How do I Know I’m done with EOY?
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STARS Manual, Vol. 2, New Appendix L Exited Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How do I Know I’m done with EOY? NMPED Data Conference. STARS Manual, Vol. 2, New Appendix L – Exited Teacher. Appendix L – Exited Teacher

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How do I Know I’m done with EOY?

NMPED Data Conference

Stars manual vol 2 new appendix l exited teacher
STARS Manual, Vol. 2, New Appendix L – Exited Teacher

  • Appendix L – Exited Teacher

    • Teachers that were teaching in the district and within a 1 year timeframe stopped teaching at the district. Exited Teachers are tracked annually. The first year a teacher is NOT teaching on the 120th day is the year the teacher should be reported at EOY as an Exited Teacher.

    • Exited teachers may have worked in your district the year they were reported as exited (such as someone who was a teacher on the 40th day (or 80th day) but was no longer teaching on the 120th day -- due to moving out-of-state) OR they may not have worked at all during the year they were reported as exited (such as the case of retirement).

      • For retired teachers, they may have been reported actively teaching on the 40th, 80th or 120th day of the PREVIOUS year but were never reported as actively teaching the following year.

Exited teacher continued
Exited Teacher continued…

  • At EOY (the first year exited) report Exited Teacher in both STAFF & STAFF SNAPSHOT templates with appropriate TERMINATION CODE (reason for exiting).

    Note: If “Exited” staff person is mistakenly reported during reporting periods 40th, 80th, 120th, etc… then STARS will inadvertently pick up person as an ACTIVE staff person, even if a TERMINATION CODE is specified.

  • Exited teachers are reported only once during the year they left—meaning they should not be continually reported as exited year after year. It is however possible to have a person exit your district as a teacher more than once over several years, at which time you would report the teacher as exited for each year they left. If the person exits more than once during the same year, you would only report this person as having exited ONCE during the year.

    Note: New Staff/Staff Snapshot FAQs added for exited teachers.

Faq exited teachers
FAQ – Exited Teachers

How do I report Exited Teachers?

  • Exited Teachers will be reported with a Termination Code at EOY only in STAFF and STAFF SNAPSHOT. PED will verify that teacher reported as exited was not actively teaching on the 120th day of the same year they were reported as exited.

Faq exited teachers continued
FAQ – Exited Teachers continued…

Why do I need to report Exited Teachers in both STAFF and STAFF SNAPSHOT?

  • STAFF SNAPSHOT contains the EOY snapshot date, which states the year the teacher exited as well as let’s PED know this is the EOY data that contains the Termination Codes. STAFF must also be updated since this template always contains the most current data. STAFF does not contain a School Year and contains 1 record per District/Staff ID. The snapshot file shows what the data looked like at a point in time.

Faq exited teachers continued1
FAQ – Exited Teachers continued…

Why do I need to report exited teachers? Can’t exited teachers be derived by PED?

  • Yes, they can be derived, but PED needs to know WHY the teacher exited. Future decisions may be based on these reasons.

Faq exited teachers continued2
FAQ – Exited Teachers continued…

Why can’t exited teachers be reported in Staff Snapshot at the time they exited, instead of waiting until EOY to report them?

  • Because staff reported in STAFF SNAPSHOT, STAFF ASSIGNMENT, COURSE INSTRUCTOR, STAFF COMPENSATION for 40th, 80th, 120th, etc…are reserved for ACTIVE employees and will be picked up as such on reports. All Staff Termination Codes should be reported at EOY only.

Faq exited teachers continued3
FAQ – Exited Teachers continued…

Can I report exited teachers at EOY in Staff Assignment, Course Instructor & Staff Compensation?

  • No, these templates are reserved for ACTIVE staff only. However there is one exception. If a person exited the Teaching Profession yet remains employed at your district, then they would be reported in Staff Assignment and Staff Compensation as an active employee. They would also be reported at the EOY as having exited as a teacher.

Faq exited teachers continued4
FAQ – Exited Teachers continued…

If an educational assistant, coach or principal retires, should I report them with a termination code?

  • No, only TEACHERS should be reported with termination codes; those Staff Assignment Codes listed under the TEACHER category found in the STARS MANUAL Volume 2, Appendix B – Staff Assignment Codes.

Future reports
Future Reports

  • Exited Teacher Rate