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Eclipse Lyo Update http:// / lyo. Agenda. OSLC4J and Lyo update Client libraries Test suite update Future plans. Eclipse Lyo. Eclipse Lyo 1.0 officially released 10/10 Address Challenges in Adoption

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Eclipse Lyo Update


  • OSLC4J and Lyo update

  • Client libraries

  • Test suite update

  • Future plans

Eclipse lyo
Eclipse Lyo

  • Eclipse Lyo 1.0 officially released 10/10

  • Address Challenges in Adoption

    • Library to build Providers and Consumers

    • Test Suites to validate implementations

    • Samples

  • Eclipse Lyo was just a thought 18 months ago


Eclipse lyo1
Eclipse Lyo

  • Eclipse project created with the goal of providing tools to enable adoption of OSLC specifications.

  • Content includes

    • Code libraries (Java, Perl, others under development)

      • Give developers tools to ease OSLC implementations

    • Reference implementations of specifications

      • Provide a starting point for new integrations

    • Test suites and test reporting. Covers OSLC Core, CM, QM, RM and Asset today.

      • Accelerate and assess development

    • Samples, tutorials and documentation

      • Working samples of OSLC integrations with Bugzilla, Excel, Jazz tools and more.

Code libraries java
Code Libraries - Java

  • OSLC4J - Java library for OSLC provider and consumer implementations

  • Based on OSLC-related Java annotations and JAX-RS for REST services

  • Modular structure avoids forcing dependencies on specific technologies.

  • Jena and Apache Wink provide RDF, JSON and JAX-RS capabilities out the box

    • Serialization/Deserialization of annotated POJOs to/from RDF/XML, JSON and OSLC Compact

    • JAX-RS annotation of Java methods representing OSLC GET/PUT/POST/DELETE

    • Takes care of building OSLC artifacts like Service Provider and Resource Shape docs

  • Samples implemented in OSLC4J

    • Change Management, Quality Management, Automation Specifications

      • Good “stub” provider examples

      • Currently missing query and delegated UIs (Automation delegated UIs almost ready)

    • Bugzilla Adapter

      • Full set of delegated Uis

      • Supports OSLC queries

      • Has been used as a base for some production usages

  • Oslc4j sample code
    OSLC4J Sample code

    Resource annotations

    JAX-RS service annotations

    Where is oslc4j and lyo at today
    Where is OSLC4J and Lyo at today?

    • Recently had 1.0 release + graduation from Eclipse Incubator status

      • OSLC4J + Test suites

      • Packaged with Eclipse Foundation approved versions of dependencies

      • Also packaged without dependencies for consumers which have their own approved versions of the dependencies

    • Currently being used in shipping commercial and non-commercial OSLC integrations

    • Documentation and “How To” guides are lacking

      • Basic Javadoc is there

      • Need a cookbook for putting together an implementation

        • OSLC Workshop (see the docs) repository provides some of this

      • Anyone can help with these – start a page on the Wiki or update an existing page


    • OSLC4J and Lyo update

    • Client libraries

    • Test suite update

    • Future plans

    Client libraries
    Client libraries

    • OSLC4J and its samples are tilted towards provider implementations

      • CM, QM, Bugzilla samples are all providers

      • JAX-RS service examples are for provider or adapter implementations

    • OSLC4J and JAX-RS concepts are a good fit for consumers too

      • Java definitions of OSLC resources

      • JAX-RS/Wink client APIs to access resources from a consumer

    • New work in Lyo to add libraries focused on consumer scenarios

      • Java and non-Java

    Code libraries java client
    Code Libraries – Java Client

    • Java OSLC and Jazz client library

      • Uses OSLC4J as its basis

      • Generic OSLC client API

        • Resource definitions (ChangeRequest, TestCase, AutomationPlan, etc)


        • Serialize/De-Serialize Java representations of OSLC resources to/from RDF/XML and JSON

        • Handles query and paging

      • Jazz-specific add-on APIs and classes

        • Rootservices handling

        • Jazz form login

      • Samples:

        • RTC

        • RQM

        • Sample Automation consumer

      • Under active development – looking for contributions

    Code libraries other java libraries
    Code Libraries – Other Java Libraries

    • OSLC Query Library Assists with parsing and manipulating OSLC queries

      • Handles oslc.where,, oslc.orderBy, oslc.searchTerms and oslc.prefix

      • Handles wildcards and property nesting.

      • Uses Antlr package to parse/lex OSLC query syntax

      • Utility class to invoke parsers and return structured objects representing query clauses

      • Example implementation in the OSLC4J Bugzilla adapter

    • OAuth Library

      • Set of packages + web app intended to ease adding OAuth 1.0/1.0a provider support to an application

        • Core package : provides basic configuration and validation services

        • Consumerstore package : provides persistence of consumer and token information

        • Webapp package : WAR for request/access token handling + basic UI for key management and approval

      • Uses Googlecode OAuth library

      • Adoption/Sample usage

        • OSLC4J Bugzilla sample

    Code libraries non java
    Code Libraries – non-Java

    • Perl client libraries

      • Lyo::OSLC

        • Client library geared towards Rational OSLC CM implementations (RTC and CQ)

        • Use case is for GET/Query/Read scenarios

      • Net::OSLC::CM

        • Client library geared towards Bugzilla and Simple Defects (

        • Perl representations of OSLC Catalog, ServiceProvider, ChangeRequest

        • Use case is also around GET/Query/Read scenarios

      • See for a recent webcast.

    • OSLC4Net – C# SDK for provider and consumer implementations

      • Contribution is being readied - not yet available

      • Based on OSLC4J – approach uses C# annotations

      • Uses dotNetRDF (RDF marshalling/unmarshalling) and ASP.NET MVC 4 (REST services)

      • Includes Change Management implementation


    • OSLC4J and Lyo update

    • Client libraries

    • Test suite update

    • Future plans

    Oslc test suite update
    OSLC Test Suite Update

    • OSLC Test Suite and Reports

      • Measure implementation compliance against Core and domain specifications

      • Improve implementation quality by finding bugs

      • Initial focus is on MUST items, followed by SHOULD and MAY

      • Reports provide both summary and detailed results

    What s new in the test suite
    What’s new in the test suite

    • Coverage of Asset and Quality Management specs added in July

    • Initial coverage for Requirements Management added in September

    • Some re-factoring of test suites to improve

      • Re-use of common code

      • Isolate OSLC Domain tests (CM/QM/AM/RM) from OSLC Core tests

      • Improvements for running reports

    • Suites are being used for regression and development testing by several products and organizations

    • Areas for enhancements

      • Drive tests from resource shapes and service provider documents

      • OAuth tests

      • Use OSLC4J for higher level tests


    • OSLC4J and Lyo update

    • Client libraries

    • Test suite update

    • Future plans

    Future contents
    Future contents

    • 4Q2012 or 1Q2013

      • Package clientlibrariesanddependenciesforeasierconsumption

      • Package querylibrarywith OSLC4J andstandalone

      • Improvedocumentation


    • SDKs fortechnologiesotherthanJava (Python, JavaScript/Node.js, .NET, etc)

    • Test suiteimprovements (additional domaincoverage, improveddepthoftestcases, improvedreporting)

    • API stabilization

    • Improveddocumentation

    • Usability

    Participating in lyo
    Participating in Lyo

    • Participating in Lyo

      • Looking for developers interested in promoting OSLC adoption by developing SDKs, reference implementations, compliance tests and examples

      • Visit to get more info, see milestone plans, etc

      • Open Bugzilla requests at:

      • Subscribe to the [email protected] mailing list and introduce yourself.