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Clover Park High School Power House

Clover Park High School Power House. Senior Exhibition 2012. Opening. Introduction of Self Thank audience for coming Delivery of your personal narrative as an introduction of who you are and what you believe in. Presentation of Service Learning. What did you do?

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Clover Park High School Power House

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  1. Clover Park High SchoolPower House Senior Exhibition 2012

  2. Opening • Introduction of Self • Thank audience for coming • Delivery of your personal narrative as an introduction of who you are and what you believe in

  3. Presentation of Service Learning • What did you do? • How many hours did you spend doing it • Specifically how did the service learning help you mature and grow

  4. Presentation of Service Learning • How did the project expand your awareness of this community need • How did the project change and challenge you • What type of commitment do you intend to keep towards this project

  5. Global Research • How did the research project increase your awareness of the need in other parts of the world • What did you learn in conducting your research • What recommendations for change can you make

  6. Academic Readiness • Presentation of electronic portfolio • Portfolio should include work from all 4 years of high school • Portfolio is not necessarily the work you received “A’s” on but work which challenged you and encouraged you to grow

  7. Portfolio • You should include your transcripts • You should include your SAT/ACT scores

  8. Portfolio transition • In order to transition to your 13th year plan you should show copies of college applications • Your ASVAB scores (if applicable) • Your career searching and company searching – you can discuss the essays you wrote in Writing for College.

  9. Portfolio Transition • Be sure to discuss at least two career paths which are not good fits for you • Provide concrete reasons (not “because it would be hard” or “because it would be boring” • Provide at least two career paths that appear feasible for you to explore

  10. 13th year Plan • Indicate what your intentions are for next year • If you plan on going to college – show your college applications and your scholarship applications • If you have been accepted by a college, show the acceptance letter

  11. 13th year plan • If you plan on working next year, show at least two job applications you have completed • Discuss at least two informational interviews you have set up and gone to • Discuss LONG TERM goals and ambitions beyond the immediate 13th year

  12. 13th year plan • If you are planning on going into the military, discuss which branch you are interested in • Discuss why you have selected this branch over other branches and why specifically this branch is an appropriate fit for you • Give concrete information about when you plan on going to be sworn in and boot camp

  13. 13th year plan • Provide information on your monthly budget for next year • This information will include: rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, laundry, entertainment. Specific numbers are required.

  14. 13th year plan • Provide income. How much do you expect to earn? How much will your parents need to contribute if you are in school? • What will be the spending priorities if you do not make enough money to cover the expenses?

  15. Persuasive Statement • Given the information you have provided in the presentation, you need to give a persuasive statement with a summary of your accomplishments showing that you are prepared to enter the young adult world

  16. Personal Reflection • Your conclusion is your creative opportunity to present a poem, piece of prose, art work, or musical composition providing a lasting memory for your audience

  17. Conclusion • Bow • Thank the audience for coming • Ask for questions

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