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DRC Revisioning Some Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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DRC Revisioning Some Ideas

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DRC Revisioning Some Ideas
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DRC Revisioning Some Ideas

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  1. DRC RevisioningSome Ideas Bo Wandschneider University of Guelph CAPDU – Kingston April 14, 2005

  2. Objective • Bring the visioning down to a local level • Use an example from the University of Guelph • What are we doing in terms of setting direction locally • Something to think about at your own institution • Does this fit with wider – ‘national’ goals? • Something for us to reflect on DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  3. DRC Revisioning - why • Time was right to step back, look at what we were doing and refocus • New CIO implied new relationships and new opportunities • The world around us had changed • Technology had changed • Client expectations had changed DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  4. DRC Revisioning - why • Staff resources and skills had changed • Good work was being done but we weren’t facilitating innovation as well as we could be • We were developing silos around GIS and DATA instead of integrating services • Staff asked for a clear direction • Needed improved governance model DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  5. DRC - Context • Data Resource Centre at UoG • it is the Guelph partner with TDR (UW, WLU and UG) • In existence since 1997 • would not have happened if not for our colleagues in CAPDU, DLI, ICPSR and IASSIST • we leverage our relationships with you to help promote our existence • we talk about partnerships and collaboration outside as much as partnerships inside DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  6. DRC - Context • Partnership between Library and CCS • Senior management is STRONGLY committed to the DRC • Staff with varying skills • All have other rolls • Matrix management DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  7. DRC Revisioning – Draft report • Target is to: • generate discussion • generate new ideas • set some new goals • set a clear path towards those goals DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  8. DRC Revisioning – what have we done • We prepared a draft revisioning document • Discussed the highlights with all staff involved in GIS, Data and Gov Docs • Discussed with Associate Chief Librarian, CLC and RSRM • needed to integrate with Reference Services Review DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  9. DRC Revisioning – what have we done • Established an ‘interim’ Steering Group • Associate Chief Librarian ITS • Associate Director CCS ISS • Manager of Academic Liaison Librarians • Made revisions based on feedback and then interviewed staff individually • asked for input on Governance and other items • what worked what didn’t work • Our staff are extremely dedicated to the service • VERY useful feedback DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  10. DRC Revisioning - Draft report • Mandate • Vision • Service/Partners • Priorities • Suggested Tasks • Governance DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  11. Original Mandate The DRC will perform the functions around the identification and dissemination of machine readable data DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  12. Mandate - Clarification • We wanted to keep it simple but felt we needed to clarify this • The following items enhance our understanding of the mandate DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  13. Mandate - Clarifications • Machine readable data now includes not only spatially referenced information but geospatially referenced information. • The role of education should be more fully integrated with the dissemination component of the mandate. This will most likely involve enhanced collaboration with the Library, Learning Commons, and TSS. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  14. Mandate - Clarifications • The DRC should develop a more formal approach to developing tools and services that will allow for easier integration with existing library reference services • The DRC should enhance its participation in national and international initiatives and continue to have the University of Guelph significantly contribute to these initiatives. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  15. Mandate - Clarifications • The DRC should consider the introduction of an archiving role, closely linked to e-scholarship. • A more formal commitment to participation in grant applications. The DRC could also lead some of these applications, and need not wait for others to start them. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  16. Vision - Overview The document contains an extensive list of vision statements. They will be used to guide the team in developing and prioritizing projects. There are subtle differences between various visions They are designed to maintain flexibility. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  17. Visions • The DRC acts as a central repository for all types of data available on campus and provides support at all levels for the use of data in the process of teaching, learning and research at the University of Guelph. • The staff of the DRC work in a collaborative environment to create and provide innovative and value added services, and to seek out new users, data, and delivery methods on an ongoing basis. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  18. Visions • The DRC strives to collect and provide access to data, and to develop value-added services. • The DRC will supply user support for this data through an easily accessible and staffed location, and create and provide user education in support of numeracy. • The DRC provides access to a variety of electronic data including statistical data, geospatial data, and related software and hardware. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  19. Visions • The DRC works collaboratively to leverage relationships with its TDR partners • The DRC is committed to participate in national and international initiatives and works to have the University of Guelph significantly contribute to these initiatives. • Staff actively participate and contribute to organizations such as the OCUL Map and Data groups, CAPDU, ACMLA, IASSIST and DLI. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  20. Visions • The DRC strives to develop innovative means of providing access to data. • The DRC strives to bring data to new and emerging user groups and to communicate the utility and availability of these resources to the entire campus community. • The staff of the DRC also actively seeks out new value-added services related to the delivery of data developed elsewhere or offered commercially. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  21. Visions • The DRC is a collaborative effort of the Library and Computing and Communications Services, and relies on the skills and efforts of the combined staff and resources to remain innovative and responsive to the needs of the campus community. • The DRC actively seeks out mutually beneficial collaborations to aid in the acquisition and delivery of data. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  22. Visions • The role of education will be more fully integrated with the services of the DRC and efforts will be made to work with other groups on campus to introduce a statistical literacy program (numeracy) and integrate that with DRC services. • The DRC will be a place where experienced staff will be able to engage with faculty in the grant application process. • Expertise in data use and geospatial analysis and statistics will allow for consultation on projects at all levels DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  23. Visions • Hardware and software resources should be leveraged • Collaborative ventures • A need to further integrate with library reference services • remove barriers and raise profile • Fully integrate statistical and GIS computing support DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  24. Service and Partners • There is no single entry point to the data service. • Online data service should maximizes the ability of the user to be self-sufficient and to perform previously complicated operations with as little intervention as possible. • Clients will still require assistance with the introduction to statistical analysis, geospatial analysis and assistance with finding appropriate data or tools, or advanced use of data and its interpretation. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  25. Internal Partners • Library Information Services • Government Publications Reference • CCS Statistical Computing Support • GIS Support • Learning and Writing Services (Learning Commons) • Teaching Support Services DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  26. Governance • Steering Committee • Provide clear guidance in setting long term planning. • Assure the smooth functioning of the services. • Review the establishment and completion of projects and act as guiding group. • Ensure the appropriate resources are available. • DRC Services Team • A forum for sharing of ideas, issues and opportunities. • Developing training programs for OMG members. • Developing a strong team approach to the service. • Develop a plan to ensure that the priorities are met. • Developing and implementing plans that address the broad vision laid out in this document and specifically working with the suggested tasks. • Clearly outlining to the Steering Committee timelines and resource requirements in order to assist with long term strategic planning. DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  27. Priorities UG’s top three priorities – no special order • Migration to DDI standard • Numeracy • Enhanced GIS services That’s all DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  28. Suggested Tasks • Data Acquisition • formalize • Service Hours • Firm commitment • Metadata • Stronger commitment to DDI, CANDDI • Geospatial • National and International involvement • formalize • Statistical Computing Support • Integrate with DRC DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  29. Suggested Tasks • RDC • More linkage • sattelite • Consortium Arrangements • Integration with existing Service points • Make access mainstream • Archive • Link to e-scholarship • History data can be starting point DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005

  30. Suggested Tasks • Working with Grant Applications • Committed resources • Leverage grant dollars • Think collaboratively • Complimenting Staff • co-ops • GRA’s DRC Revisioning - CAPDU 2005