Features and functions of information systems
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Features and functions of information systems . Wasim A kram. What is a management information system ?-.

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What is a management information system
What is a management information system?-

  • Management information systems are a combination of hardware and software used to process information automatically. A management information system is used within organizations to allow many individuals to access and modify information. In most situations, the management information system mainly operates behind the scenes, and the user community is rarely involved or even aware of the processes that are handled by the system.


  • A data base is used to store data and information. You can add and remove data from a database and it will automatically change formulas for you. One of the main things people use databases is for queries.

Artificial intelligence and expert systems
Artificial intelligence and expert systems.

  • Artificial intelligence normally have rules which can be changed these are normally taken by an expert . An example of this is if something isn't selling at a price you might want to put a sale on it to make the sales increase.


  • All systems today have internet access to them some may be all public or it could be for subscriber use only and these are protected by user unique user names and passwords.

Other tools
Other tools

  • Data mining is an example of another tool and this is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information to increase revenue, or some times used to identify groups of customers .

Gizmo gadget information syste m
Gizmo gadget information system

  • Gizmo gadgets use internet for there information systems for sales which people pay by credit/debit card. They also have a database which keeps the people information for 3 months unless they order something else with in that 3 months.