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Marib Pirzada & Spencer Wood. Groups and Institutions . DEVELOPMENT of Buddhism . Buddhism was developed through the teachings of Buddha and how Buddhists through time perceived it as.

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development of buddhism

Buddhism was developed through the teachings of Buddha and how Buddhists through time perceived it as.

The First Sermon was the preaching of Buddha to five monks at Deer Park. The First Sermon was important because it established the Sangha. The Sangha was the first organization composed of Buddhists.

The Sangha was important because members wandered all over India spreading the Buddha’s teachings.

establishment of various groups
ESTABLISHMENT of Various Groups

After Buddha’s passing, councils were arranged to discuss problems in the Sangha.

In 383 BCE, the Sthaviravadaand the Mahasanghika were called upon to settle a dispute of what the Sutras should contain.

Sthaviravada suggested the content of the Sutras should be unchanged while the Mahasanghika wanted more literature included in sacred text.

This lead to the formation of two schools: the Theravada and the Mahayana.


SCHOOLSin Buddhism

The Vajrayana School

The Mahayana School

The Thervada


These three schools will be discussed

theravada school

Theravada means “Way of the Elders”

It’s considered to be the original and more conservative school of Buddhism since they do not recognize any scripture written after Tripitaka.

Founded in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

They view the Buddha as a wise man with important teachings rather than a god.

They rely on meditation and insight to attain nirvana.

The spread of this branch in Buddhism occurred during the 3rd century BCE in India

Those who achieve nirvana are considered Arhatswhich is ideal for spiritual perfection.

theravada school beliefs practices scriptures
THERAVADA School Beliefs, Practices & Scriptures


Humans are individuals

The key virtue is wisdom

Religion is for monks

The ideal being is the Arhat

Buddha is a saint


Pray through meditation


Early Scriptures in Pali

mahayana school

Mahayana means “the Greater Vehicle”

Originated in India and spread to China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan

A liberal school of Buddhism that believes that the Buddha is a divine being and believe that heavens are populated with Buddha’s or divinities.

The believe that it is better to be a Bodhisattvas, a person who has almost achieved enlightenment but choose to be reborn in one of the heavens in order to help others who pray to them.

mahayana school beliefs practices scriptures
MAHAYANA School Beliefs, Practices & Scriptures


Humans are involved with others

They key virtue is compassion

Religion is also for the lay person

The ideal being is Bodhisattva

Buddha is a savior


Pray for requests


Early scriptures in Sanskrit

vajrayana school

Also know as Esoteric or Tantric Buddhism.

Found in mostly Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

Emphasizes on rituals such as mantras and on visualization creations such as thangkas (wall hangings) and mandalas.

They believe that performing rituals and prayer will help them reach enlightenment.

Monks have translated most of the original Buddhist texts into Tibetan. The main scripture is the Tantras.

the end

Marib Pirzada & Spencer Wood