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Abbey Park High School

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Abbey Park High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Abbey Park High School. Our School Administration. Mrs. McLellan – Principal Mr. P. Daignault – Vice Principal Mrs. H. Pociurko – Vice Principal. Our School Leaders. Ms. Throop – Careers & Counselling, Library Mrs. Caldwell - Arts & Family Studies Mr. Dailey – Physical Education

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Abbey Park High School

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    1. Abbey Park High School

    2. Our School Administration Mrs. McLellan – Principal Mr. P. Daignault – Vice Principal Mrs. H. Pociurko – Vice Principal

    3. Our School Leaders Ms. Throop –Careers & Counselling, Library Mrs. Caldwell - Arts & Family Studies Mr. Dailey – Physical Education Mr. Marcogliese – Computers & Mathematics Mr. O’Bryne – Science & Technology Mr. Rinaldo – Languages Ms. Dolan – Business & Technology Mr. Sumner – Special Education Ms. Parsons – Social Science & Student Activities

    4. Student Leadership

    5. What will grade 9 be like?

    6. Our School • Abbey Park H. S. grades 9 – 12, 1280 students • 12 portables • School begins at 8:10 am and ends at 2:45 pm • There are 5 periods in the school day (75 minutes each and 4 minutes to travel from one class to the next)

    7. High School Structure Consists of 2 Semesters Semester 1: September – January Semester 2: February - June

    8. High School Structure You will select 8 courses for the entire school year You will take 4 courses in semester 1 & 4 in semester 2

    9. Science Math English French Canadian Geography Physical Education Business Studies / Computer Technology/Cosmo/ Auto Arts (Music, Drama, Visual Arts), or Food and Nutrition Grade 9 Courses

    10. Academic or Applied When selecting Math, Science, Geography, English, & French you must select a level You should discuss which level (academic or applied) with your teacher & parents They know your academic achievement best

    11. Applied Level Learns best through practical and concrete applications Needs assistance with organization & work habits Experiences some difficulty applying new concepts Follows instructions with teacher support Homework often incomplete Punctuality & attendance are a concern Requires assistance to organize & prioritize tasks Academic Level Theoretical & abstract thinking skills Knows & applies good study skills Learns quickly, can apply new concepts Works independently Completes homework assignments on time Consistent, regular attendance Organizes and prioritizes work well Minimum 70% in that subject Applied or Academic Courses? Which level to choose?

    12. Applied Courses lead to: Work Apprenticeships College diploma programs Academic Courses lead to: Work, apprenticeships, college diploma programs College degree programs University programs Selecting the Most Appropriate LevelApplied or Academic?

    13. Semester 1 Period 1 Math Period 2 English Period 3 Business/Tech Period 4 Lunch Period 5 French Semester 2 Period 1 Science Period 2 Geography Period 3 Lunch Period 4 Arts or Family Studies Period 5 Phys. Ed. Sample Timetable

    14. Things to expect in Grade 9 at Abbey Park Every student will: • Have their own locker • Receive an APHS Agenda • Participate in the EQAO Grade 9 Math Assessment (January/June) • Write final examinations & summatives evaluations in January & June in some courses. • Be part of a Link Crew

    15. In groups of about 10, Grade 9 students are linked up with 2 senior Abbey Park students- Link Leaders Link Leaders plan many social and academic activities for their “Link Crew” throughout the year including the interactive activities on first day of school. “Orientation Day” Dodge Ball Tournament, Pancake Breakfast, Socials, Amazing Race Link Crew

    16. Councils: Students’, Athletics, Environmental, Multicultural, Arts, Social Justice, Wellness Teams: So many !! Arts:Band, Choir, Play, Sound & Technical Crew, Take 48, Improv Clubs: Computer, Gamer, Cheerleading, Quill, Yearbook Dances: Fall, Winter, Spring Getting Involved at Abbey Park There are many co-curricular activities that you can get involved in at Abbey Park High School…

    17. What Next? Thursday, January 14th – 6:30 pm You & your Parents have the opportunity to visit our school, have a tour and discuss your academic future at Abbey Park High School

    18. Course Selection Option Sheet • AP Guidance counsellors will visit each grade 8 school to answer questions about course selection. • You will receive a program book which describes Abbey Park’s course offerings and course selection process. • Your option sheet is a form that lets us plan for the courses you would like to take in your first year of high school. (Must be SIGNED by a parent)

    19. Online Course Selection • End of January AP Guidance counsellors will visit a 2nd time to help you enter your course selections online – using your computer lab • Essential that you have your completed and SIGNED option sheet returned to your home room teacher by Wed.January 20th, 2009

    20. Any Questions?