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Guidance and Support of ITS Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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Guidance and Support of ITS Programs

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Guidance and Support of ITS Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guidance and Support of ITS Programs
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  1. Guidance and Support of ITS Programs Michael Freitas May 2000 US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

  2. Overview • Introduction • Technical Assistance • Types of Assistance • Future Technical Assistance • ITS Web Resources

  3. Introduction • Focus of Current ITS Program is on Deployment • Fundamental Premise of ITS Deployment Process • There Are Basic Types of Knowledge and Skills Required at Every Stage of Deployment in Order for a Project to Make It Through the Entire Process Successfully • Technical Assistance Program is Based on That Premise

  4. Deployment Stages/ Required Knowledge Areas

  5. Level of ITS Deployment

  6. ITS Deployment Process/Technical Assistance Options Service Plans Peer-to-Peer ITS Deployment Process PCB Program Guidance Material Planning/ Analysis Tools

  7. Technical Assistance • Service Plans • Peer to Peer Program • Professional Capacity Building Program • Guidance Material • Planning/Analysis Tools

  8. Service Plans • Service Plans Define How FHWA and FTA Will Provide Technical Support in an Area (Metropolitan or Rural) Deploying and Integrating of ITS Technologies and Procedures. • Service Plans Replaced Informal Ad Hoc Responses to Technical Assistance Requests

  9. Service Plans • Strategic Technical Assistance Plans • Field-Based • Outcome Oriented • Facilitate Integrated Deployment • Funded at Over $1.0M/Year (Up to $1.5M in FY 01)

  10. Service Plan Activities • Service Plan Activities Include • Scanning Reviews • Training • Architecture Development • Tier I /II Workshops

  11. Tier I /II Workshops • Objective - Assist MPOs in Developing Their Regional Architectures • Tier I Workshop (1 Day) - Focused on Organizing the Architecture Development Process • Tier II Workshop (2 1/2 days) - Focused on Laying Out an Initial Regional Architecture and Pointed at Steps to Complete the Process

  12. ITS Peer-to-Peer Program • Program Established to Provide ITS Peer Support • Over 120 Peers, Primarily Public Sector • Program Matches Peer With Request • Program Pays Peer Expenses

  13. ITS Peer-to-Peer Program • Over 370 Requests Received and Processed • 66% Response Completion Within 1 Month • Customer Service Portal • One number access: 1-888-700-PEER •

  14. Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program • The ITS PCB Program Was Formed to Assist Transportation Professionals in Developing the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required to Deploy, Operate and Manage ITS Projects. • All Levels of Government • Academia, and Professional Associations • Public and Private Sector

  15. Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program • The Program Is Comprehensive and Multi-modal in Nature (24 Courses Offered) • The Web Site Provides a Comprehensive List of ITS PCB Program Offerings • • It Also Includes Links to Other Relevant Web Sites

  16. Awareness Architecture Architecture & Standards Conformity Commercial Vehicle Operations Freeway Management Incident Management ITS Procurement and Acquisition ITS Standards Regional Multimodal Traveler Information (ATIS) Rural Telecommunications Traffic Signal Control Transit Management PCB Program - Course Topics

  17. Professional Capacity Building (PCB) Program • PCB Training • 9,000 People in Travel Management Related Topics • 3,000 People in Commercial Vehicle Operations • Currently Piloting 3 Web-based Training Courses

  18. Guidance Material • Guidance Documents Are Intended to Aid Transportation Practitioners in: • Planning and Deploying ITS Systems • The Use of the National ITS Architecture • To Foster the Integration of Transportation Systems Within a Region.

  19. Guidance Material • Typical Guidance Documents Include: • Developing ITS Using the National ITS Architecture • ITS Deployment of Transit Systems • Developing Traffic Signal Control Systems • Developing Traveler Information Systems • All Documents Are Available Electronically on the ITS Web-site (EDL)

  20. Guidance Material • ITS Benefits Special Studies Initiative • Benefit Brochures • Cross Cutting Studies • Case Studies • Implementation Guides • Technical Reports • Topic Areas - CVO, Emergency Services, Freeway and Arterial Management, Planning and Integration, Weather Information for Traveler & Maintenance Etc.

  21. Guidance Material • Examples of ITS Benefit Studies - Reports/Brochures • Transportation Management Center Concepts of Operations: Implementation Guide • Transportation Management Center concept of Operation: A Cross-Cutting Study • To Order ITS Benefit Special Studies - Go to the Following Web-site and Click on Order Form • Metro_BenefitsSpecial_EDLDocs.htm

  22. New ITS Planning/Analysis Tools • ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) and Turbo Architecture Software • Available Through McTrans, May 2000 • User Manual Included w/ Software • Free Technical Support Is Available • Turbo; 1 Day Training Course for Headquarters and Field Staff - Available in July 2000 • IDAS; 2 Day Training Course is Under Development - Available October 2000 at Resource Centers

  23. ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) Software • Tool Used to Enhance the Planning of Proposed ITS Improvements • Complements the Traditional Travel Demand Forecasting Process • Benefits of ITS Improvements Are Calculated and Compared With the Deployment Costs • Provides a Direct Way to Compare a Number of Alternative ITS Deployments

  24. Turbo Architecture Software • Interactive Software Program to Assist Transportation Planners and System Integrators, in the Development of Regional and Project Architectures • Uses the National ITS Architecture As Starting Point

  25. Technical Assistance - Commercial Vehicle Operations • CVISN Operational and Architectural Compatibility Handbook (COACH) • Comprehensive Checklist of What Is Required to Conform W/ Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN), Operational Concepts and Architecture. • CVISN Workshops • Scope Workshop • Planning Workshop • Design Workshop • For More Information:

  26. Future Technical Assistance • Expectation That Significant Technical Assistance Will Be Needed When the Architecture Consistency Policy Becomes Final • Planning Process Has Begun to Determine What Kinds of Technical Assistance Will Be Needed

  27. Additional ITS Web Resources • ITS Joint Program Office: • http// • ITS Electronic Document Library (EDL): • http// • ITS Cooperative Deployment Network (ICDN): • http// • ITS America •