capability
GATS Aviation Capability

New Acquisitions



Financial performance Operational performance

Market Assessment - Strategic fit



Due Diligence - Pre Acquisition


Action plans

Operational Management

Progress tracking

Performance management

Ongoing SME support

Recruitment and placement


Master & Business plans

Operational plans

Strategic FIT

Change Management

SLA /KPI’s Targeting

Performance Benchmarking

Change management

Alliance management

Airport retail

Air traffic control

Environment Health & Safety


Strategic development

Concession management

Airport operation

Planning / environmental

Ground handling

Airport systems

Line management

Economics & forecasting

Engineering & management

Surface access


Regulatory framework


gats value delivered benefits delivery model
GATS Value Delivered Benefits Delivery Model


Financial control to set bandwidths


Labour productivity improvements


Technology enablement


Business process optimisation

Re-specification of service levels / needs



Supply chain optimisation

12 – 32%

Current Run-rate

Targeted Gross Savings

New Run-rate

gats vision statement1
GATS - Vision Statement

To be the trusted business partner for our customers

in securing competitive advantage through

resource optimisation and multi-service integration.

how service providers impact business outcomes
How Service Providers Impact Business Outcomes

“The increased escalation of service integration will draw firms from Category III or below up towards Category I and this may lead to the creation of new firms specializing in higher levels of integration.”

Category I

Resource &



“We take ownership of your Infrastructure Asset Optimisation and Service Integration”

Category II

Knowledge and capability to contribute to customer’s strategy and management



Category III

Executes tasks



Source: CoreNet -Corporate Real Estate 2010: A Research and Leadership Development Program;

“New Models for Solutions Delivery and the Transformation of the Service Provider Industry”

how service providers impact business outcomes gats market positioning
How Service Providers Impact Business Outcomes GATS - Market Positioning

Key Measures of Success

Organisational Focus


Market Players


Brand Value

Financial &

Corporate Advisors


Strategy & Management


Market Share

Brand Awareness



Operational Execution


Balanced Scorecard



Support Service Co’s

gats role in german infrastructure investment proton therapy centres ptc s

The Asset


($) Medical Insurance


Licence /



Licence Company

Ion Boston – Harvard / MGH


Operating Company


German Hospitals

Infrastructure Company




(Owners’ Rep)


Technical Supplier



Operating Costs

Operation Specific Staff

GATS Role in German Infrastructure Investment Proton Therapy Centres (PTC’s)

25 year contractual term with hospitals – all payments guaranteed by German federal govt / state government