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The Indian in the Cupboard

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The Indian in the Cupboard
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  1. The Indian in the Cupboard By Lynne Reid Banks read by William Appleford

  2. Setting Most of the story takes place in the main character, Omri’sbedroom. His bedroom was where he kept the magic cupboard. They had a few adventures outside of his bedroom, such as at Omri’s elementary school. Omri and his family live in England.

  3. Characters Omri Patrick Little Bear Boone Tommy Bright Stars Adiel Gillon Mom Dad Headmaster Johnson

  4. plot 8 year old, Omri gets a magical cupboard forhis birthday and he realizes that with the help of his grandmother’s skeleton key, he can bring to life miniature plastic figurines. He and his school mate Patrick have many adventures with theindian, cowboy,british medic, and theindianprincess. Their adventures include run-ins with an angry headmaster, snooping older brothers and a hungry albino rat. Along the way they all learn the true meaning of friendship, trust and loyalty. In the end, Omri has to decide whether or not to keep the magic alive.

  5. My Opinion This isone of my favorite books. As I read this book I wished that I could have miniature friends too. I think the author did a great job with describing the characters because I had a clear image in my mind as to what they looked like. I could not wait to read it every night. My Aunt Kate and I had a book club and after every chapter we read, we talked about the parts we liked the best. I liked that they were British. I learned a lot about their culture and learned new words like biscuit for cookies, lorry for truck and that Toffo is a popular candy in England.