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Advanced Marketing

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Advanced Marketing
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  1. Due This Week: • Vocabulary due Friday & Test Friday • Name of your Research Business • (Operations Research Project Presentations Oct 15) Week September 22, 2014 – September 26, 2014 Advanced Marketing DECA NEWS:Please turn in membership forms and dues by end of September. Sign up for State Fair trip, Dodgeball, 5k Run, Fall Festival! State Fair forms and $$ due by Friday – 9/26 Thursday – 9/25 – DECA Competition Workshop – What’s it all about and what should/can I do? During class, FLEX, and after school in room 103!

  2. Early Work: What is Marketing Research? • Today’s Objective: Managing Marketing Information/Communicating in the Workplace • Activities • Vocabulary • What is Marketing Research? • Green Book – Chapter 28 & 29 • LAPs • Your Project – Discussion of Topic - generations • Homework: Who will you work with? ☞Point of the Day: Every business uses marketing research. It’s good to keep your friends within hugging distance. Monday, September 22, 2014 Magical Monday Manners Moment

  3. Early Work: Why is Marketing Research important? • Today’s Objective: Managing Marketing Information/Communicating in the Workplace • Activities • Discussion of your business choices • Brainstorm lists • Discussion of Goal • Discussion of your partners • Determine your Calendar • Homework: Marketing NOW – discussion Wed. ☞Point of the Day: All businesses benefit from research. If Bolt’s taught me anything, it’s that you never abandon a friend at a time of need! Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Tough Tuesday – Name that Company

  4. Early Work: Who uses Marketing Research? • Today’s Objective: Managing Marketing Information/Communicating in the Workplace • Activities • Marketing Research in Action – You will take part! • http://www.deca.org/partners/75/ • Steps in Market Research – • Our first step – Identify the problem – Topic • Our second step – Overview of Objectives • Selectbusiness • Design research study • Conduct research • Analyze results • Based on findings, develop a strategic plan with budget • Present findings • Research your business – secondary research to gather! • Homework: Meet with your business ☞Point of the Day: Businesses that do not pay attention to customers will make costly mistakes. Oh, Al. I’m getting’ kinda fond of you, kid. Not that I wanna pick out curtains or anything! Wednesday, september 24, 2014 Work Wear Wednesday & MKTG NOW Discussion Library

  5. There’s a great big hunk of world out there with no fences around it and beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences. And it’s all ours for the taking. • Early Work: Newspaper Day – The Free Lance Star What is a Marketing Information System? • Today’s Objective: Managing Marketing Information/Communicating in the Workplace • Activities • Primary Research – How will you learn about your business? • Design your research study • Interviews with business owner – determine questions to ask • Focus groups – determine questions to ask • Surveys with employees – determine questions to ask • Surveys with customers – determine questions to ask • Surveys with potential customers – determine questions to ask • How to ask? When to ask? • Homework: Interviews & Surveys ☞Point of the Day: The information obtained from research helps businesses increase sales and profits. Thursday, september 25, 2014 Throw Back Thursday – Share a Weird Fact today! Orange Cow

  6. We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh? asked Piglet. Even Longer, Pooh answered. • Early Work: What business will you be working with for this project? • Today’s Objective: Managing Marketing Information/Communicating in the Workplace • Activities • Vocabulary Test & Vocabulary Due! • Contact your Business - Write a letter/email or write a telephone script and call your business owner/manager requesting a meeting (Include this in your appendix of your written project) • How is your research going? Make plans on your own time to conduct your primary research – meeting with owner, employees, and customers – Plan your Work & Work your Plan! • Journal – “My School Week” • Homework: Interviews & Surveys ☞Point of the Day: Research helps businesses solve marketing problems. Friday, september 26, 2014 Foxes Friday - The Week’s Wrap-Up & Good News! Orange Cow

  7. Please number and date your Vocabulary in your composition book! Vocabulary Defined & Due on Friday Vocabulary Test on Friday – Be ready! Vocabulary • Computerized Inventory Control System • Concessions • Consignment • Consumer • Consumer Buying Motives • Consumer Price Index (CPI) • Consumer Product Goods (CPG) • Consumer-Oriented Marketing • Consumption • Convenience Goods • Convenience Store • Cookie • Cooperative Advertising • Copy • Corporation • Cost Price • Credit • Credit’s Three C’s • CRT’s • Culture • Current Assets • Customer • Customer Traffic • Customer-Oriented Selling Approach • Debit Card • Decentralization • Demand • Demographics • Department Store • Depth

  8. Managing Marketing Information • Explain the nature of sales forecasts • Identify tips/skills for navigating the Internet when conducting research • Conduct a marketing research project • Prepare a marketing research report • Present marketing research findings and recommendations • Use trade journals, periodicals, and electronic resources for research and professional development • Communicating in the Workplace • Reporting information/data in a written document • Reporting information/data in an oral presentation accompanied by visual presentation software or printed aides • Demonstrate examples of professional verbal/non verbal communication skills • Demonstrating Workplace Readiness Skills - #1-21 CTE Competencies Linked to SOLs Objectives for the week – TSWBAT:

  9. The Business Operations Research Events provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate knowledge and skills needed by management personnel. Business Services includes human resources, information technology and personal and contracted services businesses Buying and Merchandising includes retail and wholesale businesses that provide consumer goods Finance includes banks, credit unions, accounting, investments, and other financial businesses Hospitality and Tourism includes hotels, restaurants and tourism-related businesses Sports and Entertainment Marketing includes businesses that conduct sporting and/or entertainment events Making it Real – Your weekly Activity

  10. The 2015 topic for each career category is the development of a plan to better serve a generational group. Working with an exiting business/organization of your choice, you will research the business and its current relations with various generational demographic groups. Students will then develop a plan to better reach one underserved generational group through a revised marketing mix or human resources strategy. Plans may include, but are not limited to, marketing mix revisions, customer service plans, employee training programs, workplace initiatives, or any combination of these elements. The goal of the strategies should be to better serve customers and/or strengthen the workplace environment for members of a specific generation. Making it Real – Your weekly Activity

  11. Dates are approximate and vary slightly from one demographer to the next, but people born during the dates below can be categorized as: • 2001-Present – New Silent Generation or Generation Z • 1980-2000 – Millennials or Generation Y • 1965-1979 – Generation X • 1946-1964 – Baby Boomers • 1925-1945 – Silent Generation • 1900-1924 – G.I. Generation Making it Real – Your weekly Activity

  12. R-E-S-P-E-C-T EVERYTHING!!! • Your supplies – bring your stuff every-day! Bring your book every-day! Bring your notebook & composition book every-day! Bring pen/paper/thinking cap/open mind ever-day! • Place all bags on the floor under your table! • Wait for Teacher instruction before beginning activity! • Passes out of Class - No Exit First 10/Last 10 • One person out of room at a time • Pass Board – USE IT! • Keep it short! • Stay in your seat until you are dismissed from class – the bell tells Teacher when class is over; Teacher then dismisses you. • No talking while Teacher or others have the floor. • Watch your language and mind your manners, please. • All School Rules will be followed without question. Classroom Proceduresthings you have to do!