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Introduction to History PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to History

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Introduction to History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to History .  Starter.

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 Starter

You will each receive a piece a paper with a question and the appropriate answer. Go up to anyone in the class and ask them the question. Tell them the answer if they don’t know. They will also ask you a question and give you the answer if you don’t know. Swap papers with that person, move on to someone else and repeat the activity. Eventually you should know the answer to all 12 facts which are being passed around the room. They all relate to what we’ll be studying this year.


Were you paying attention??

If this is the answer… what is the question?

Your teacher will ask you to come up with the question


He was hung, drawn and quartered. His head placed on a spike on London Bridge and his limbs sent to Perth, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Berwick

student charter
Student Charter
  • What is a charter?
  • In your pairs, make a list of what makes a good student of History. Produce at least 6 promises you want to keep to ensure you reach your full potential and get the most out of your History lessons. We will use these ideas to create a class charter.

I promise to hand in my homework on time, or get a note in my planner if there is a problem.

why should we study history
Why should we study history?
  • Read all the different reasons why it is important to study history.
  • Put them in rank order, with your most important reason at the top, and least important at the bottom.
  •  Try and come up with your own reason why it is important to study history and put it in your ranking.
  • Discuss your answers with your partner and see if this changes your mind before you stick them down.
  • Write a sentence in your book explaining why you have put your chosen reason at the top.