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Kingwood Park High School PowerPoint Presentation
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Kingwood Park High School

Kingwood Park High School

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Kingwood Park High School

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  1. Kingwood Park High School Junior Class Meeting

  2. Who’s Who at Kingwood Park High School Principal: Lisa Drabing Associate Principal: Brian Johnson Counselor/AP House Teams Explorations House: Caren Barnes & Alan Corman Global House:Lisa Mosely & Amy Wallace Green House: Tim Hurlbert & Belinda Zoet Humanities House:Kim Young & Kristy Kaizer Registrar: Julietta Garrett Dual Credit Liaison: CelieHerbst

  3. Graduation Programs 26Credit Recommended High School Program 26Credit Distinguished Achievement Program Must have 3 years of same foreign language 4 Advanced Measures Advanced Measure can be a combination of any: Original Research Project (will be judged by panel) Recognized score on PSAT (you would have been notified of this) Score of 3+ on AP exam (Senior AP exams DO NOT COUNT!) Dual Credit/College Course with 80%+ average (some CTEs may count) *Must have 4 advanced measures completed BEFOREgraduation* Graduation Diploma types CANNOT be changed after graduation and will reflect on your final transcript Floral Design Ag Mechanics Princ. of Architecture Interior Design Adv. A/V Production Animation Adv. Animation BIM Accounting I Princ. of Health Science Medical Terminology Health Science Anatomy & Physiology Culinary Arts Computer Maintenance Computer Programing Law Enforcement Engineering Design Principles of Physics

  4. Graduation Requirements Class of 2013-2014 English 4 Math 4 Science 4 Social St. 4 Foreign Lang. 2* * 3 credits for Distinguished • Fine Art 1 • PE 1 • Speech 0.5 • Electives 5.5

  5. Dual Credit Basics • What’s a Dual Credit Course? A class that allows you to receive BOTH high school and college credit • Do All Universities & Colleges Accept Dual Credit? MOST Texas Universities will, but be sure and check with the school you are thinking about going to. • What Dual Credit Classes do we Offer For Seniors? English 4 Economics/Gov’t (Virtual) Pre-Cal AB/BC & Calculus AB/BC French 3 & French 4 - Spanish 3 & Spanish 4 • How Do I Register? Sign up for it on your schedule & Ms. Herbst will tell you exactly what you need to do (Apply to Lonestar, take the entrance test, etc.) • What If I Have Questions? See Ms. Herbst (in the library) What’s the Deadline? May 3rd

  6. SAT vs. ACT Does it matter which one I take? No! Can I take them multiple times? Yes! Do I have to take it? If you’re planning on attending a 4 year university directly after high school… Yes! What if I’m attending Lonestar? No! SAT ACT *To Register: *Next Administration? June 1st *Registration? By May 7th *Cost? $50 *To Register: *Next Administration? June 8th Registration? By May 3rd Cost? $50

  7. SAT vs. ACT – What’s the Difference? SAT ACT *Content Based (What do you know?) *Less time per question *More straight forward *4 long sections *Trigonometry *Science *No penalty for guessing/wrong answers *Test of critical thinking & problem solving *More time per question *9 short sections *No Trigonometry *No Science *Penalty for guessing/wrong answers

  8. SAT Preparation for the June SAT Located at KPHS Handouts available

  9. Applying for College Applying to a Texas school? = 1 application for multiple Texas schools Opens August 1st When applying to a school, what do I need to send them? • Your SAT/ACT scores • Your official high school transcript (Registrar’s Office) Remember: The transcript you send each school will only be from your 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years.

  10. Your GPA and Class Rank that you have after your 11th grade year is what college’s will see.

  11. Pass/Fail JUNIORS AND SENIORS ONLY • Only available on courses above and beyond graduation requirements • Grades from these courses are excluded from GPA and rank calculation • Can take up to 8 semesters Pass/Fail • Form must be completed each semester • Conference with your Counselor before deciding if Pass/Fail is right for you Pass/Fail is advantageous for only a small percentage of students

  12. Applying for College – Some Terms To Know Early Action: Typically means you must complete your application by November 1st. Benefits? • Acceptance rates may be higher • May have a decision by the new year Early Decision: Must complete your application by November 1st, but your decision is binding • If admitted, you must attend that school • You must withdraw all other applications • Student should not apply early decision unless 100% sure that college is the best choice Rolling Admission: Students have a large window of time in which to apply (Fall to Summer) • Not an excuse to put off the application process 1. Applying early increases chances of getting accepted 2. Deadlines for scholarships, financial aid, and housing are much earlier • A benefit of this is that it allows students a longer time before making a decision

  13. NCAA • Students planning to participate in college athletics must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. • When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center? Now! (Junior year) At the end of the student's junior year, a transcript, which includes six semesters of grades, should be sent to the Eligibility Center from the high school. ** REQUIREMENTS? • Graduate from high school 2. Complete a minimum of 16 (for Division I) or 14 (for Division II) core courses 3. Present the required grade-point average (GPA) 4. Present a qualifying test score on either the ACT or SAT 5. Complete the amateurism questionnaire and request final amateurism certification.

  14. What Do I Need To Do? NOW: • Preparing for and Taking the SAT/ACT (Watch for Deadlines) • Registering for NCAA (student-athletes) • Researching schools you might be interested in Summer: • Visiting potential schools • Continue researching schools • Begin applications (August) • Begin looking for scholarships (see our webpage) and writing scholarship essays. Be aware of due dates.

  15. What Do I Need To Do?

  16. Congrats – You’re Almost There! "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path, and leave a trail." Questions???