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    1. The BILL OF RIGHTS Proposed 9/25/1789 Ratified 12/15/1791

    2. FIRST AMENDMENT Freedom of… RELIGION ASSEMBLY (picketing) PETITION PRESS SPEECH Symbolic speech

    3. Establishment Clause The Government cannot establish one religion over another or religion over no religion for all citizens

    4. Free Exercise Clause Citizens are free to exercise (practice) any religion they choose

    5. 2nd Amendment THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS The Federal Govt cannot disarm a state militia (national guard)

    6. Gun Control v. Gun Rights The 2nd amendment protects everyone’s right to own a weapon ALLOWING GUNS Individuals should be limited in their right to own a gun Background checks Waiting periods Brady Law BANNING GUNS

    7. What is an arm? The Constitution does not define what an arm is… …thus,some believe an arm is a concealed weapon, others an uzi, others a knife… What do you think should be considered an arm?

    8. 3RD AMENDMENT No Quartering of Soldiers

    9. 4th Amendment No Unreasonable Search and Seizure Most causes require a search warrant

    10. 4th Amendment Probable Cause (33%) Homes Persons WARRANT NEEDED!! Reasonable Suspicion (20%) SCHOOLS CARS “STOP AND FRISK” NO WARRANT NEEDED!!

    11. 4th amendment The police must be 20% or 33% concern of your guilt before an arrest can be made A reasonable judge must back of the police officers’ story

    12. Exclusionary Rule Any evidence obtained illegally cannot be used in a court of law Mapp v. Ohio (1961)

    13. 5th Amendment Right to… No Self-incrimination No Double Jeopardy Due Process Grand Jury Just Compensation --------------------------- MIRANDA RIGHTS

    14. 5th amendment No self-incrimination “I plead the 5th” Double Jeopardy You cannot be tried for the same crime at the SAME level of jurisdiction Due Process The government must be fair in its actions Grand Jury Examining the evidence before your trial Just Compensation The government must pay you fairly for your private property for PUBLIC USE

    15. Miranda v. Arizona (1966) Does the police practice of interrogating individuals without notifying them of their right to counsel and their protection against self-incrimination violate the Fifth Amendment? Yes, police officers must notify suspects of their 5th amendment rights Miranda Rights Over the age of 18 During interrogation and during arrest

    16. 6th Amendment Speedy Trial by Jury Criminal Cases Confronting witnesses “SPEEDY SIX”

    17. 7th Amendment Right to a Trial by Jury in CIVIL cases Non-criminal cases No jail time “CIVIL SEVEN”

    18. 8th Amendment No Cruel and Unusual Punishment No excessive bails or fines “HANDCUFFS EIGHT”

    19. Death Penalty Furman v. Georgia Outlawed the Death Penalty Gregg v. Georgia Reinstated the death penalty as long as it is applied “fairly”

    20. Death Penalty by state

    21. 9th Amendment Rights to the People Unwritten Rights ------------------------- Privacy Rights Marriage Rights

    22. 10th Amendment Rights to the States ------------------------- Death Penalty Speed Limits Marriage Education

    23. Extra Credit In 1791, the Founders wanted to include TWO OTHER amendments in the original BILL OF RIGHTS. What were those TWO OTHER amendments? CITE YOUR SOURCE!!