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Teaching with Urgency Without Teaching to the Test

These are the slides I created for my session at the North Carolina Reading Conference, held in Raleigh, North Carolina, March 15-17, 2015. The essence of this presentation is about raising our awareness, as teachers, about time. The amount of time we teach, te amount of time it takes students to complete assignments, the amount of time is takes us to respond and give instructional feedback to students, the amount of time we waste by taking group bathroom breaks, the amount #ncra15 Accompanying handouts are on my Slideshare page, too. #presentationzen #vitalinstructionalbehaviors

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Teaching with Urgency Without Teaching to the Test

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  1. Teaching with rigor & urgencyTeaching with Without Teaching to the Test Timers, tables &talk © Jen Jones 2015, www.hellolit.com

  2. #helloliteracytravels

  3. #ncra15 @hellojenjones

  4. Urgency High & wide text reading Tier 1 Core Instruction Tier 1 Core Practice Key Data details detective {Quarter.Week.Session.Minute}

  5. “One of the beauties of teaching is that there is no limit to one’s growth as a teacher, just as there is no knowing beforehand how much your students can learn.” –Herbert Kohl

  6. “Independent” Cooperative (together) – Communication (conversing) – Without Me

  7. Developing Problem-Solvers in a Student Centered Classroom Problem Solving Framework

  8. Helping Kids Get in the Right Lane Fiction NF Article Poem Song What is the structure? What features can help me? Mostly About Big Idea Bigger Idea Key Details What is the author’s message? What did he want me to think or understand? What is this really about? Who is talking? How does the author want me to feel? What is the tune? How does it go? What’s the feeling? What’s the message? Character Problem Solution Changes

  9. What is Fluency? in school? in life? automaticity & familiarity

  10. Standards Pop Quiz 2 4 Write a summary of the key details. What does the word “meander” mean? How did the character change? Who’s point of view is this story? Infer why the river is polluted? Compare two versions of The 3 Pigs. What text structure is this article? _______________________ _________________ _________ 3 _______________ 6 _____________________ 1 ________ 9 ______________ 5 8 Agree or disagree with the author? _________ _____________

  11. Literal & Inferential Comp w/ Evidence Literal & Inferential Comp w/ Evidence Summary, Big Ideas, Main Ideas & Details Theme, Lesson & summary Connectedness between People, Places, Things Plot, Characters Vocabulary in the Content Areas Vocabulary Figurative Language Text Structures (text features) Text Structures Point of View Point of View Text & Visual Integration Text & Visual Integration Evaluate Author’s Claims & Reasons Compare/Contrast Two Texts Compare/Contrast Two Texts Text Complexity Text Complexity

  12. Phonemic Awareness Compre -hension Phonics Vocabulary Fluency

  13. the Big 7 ROCKS OF LITERACY

  14. Standard-Driven posted objective = mini-lesson = GR teaching focus

  15. Are your delivering mini-lessons or maxi lessons?

  16. Precise Planning = Total Alignment Purposeful Book Selection

  17. Planning for Groups, is aligned to… Whole Group Planning

  18. Reading A-Z Photocopier

  19. Guided Reading Can be Messy… …and Meaningful!

  20. Everyone reading… …at the same time!

  21. @ tinyurl.com/greatreaders

  22. Guided Reading Teachers are… …Data Managers!

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